20 Photos Of Abandoned Pickups That People Totally Neglected

Pickups have been the favorite mode of transport amongst consumers for decades in the U.S. That's one of the reasons why the Ford F-series has been the best-selling vehicle for years. Pickup drivers either use their trucks for business or lifestyle. Some use them for both.

Most pickup drivers appreciate their cars since they see the tremendous value that these pickups add to their lives. That's not the case with every pickup owner though. Some of them take their trucks for granted. Instead of selling their pickups or donating it to somebody who really needs it, they decided to abandon those vehicles. We collected photos of pickups that some owners just left in the middle of nowhere.

20 Sunken

via Anosmi

Although this truck is a classic, the sad part is that it's been neglected for so long that it's pretty much sunk into the ground. Even trees have fallen on it. The paint might not look great, but you can see that the car's body is extremely strong and has taken a lot of punishment.

19 Totaled

via Dreamstime

Some pickups get in such a dilapidated state that it's almost impossible to restore them to their original condition. That's definitely the case with this pickup. It seemed as if it was originally in an accident, but abandonment was the final nail in its coffin. Unfortunate to see.

18 Green Fields

Ecophotography by Jerry Monkman

It's not only the condition of the car that'll show you this car has been abandoned, but all you have to do is look at the ground beneath the car. The rest of the field enjoys green grass while the spot where the car rests barely has any grass. It's a beautiful photo but sad circumstances.

17 Rusted

via Fiveprime

Manufacturers built pickups to be strong and absorb a tremendous amount of punishment. Although that's the case for most pickups, even they can only take so much. Exposure to unpleasant weather for a prolonged period will peel the paint off almost any pickup and rust it.

16 Trapped

via Goodfon

This is one of the most beautiful photos we collected. It's beautiful in terms of the sunset and the colors, but the problem with it is that the truck isn't going anywhere. Some trucks have been stationary for so long that trees have grown through them. Such an interesting photo.

15 Bricked Up

via James Johnson

If it was the owner who removed the tires to sell them and not thieves, then he at least used some parts of the car to recoup his losses. This pickup really is in the middle of nowhere. That's an old GMC model, so I can only imagine how long it's been out there without anyone attending to it.

14 Wreckage

via Kelowna Capital News

There's only so much you can do when you're trying to get to the other side. Once the driver of this pickup got stuck in the water, he decided to abandon the ship. The truck bed has collapsed from the water that's flooded it. There's not much left of this pickup. It's pretty much a wreck.

13 Fading

via Flickr

The part of the hood that reveals the color green looks amazing. You can imagine how beautiful this truck was when it was completely green. Most of the green has faded and all that's left is rust and smashed fenders. You can tell that this truck has spent a lot of time in that field.

12 Spots

via Flickriver

It seems that when some pickup owners don't want to use their cars anymore, they dump them in the middle of nowhere or leave them at the back of the house. The real tragedy here is that the owner of this pickup isn't selling the car so that somebody else can enjoy it.

11 Standing Out

via Flickr

When you look out into this field, there's one thing that stands out. It's the beautiful, red pickup that somebody left behind. They went well off the main road and parked it behind a tree. Wonder why they wouldn't want anyone else to see it? If you don't want to enjoy it, why not let others?

10 Rammed

via Photorator

With some of these abandoned vehicles, you have to wonder how far the owner went into the woods to ensure that nobody spotted their pickups. This pickup is right against the tree and missing its tires. Considering that the hood is up, it looks like the engine is also gone.

9 Countryside

via Minnesota Prairie Roots

I can picture this truck when it was new with its shiny, red paint and the rumbling engine. Those days are long ago though as this pickup is no longer in use. Now, it's been in that spot for so long that the grass has almost covered its tires. Even branches fell on the hood.

8 Greener Pastures

via Pikabu.ru

People say that the grass is always greener on the other side. While that might be applicable literally to this pickup, it's not the place that it wanted to end up at. This pickup has been in that spot for so long that nature has absorbed it into its environment and made it green.

7 Backyard

via Pinterest

Look at the size of this truck. Finding parking might be difficult, but it might be worth the hassle just to know that you're driving one of the biggest vehicles on the road. Not only does it have a double cab, but its bed is also spacious. This car looks awesome. The only downside is that it's abandoned.

6 Algae

via Reddit

It's safe to say that this pickup has become a product of its environment. All the green fungus that's covering the pickup has camouflaged it. Even if the owner wanted to go back for the truck, they'd struggle to find it. The driver really did go out of their way to get off the main road.

5 Fleet

via Suburban Men

Finding one pickup that's been abandoned is difficult, but imagine stumbling upon a few that are right next to each other. This place looks like a yard for owners who want to abandon their vehicles. The sad part is that some of these vehicles have the potential to be fully functional.

4 Fall

via Vanishing Texas

Chevrolet has been producing pickups for decades. The Silverado is a gem, but some of the older models are also really good vehicles. It seems that the owner of this golden oldie got tired of his pickup and decided to park it in a field. The paint might have peeled off a bit, but the body looks good.

3 Graveyard

via Youtube

What on Earth is going on here? How is it possible that so many pickups that look identical are all rusted and abandoned. It almost seems as if they've been burnt from a fire. This is definitely not something that you see every day. It's so sad to see so many pickups are no longer functional.

2 Hidden

via Youtube

Before a pickup truck owner gets tired of their vehicle, they should either sell it so that somebody else can enjoy it or donate it. Leaving it in the field is such a waste. This owner got tired of this pickup, so he or she decided that it's best to part ways with it. It looks like the orange pickup isn't the only abandoned one.

1 Break Down

via Youtube

This truck's chassis looks decent. It also looks like the truck hasn't been abandoned for too long. Someone must've come along and saw that the truck was abandoned and decided to take the back tire. This truck has a tremendous amount of potential and somebody should retrieve it ASAP.

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