20 Photos Of All The Guys Bella Thorne Has Dated

If you're not familiar with who Bella Thorne is you're either too old — sorry, — or you' re not hip enough — in which case we're sorry again. The former Disney Channel star had her breakthrough as CeCe Jones on the Disney Channel series Shake It Up back in 2010. The show wrapped up in 2013 and Bella moved on to play major roles in plenty of teen movies, release a very successful book and even dabble in music — something which is yet to be released. And while Bella was growing up in front of the cameras we got to witness the star's interesting dating life — as Bella was never too shy to share things on her social media.

So today we're going to take a look at all the guys Bella Thorne has hooked up with from her current bae, singer Benjamin Mascolo to her first one, fellow actor and Disney Channel star Jake T. Austin!

20 Let's Start Off With Her Current Bae, Benjamin Mascolo

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Bella Thorne and Benjamin Moscolo were spotted together only a couple of days after news broke that Bella broke up with her previous boyfriend Mod Sun (we'll get to him in a bit). By summer the two were certainly very open about their relationship on social media, and they pretty much post cute pics every day.

19 The Two Are Head Over Heels And Are Not Hiding It

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In case you're not familiar with who Benjamin Mascolo is, it's because he's mainly famous in Italy as one half of the music duo Benji & Fede. We're not really sure how Bella and Benji met, but they sure do make a cute couple, and from what we know are still happily together!

18 Prior To Benjamin, Bella Dated Rapper Mod Sun

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Before falling head over heels with Benjamin, Bella was dating 32-year-old rapper Mod Sun. The ten years of difference in age didn't seem to bug the couple too much, and as you can tell — they definitely bonded over their unique fashion styles. after two years od dating, the two split in early 2019.

17 And Internet Personality Tana Mongeau

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According to Ranker, Bella was in an open relationship with Mod Sun and Tana Mongeau at the same time. For those of you who have no idea who Tana Mongeau is, she is an internet personality/influencer. However, in early 2019 Bella also split from Tana who is now married to fellow internet personality Jake Paul.

16 The Two Always Seemed To Have Plenty Of Fun

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While the two were together — which was, according to Ranker, from September 2017 until February 2019 — they certainly seemed to have plenty of fun together. Even though Tana is the only woman on our list it is very clear that Bella sets no boundaries when it comes to whom she falls in love it.

15 Bella Also Dated Reality Television Star Scott Disick

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Anyone who watches Keeping Up With The Kardashians is very familiar with Scott Disick, and perhaps already knows that he and Bella Thorne dated in late spring and early summer of 2017. In the pic above you can see them share some moments of affection unaware that there are paparazzi recording it for all of us to see.

14 Who Is 15 Years Older

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If you though Mod Sun is a bit too old for Bella, let us just tell you that Scott Disick is actually 15 years older than the former Disney Channel star. During their short-lived relationship, we got to see plenty of the couple as they'd go out almost every night!

13 For A Brief Period, Bella And Basketball Player Chandler Parsons Were A Thing

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Before having a short relationship with reality star Scott Disick, Bella had an even shorter fling with the Dallas Mavericks basketball player Chandler Parsons. In early 2017, the young actress was seen on multiple occasions getting cozy with the NBA star, but unfortunately, their romance didn't last for too long.

12 And While They Don't Have Pics Together, Sam Pepper Posted Some Very Obvious Snapchats Of The Two Hanging Out

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Right before rumors of Bella dating Chandler Parsons kicked off, it was speculated that the actress is dating Youtube personality Sam Pepper. And while there are no pics of the two together, as you can see in the images above — sam Shared some rather romantic Snapchats at the time. Guess we'll never know for sure!

11 Bella Also Dated Singer Charlie Puth

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In December 2016, Bella briefly dated singer Charlie Puth, and even though the two were an item for pretty much only about a month, there's still plenty of paparazzi pics of them having fun. And as you can tell from the pics above, holding hands and exchanging kisses in public was something the two did frequently.

10 And Actor Tyler Posey

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Before briefly dating singer Charlie Puth, Bella was in a half year relationship with actor Tyler Posey. The two started getting close to each other during the summer of 2016, however by December they already decided to go their separate ways. Personally, we think they made an adorable couple!

9 Here's A Cute Selfie Of The Two With Their Dog

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While Bella and Tyler didn't date for too long either, they did often share intimate moments on their social media accounts. And the photo above of them cuddling with their dog is just one example. Even though it didn't work out between the two, it does definitely seem as if they had plenty of fun together!

8 Before Tyler, Bella Dated Another Famous Actor —Gregg Sulkin

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One of Bella's longer relationships was with actor Gregg Sulkin, whom the young actress has dated from 2015 until 2016. According to E! News, the two even bought a house together in the spring of 2016, only to break up shortly after. Perhaps that step was a bit to much for the actress who was only 18 at the time.

7 And Here's A Cute Selfie Of Them As Well

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Bella and Gregg did, however, have plenty of things in common — most importantly the fact that both of them became famous through the Disney Channel. Working in the same environment certainly made it easier for these two young stars to get to know each other and eventually fall in love.

6 She Was Also Quite Close To Internet Star Ryan Nassif

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While some may not have heard of Ryan Nassif, the 24-year-old is actually a pretty popular internet personality who gained fame for his friendship with singer Cody Simpson. Bella and Ryan were never officially together, however, rumors of them dating started once the two were spotted making out at a basketball game.

5 And She Dated Brandon Thomas Lee

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In case you don't know Brandon Thomas Lee, he is the son of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson and he's also a regular on the sequel to The HillsThe Hills: New Beginnings. In 2015 Bella briefly dated the young star, and as you can tell from the pics, the two loved partying together!

4 Teenage Bella Was Dating Tristan Klier For Two Years

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Next on our list is Bella Thorne's high school sweetheart Tristan Klier, whom the Disney Channel star dated from 2012 to 2014. Tristan owes most of his fame to Bella, as he wasn't really famous before the two started dating, but does nowadays have a quite impressive social media following.

3 And The Two Always Seemed To Have Plenty Of Fun Together

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Honestly, we can totally see why Tristan Klier has a big social media following — the guy does look ah-mazing! We also don't really know why he and Bella decided to break up in 2014, but considering they've been together for almost two years it certainly couldn't have been an easy breakup.

2 But Before That She Was Getting Cozy With Cody Simpson

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Remember when we said Bella most likely dated Ryan Nassif, Cody Simpson's close friend? Yeah, well before that Bella was rumored to have dated the Australian singer himself. The two were frequently spotted together back in 2011, and while nothing was ever official, we think it's pretty much safe to say that something was going on.

1 And Lastly, Fellow Disney Channel Star Jake T. Austin

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To wrap our list up, here's Bella Thorne and Jake T. Austin, one of Disney Channel's cutest young couples. Well, again — nothing was ever official, but rumors did start that the two were an item, especially after they appeared as an onscreen couple on the hit show Wizards of Waverly Place.

Sources: eonline.com, anker.com

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