20 Photos Of Ashley Benson That Cara Delevingne Wouldn't Want Us To See

Ashley Benson is an actress and a model. She has been in movies such as Bring It On: In It to Win It, Spring Breakers and Her Smell. From 2010 to 2017, she portrayed Hanna in Pretty Little Liars. And she is in a relationship with Cara Delevingne.

Cara Delevingne is an actress, a singer and a model. She has been in movies such as Anna Karenina, Paper Towns and Suicide Squad. 

Both of these well-known women are featured frequently in everything from ad campaigns and social media posts to paparazzi photos and news articles. The 20 pics that are down below, though, are not seen all the time. In fact, Delevingne may not want anyone to see them at all!

Why not? Well, both of these celebs are super attractive, and the images that will be shown here today are almost too much to handle. They show off Benson in swimsuits, on beds, lounging around in hot outfits and serving up some very appealing looks. Some of these were professional shots, while others were taken by the PLL star herself. All of them, however, prove even further how truly stunning this chick is. That being said… Enjoy!

20 Lying Around In Fur

Here, Benson is wearing a dark and dramatic look, and the cherry on top of it is this furry white coat, which oozes elegance and style. From her brown hair and gaze into the distance to the knee-high socks and bold makeup choices, this is a super gorgeous photo.

19 Looking Sporty & Spicy

For a more athletic look, there is Benson in a bikini-style top, a swimsuit bottom and a mesh piece over it all. She is also outside, giving this even more of a sporty vibe. This is one of the many examples out there that proves that she looks amazing in anything and in any setting.

18 Serving Up An Extra Look

Several of the images on this list show Benson in a swimsuit, but none of them are quite like this: She is wearing a hot pink suit, and her accessories are, well, extra! There is a bundle of bangles on her wrist. There are a couple of different shining and shimmering rings. And there is a green visor for a pop.

17 Out To Sea

Playing on the beach is fun, but at times, the sand and the wind and the saltwater can do not-so-great things for a girl’s hair. For Benson, though, she is thriving in this environment, as she rocks another bikini and amazing beach hair.

16 In Her Sunnies

Red is a naturally appealing color, as it catches everyone’s eyes and is associated with walking on the wild side. In this photograph, Benson is wearing a red swimsuit and an awesome pair of sunglasses, all while lying on a yellow pool floaty and serving up a Baywatch-esque look!

15 On A Bed

It is hard to tell what all is going on with this outfit, but it looks incredible. It is also showcased on a bed, which is interesting. And everything about Benson (her pose and her makeup and her expression and so on) is proving even further that Delevingne has very good taste.

14 Giving Off Quite A Vibe

In another professional shot, Benson gave the world a glimpse of one of her tattoos… She went for a classy ensemble, as seen by the material of the clothing that is having a peek-a-boo moment and as seen by the diamond jewelry… And she made everyone jealous with that stunning hairdo.

13 While Lounging Around

When most people lounge around in baggy clothes, they look like they are tired and possibly sick. Not Benson! Once again, it all falls into place perfectly, and even in such a casual pic, she is looking so fine and so fab.

12 In Another Swimsuit

An additional time when this star wore a swimsuit is shown off here. This time, the suit is black with all different color flowers on it, which is sweet and feminine. Behind her, there is pretty water, and on her face, there is a super attractive expression. Overall, this is another pic to love.

11 Wearing Animal Print (& Not Much Else)

Animal print can be very appealing, as well, especially when it is silk, when it is worn with not much else and when it is on a celeb like this! Benson has a flirty face, she is on a couch, and her many gorgeous assets are put on display. Could she be any more perfect?

10 At A Pool

There are a couple more swim-related images to show off, such as this one. In the other shots, Benson looked like she had stayed out of the water, to keep her hair and makeup in order. Here, though, she clearly took a dip and clearly still looks magnificent.

9 During Spring Breakers 

As mentioned, Benson was in Spring Breakers with Vanessa Hudgens and James Franco, as seen here. This certainly seems like something Delevingne would not want the world to see, based on the body language and the looks on everyone’s faces in this shot.

8 Acting All Flirty

For a cute and flirty photograph, Benson gave the world this. She is wearing a pretty pink skirt. She paired it with a black lace-up crop top. And her vibe and style both just go so perfectly with this ensemble, as usual. She can do no wrong!

7 In This Revealing Selfie

This is something Benson took herself, obviously, and she may even be in her own at-home bathroom. She is, once again, showing off her assets, and she of course, looks beautiful. This could have been selfie number 1,000, or it could have been a candid one she simply took and posted. Either way, we appreciate it.

6 With This Cute Little Number

Another time she wore a short and pretty dress was when she donned this blue lace over these black and white stripes. It is a very fun outfit, and her short and bouncy waves echo that. From the pic above that she took to this clearly professional image, all of these are just too good!

5 Attending An Event

Celebrities are always attending glamorous events, and when she went to this one, Benson rocked a dark and dramatic look. Her lip color is perfection. The shimmer on her black dress is just enough. Her tousled waves are like a cherry on top of it all.

4 Flashing That Megawatt Smile

We are back to that black swimsuit, and we can see the cool cut-out design on its side. This time, however, instead of a super flirty expression, Benson is flashing that smile of hers. And while she has many, many, many incredible traits, this mega-watt smile may be the best one. 

3 Showing Off A Darker Side

Yes, Delevingne probably wants to keep this all to herself! There is dark hair and dark makeup. There is a black bra paired with a dramatic bottom. There are finishing touches, such as the jacket over the shoulders and the gold jewelry. This is a wonderful one.

2 Looking All Cozy

Here is another example of how simply stunning Benson is: She is simply lying around on a bed in a simple denim jacket and with no shoes on… Yet she looks so cute and cozy and comfy! Any outfit, any backdrop and any style on this star comes out looking too good to be true.

1 And Here

On a similar note, there is this final image of Benson. She appears to be rocking another pair of knee-high socks, along with a sweatshirt. The room she is in is dark, and the shadows are adding to this all very nicely, in a very artistic way. It has been said, and we will say it again: She is stunning. 

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