20 Photos Of Bernadette Out Of Character (That We Can't Stop Looking At)

Melissa Rauch, like many of the actors in The Big Bang Theory, is a little different from her character. While some of them are actual scientists, they don’t necessarily have all the facts when it comes to style.

On the flipside, some of them have more style than they know what to do with! Take Melissa Rauch, for example. Her character of Bernadette is a sweetheart (but also a firecracker). Is this indicative of her style? Not really, as Bernadette seems to be stuck somewhere between early-2000s hair and 1940s sewing pattern catalogue pieces. Not that that’s a bad thing! It really serves the character. However, when Bernadette disappears and Melissa Rauch goes back to being Melissa, that’s when we start to see some pictures that show a different side of her.

20 Melissa Rauch's Maxim Cover


We had to start things off with a bang. After all, this is really a strong difference from Bernadette. The character is a person who’s normally stuck in cardigans and glasses, but this is a woman who isn't afraid to show off; a little different from the demure character look we know and love.

19 Her Sweet Red Carpet Looks


This might not be the most dramatic difference from Bernadette. After all, the neckline is pretty high and the dress is that classic silhouette we all know and love from the show. However, this red carpet look is way more glam than her character typically goes for. Even the wedding dress wasn’t this glam!

18 As Well As Her Saucier Ones


Blue is a gorgeous color, and this dress proves just how divine it really can be. The dress is tight fitting, but still very classic and chic. It’s revealing, but without showing off everything that can be shown. All in all, this is a dress which proves what Melissa Rauch really looks like out of her Bernadette costume.

17 Purple Looks Good On Her


We went from blue to purple, and honestly, this is a look fit for regal folks all over the world. Rauch is really highlighting the richness of this color, as well as showing how great her modelling skills are. Is she the focus of this photo? Yes. Would she be the focus of any photo when wearing this dress? Also yes.

16 Her Everyday Is Always Adorable


Somebody help! It’s a cuteness overload! Melissa Rauch and a friend are looking happy and comfortable in their outerwear here, but all we can think about is how much of an inner shine she has. Her smile just lights up her face, and it truly represents how adorable she is. It’s a little too contemporary for dear Bernadette, though.

15 This Pretty In Pink Style


We won’t say anything about the design of this dress (it’s not necessarily our cup of tea, let’s just say that). However, we will talk about how the dress fits. It fits well. Surprise, surprise, the dress not only shows off how Rauch looks, but it also gives the illusion of her being taller than she actually is. Win-win, right?

14 Need We Say More About This Picture?


Remember when we mentioned how much of a feat it was that Rauch found a dress which made her look taller than she actually is? This is why it’s such a startling piece of magic. Not only does she stand at a tiny height, but compared to other people, she’s very, very small.

13 She Can Even Pull Off Men's Wear Well


It doesn’t really matter how tall you are when there’s menswear involved, though! This outfit is one that we personally would totally wear, which might be why we think it looks so good on Melissa Rauch. We really like the way she’s paired her pieces, and are shocked to find that she’s just as adorable in menswear as she is woman’s.

12 She's Clever, Too: See This Thoughtful Look?


A thoughtful look is one of the ways that anyone can be smarter. Trust us; that’s real science. Melissa Rauch knows that, and that’s why she’s got this thoughtful, pensive stare on. Her gaze off into the middle distance makes us believe that she’s holding some deep thoughts inside that head.

11 Yellow Looks Good On Her


One of the other colors she looks good in is yellow. This is pretty uncommon, as not a lot of people can pull off this kind of bright shade. Her style is truly all over the place, which might be why she can so easily pull off all the bright colors. Yellow, blue, purple; is there any shade she can’t wear well?

10 Her Casual Is Oh-So-Cool


We wish we could be as cool as Melissa Rauch. Not only is she a popular comedian, but she was also one of the stars/core cast members on The Big Bang Theory, which is where the character of Bernadette comes from. Bernadette might not be this cool, but Rauch certainly is. Their differences are as simple as that.

9 And Her Classic Look Is Just As Strong


Jeans and a black shirt are probably the most iconic pairing of clothing items, especially since black is both sleek and chic (without needing much upkeep). We love the way that this outfit looks on Melissa Rauch, as it allows her to stand out without needing much in the way of glitter or pizzazz.

8 She Even Looked Good Pregnant!


Seriously, how does anyone manage to not only look this good, but also to keep smiling this big, during their pregnancy? We’re really concerned that it might not even be real based on how fantastic she looks. Just kidding. We know the baby was in there, and no doubt it’ll be fashion-forward just like mommy!

7 We Love Her In Classic Silhouettes


As does the wardrobe department of The Big Bang Theory, apparently. While none of the Bernadette dresses we’ve seen have been this luxurious, they certainly do have that classic ‘50s silhouette: smaller waist, A-line skirt, and a higher necked top. All in all, this is both a huge difference from Bernadette and a small one.

6 As Proven By This Pin-Up Inspired Shoot


Okay, so the classic silhouette thing can also be made comedic. Case in point, this next piece of mischievousness and teasing. Another classic silhouette, it’s no surprise that this style looks good on her. We all know that she was built for vintage styles. However, she certainly wouldn’t be this bold as Bernadette.

5 A Little Black Dress Is A Perfect Fit


For a smaller lady it can be hard to show off your body without being absolutely overwhelmed by the outfit in question. While I can’t say when this photo was taken, it certainly exemplifies the fact that she doesn’t need to have a whole lot on other than the one dress. This seems to be a running joke with Melissa Rauch.

4 But This Red Dress Also Looks Like A Good Fit


How could we write an article about Melissa Rauch and Bernadette out of character without including that iconic red dress she wore? This is a piece which looks like it’s literally painted on. We personally love this style, and think that the hourglass figure is even more exemplified here and now rather than in her Bernadette outfits.

3 She's So Good Humoured


Just look at how beautiful she is! We personally love this makeup, as it’s subtle enough to be a good style, but detailed enough to look better than a regular, every day makeup look. The style of her outfits might be straightforward enough to pass as vintage, but we know some contemporary falsies when we see them!

2 Her And Kaley Make A Lovely Pair


It’s like double the cuteness, double the talent, and double the intelligence. Who wouldn’t want to be around that? While this photo was definitely a sneaky on-set photo, sometimes the posed ones are better than the true reality of behind-the-scenes photography. Quiet selfies and staring at each other is real test of friendship.

1 Despite All This, She's Just As Dorky In Real Life


We’ve seen her cool attitude, we’ve seen her casual attitude, and we’ve seen her “come hither” look. This is perfect for the actor playing Bernadette, as Bernadette is one of those blunt, not-known to waver or sway characters. However, this photo proves that real life Melissa Rauch is much better at solving problems.

Sources: imdb.com

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