20 Photos Of Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds' Family Life

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are a hot Hollywood couple with the most adorable kids. They are expanding their family and seem like they are living the life they have always wanted. Both are super successful in their showbiz careers, their great looks are off-the-charts (swoon!), and they seem to be madly in love with one another. What could be better? They have it all, and then some.

As they are settling into the perks (and sometimes, pitfalls) of parenthood, life is a whole lot different from the days when they were child-free and able to do anything. Now, most of their time is devoted to their little darlings, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. “Mom” and “dad” are their best “roles.”

These 20 perfect pics of the couple and their cuties make their fans smile. Family life is fab for this dynamic duo. Let’s hope things continue to be positive for the pair.

20 Red Carpet Cuties

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Hollywood has all sorts of traditions, including getting the red carpet treatment. The family of four is posing for a pic, and those adorable children couldn’t be sweeter. Will they one day grow up to have careers like their parents or take a different path? Talent does run in the family, after all.

19 One On The Way

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Blake looks absolutely beautiful in her lemon yellow dress, tons of curls, and a bump that’s all full of baby. Her handsome hubby is holding her tight, protecting his wife and what’s inside. With the good looks these two have, that child is destined to be a stunner. Look out when the teenage years hit!

18 Mommy And Her Mini

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Blake was made to be a mom. The way she holds her precious baby shows that she’s tender and hands-on. We all knew Blake before she had kids, but as she’s grown, her priorities have shifted. She’s still a big movie star, but her first job is that of “mom.”

17 Disney Day

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Fun with Mickey Mouse is something people adore even as adults. The kids love the attractions at Disney, but mom and dad do too. These two are having a blast with the famous mouse, and it must be Christmas by the look of Mickey’s outfit. The holidays are even better with Disney as the backdrop.

16 Beautiful Blondes

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That kid’s curls are just too cute. The blonde hair is super adorbs, and mom and dad must look at their little one and can’t believe they’ve created such a cutie. Blake looks cozy and casual in her cap, and Ryan’s job is to carry his child. This family is fantastic.

15 Stroller Service

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Blake looks like she is having a hard day, but she must realize by now that parenting can put a lot of strain on a person. From the sleepless nights to the ups and downs daily, exhaustion is inevitable. She pushes her pee-wee in the stroller, but she’d probably rather take a nap.

14 Those Cheeks!

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It’s no big surprise that Blake and Ryan created one of the cutest kids on the planet. Those chubby cheeks are just waiting to be lightly pinched, and the tender way Ryan holds his little one is so lovely. As far as parents go, it appears that Blake and Ryan are two of the best.

13 A Tall Order

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Kids love it when their parent lifts them up and plops them on their shoulders. The view from up top is always thrilling for little kids who can never see above a crowd. Ryan is being careful to make sure his daughter is secure, otherwise Blake will be beside herself.

12 A Doting Dad

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It is obvious that Ryan loves his kids more than anything. He is such a great dad, and his life is much better now that his family has grown. He adores his wife, and the family they have created is something special. We wonder how many more kids they’ll wind up having in the years to come.

11 Fun With Friends

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Ryan and Blake are posing for a cute pic with some friends, and by everyone’s big smiles, it looks like they are all having a great time hanging out together as a group. Blake and Ryan are so in love, and the rest of the crew is evidently enjoying their company.

10 A Close Couple

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It looks like Blake is sporting a small baby bump, meaning a cutie pie is growing inside. These two adore one another, which is so important now that another life is coming into the world. They may not have the perfect life 24/7, but it seems like most of the time comes close to perfection.

9 Babymoon

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A baby is on the way, so Blake and Ryan are enjoying some vacation time before they are home all the time tending to their newborn. Blake isn’t shy about showing off her growing bump, and she sports a string bikini on the beach. Why cover up when her curves are so beautiful?

8 Look Both Ways

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Ryan pushes the baby stroller across the street as the couple is out for the day doing errands and such. It’s important to be sure the road is clear before crossing, particularly when their “precious cargo” is leading the way. Ryan seems like the kind of guy who’s cautious, especially when it comes to his children.

7 Mommy Meet-Up

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Blake is out and about in a big floppy hat. She’s meeting up with another mom so the kids can play. Seeing Blake doing everyday things makes fans realize she’s just like everyone else. Sure, she’s a big name in showbiz, but she’s also a mom. Her life balance is put into perspective when her kids need her undivided attention.

6 A Lift For Her Little One

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Blake is having a ball as she lifts her little one up high. The kiddo sure thinks it’s fun, especially when mom smiles up at her. Seeing Blake do things with her kids makes fans love her even more. Not only is she a great movie star, but she’s a marvelous mother.

5 Adorable Duo

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Blake and her daughter are dressed for the cooler weather as they walk outside. Blake’s big braid is beautiful, and her little one is like her “mini-me.” These two are adorable as they walk together, and her family and friends must wonder if that little girl will grow up to be just like her amazing mom.

4 Growing Old(er) Together

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Ryan and Blake seem to be unbreakable. Their bond is everlasting, and we can imagine them when they are old and grey. One day they will be empty nesters, and they’ll get back to the days when it was just them. Romance will renew itself and they’ll feel like young adults once again. For now, they’ll raise their kids and be the best parents they can.

3 Doggone Good Life

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Sitting on the stoop and smiling sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon. Ryan and Blake are with a pal as well as a fine-looking dog. Everyone seems super happy, and the day looks to be sunny and warm. Seeing these two doing “average” things makes them seem down-to-earth and approachable.

2 The Party Animal Parents (quite literally)

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It’s party time for these parents! Their silly masks are adorable, and the event seems like lots of fun. Whenever these two are together, they have a ball. They could be out at a party, posing on a red carpet, or just hanging out at home with their precious little ones.

1 Ryan, That’s For The Kids

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Now that Ryan has children, there are surely toys and dolls all over the house. But it seems like Ryan wants his Teddy, and he’s not shy about showing it. That is surely a giant stuffed bear, and the kids must love playing with it. That’s if dad will share!

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