20 Photos Of Cougars At The Beach Taken By Creepy Photographers

The beach is a magnet for babes. This definitely isn't lost on the paparazzi who know that a visit to a Los Angeles beach tends to result in some beautiful celebrity spotting. And if they get wind that a famous person is traveling somewhere exotic, chances are they're buying a ticket too. There seems to be a thought that moms aren't the focal point of a creepy dude's gaze, but that's not the case with famous people. After all, some famous mamas are among the most attractive people on the planet. And the fact that they've brought life into the world adds to their allure. But let's face it, the obnoxious violaters of space that are the paparazzi don't care as long as they can capture something worth selling. And these photos almost definitely are. Without further ado, here are 20 photos of celeb moms at the beach taken by creepy photographers.

20 Paparazzi Find Out That Gwyneth Paltrow Does What Most People Can't...

Zimbio and Pinterest

The paparazzi were thrilled to catch gorgeous Gwyneth in a bikini just this past August. But they were even happier to grab photos of even more celebrities with her. Thanks to the paparazzi, we know that Gwyenth (as well as her man Brad Falchuk) is a big person. After all, she's done what most people can't... hang out with their ex and their new partner. Yep, that's her baby-daddy Chris Martin with his girl, Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson.

19 We Can't Keep Our Eyes Off Of Blake Lively And Neither Did These Creeps


Blake Lively practically only wore a bikini in the shark-movie, The Shallows. But when the paparazzi crept onto the set to snag these unauthorized behind-the-scenes photos, they didn't know they'd eventually be obsolete. They just saw the beautiful blonde (who happened to be pregnant) and jumped at the chance to see as much as they could of her. And, honestly, we don't blame them. Blake is one of the hottest mamas in Hollywood.

18 And Now We Can See Hayden Panettiere's Height Difference

Daily Mail

Especially during her days on Heroes, many young boys totally crushed on Hayden Panettiere. Even with Nashville, she's not as huge as she once was. Which is probably why you didn't know she was a mom. And the guy with her in these photos is her baby-daddy, Wladimir Klitschko. Although they're no longer together, these creepy paparazzi photos remind us that their height difference was almost laughable.

17 Mariah Carey Always Looks A Tad Ridiculous Beachside

Just Jared

Mom of two, Mariah Carrey is always entertaining at the beach. It's not because she's usually in some revealing outfit, it's because the paparazzi always catch photos of her that are less than flattering. It's not always the angles. Sometimes it's the fact that Mariah acts pretty hilariously and gets caught in the moment as she was when she was traveling with her dude just recently.

16 Kim Kardashian Always Brings Her Own Creepy Paparazzi

Perez Hilton

The paparazzi don't need to stalk Kim Kardashian at the beach. First of all, they're photographing nothing that she doesn't post herself on her social media. And secondly, she brings her own photographers. Yeah, this girl is THAT starved for attention. Any time she's enjoying time with her family, she has to include someone to make her look fabulous. Case and point, these photos from Bali 2018.

15 Photographers Find Anne Hathaway Preggers In The Surf

Daily Mail

Technically, Anne Hathaway wasn't a mom when these photos were shot. She was VERY pregnant with her son, Jonathan. Her glow added to the allure. Honestly, Anne looks like a total snack here in Hawaii a couple of years ago. And the paparazzi knew it. That's why they invaded her space and tried to snap as much of her as possible.

14 Miranda Kerr Uses Malibu As Her Gym


Orlando Bloom and Evan Speigel's baby mama, Miranda Kerr, was photographed beachside in Malibu just recently. She was going for a run with her trainer. And though this Victoria's Secret model usually bares a lot of skin, here she was pretty covered up. The paparazzi must have been disappointed. But, honestly, it didn't matter. The model is one of the most breathtaking women on the planet no matter what she wears.

13 It's Impossible For Sophia Vergara Not To Look Gorgeous And Glamourous

She Knows

Look at Modern Family's Sophia Vergara looking glamourous in Mykonos. Seriously, this woman is always on-point. Her style is effortless and classy and her looks are unbeatable. She had her son when she was very young, which means that he constantly has to deal with being asked if his "sister" is single. The answer is, no, she's not. How could she be?

12 Infiltrating Olivia Wilde's Family Time

Us Magazine

Olivia Wilde is a mover and shaker. You may not know this but she just made history for being one of the first directors (female or otherwise) to gain a huge deal where she gets 50% of the profits. This is after her enormously successful debut film, Booksmart. Of course, the paparazzi don't care about all that. They just know she's hot AF and that's why they invaded her family time with her two kids and her baby-daddy, funny-man Jason Sudeikis.

11 Scarlett Johannson Gets Cozy With Her Weekend Update Beau

Daily Mail

Scarlett Johansson is, has been, and probably will always be, one of the most sought-after women in Hollywood. It doesn't hurt that she's a total babe. But most people don't know that the Black Widow is a mom. Yep. She had a kid with her ex-fiance, Romain Dauriac. Of course, here she's probably only thinking about her SNL boyfriend, Colin Jost.

10 Now We Can See That Jennifer Lopez Has A Big Deal Made Of Her Wherever She Goes

Daily Mail

No, she's not still Jenny From The Block. Sorry, she can say that all she wants but it's just not true. The undeniably talented Jennifer Lopez has a big deal made of her wherever she goes. In these recent photos from the Bahamas, she's had a whole thing set up for her. She's a Queen and she knows it. We still can't believe that she's a mom of two since she looks like she's still in her 20s.

9 Bethenny Frankel LOVES To Be Followed Around By Cameras

Daily Mail

Bethenny Frankel may have left The Real Housewives of New York City, but this mama is still very much a lover of the camera. That's probably why she didn't shy away from showing off in front of the paparazzi while on the beach in The Hamptons. Seriously, we can't show you, but she wasn't afraid of giving the paps a close look.

8 Reese Witherspoon Attempts To Have A Private Moment With Her Kid... And Fails...

Daily Mail

Even with age, Reese Witherspoon remains one of the most attractive women on the planet. That's why the paparazzi were thrilled to find her on the beach this past July. Unfortunately for them, this mama of three covered up as much as possible. In fact, she was probably hoping that she wouldn't be recognized so she could spend quality time with her youngest, Tennesse James Toth.

7 Alessandra Ambrosio Is Camera-Ready But Definitely Not Wanting To Be

Us Magazine and Zimbio

When you're a famous model like Alessandra Ambrosio, you have to be prepared for a photo at every second of the day. Seriously, this gorgeous babe from Brazil is always camera-ready. But she didn't like being spied on while celebrating her daughter's birthday on the beach in August 2019. Luckily, the paparazzi spent more time following her and her man, Nicolo Oddi, than they did her children.

6 Halle Berry Clearly Didn't Want These Creepy Photographer's Around

She Knows

Nope! Halle Berry absolutely didn't want her day with her daughter, Nahla, to be spoiled back in 2010. Unfortunately for her, the paparazzi adore this gorgeous gal and will do just about anything to photograph every inch of her. Still, Berry made sure to keep her composure so her kid could enjoy time at the beach like every other child.

5 The ONE Time Jessica Alba Wasn't In Something Skimpy

Us Magazine, InStyle

Jessica Alba is always in a skimpy bikini... except for this one time. Yeah, the paparazzi were definitely unhappy that Alba covered up while traveling in Mexico back in 2018. But she was there for the three children she has with Cash Warren; Honor, Haven, and Hayes... Yeah, Alba is the type who names her kids similarly. It's obnoxious but hey, they're all cute, so who cares?

4 Natalie Portman Has a History Of Being Stalked Seaside

Just Jared

The paparazzi have a thing for following Natalie Portman on the beach. It's not just because this beautiful and talented woman from Israel is a total babe. It's also because they've found her sunbathing without her bikini before. And these pervs are desperate to find her doing it again. Unfortunately for them, ever since she had her two kids, she's been a bit more conservative.

3 How Could The Paparazzi Not Take Photos Of Beyonce At The Beach?

Zimbio, Us Magazine

Beyonce may not be one to show a lot of skin at the beach, but she always looks like a Queen. Seriously, this glamourous icon is always worth photographing in the eyes of the paparazzi. These colorful photos were taken when she, Jazy-Z, and their daughter Blue Ivy took in the waves of Hawaii back in 2016. The celebrity moguls also have Sir and Rumi together.

2 Kate Beckinsale Can't Go To The Beach Without Her Louboutins

Zimbio, Pinterest

Kate Beckinsale always looks as gorgeous and youthful as her 20-year-old daughter, Lily Mo Sheen. Seriously, it's like the Underworld star made a deal with the Devil to look beautiful and young forever. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she has a superb fashion sense... even if that means wearing Christian Louboutins to the beach in 2010.

1 Jennifer Garner Had Fun With Her Family Until Ben Messed It All Up

Daily Mail

Oh, the good ole days when Ben and Jen were still blissfully married. Unfortunately, things didn't work out we're not sure we could ever blame Jennifer Garner. She's too wonderful. The paparazzi certainly think so as they couldn't give her a moment's peace. Especially when she and her family took the beaches in Puerto Rico. Poor Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel... they can't grow up without a camera pointed at their gorgeous mama.

Sources: She Knows, Zimbio, Daily Mail, Us Magazine, People

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