20 Photos Of Criss Angel's Stunning Collection

The quickest way to get a girl's attention is to entertain her with a magic trick. They love it, and it's one of the reasons that some magicians have decided to pursue that career.

One of the magicians who's been wildly successful is Criss Angel. He's entertained audiences in numerous countries and has taken his show, Mindfreak, to the Las Vegas stage.

Considering Angel has been extremely successful with his illusions, he has made quite a bit of money. He has used some of that money to subdue his craving for fast cars and bikes. To find out what Angel rides and drives when he's not on stage, we delved into his stunning collection and gleaned photos.

20 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible

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If you're a collector of rare cars that are beautiful, then you should probably look into getting  this fantastic 1957 model, which Angel drives.

Although his car is more than 60 years old, it’s in unbelievably good condition. Under the hood of this stunner lies a V8 engine. It’s no surprise that Angel went for black.

19 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

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Just look at this muscle car. Not only is it in pristine condition, but it's got the engine popping out of the hood as well. What makes us even more jealous of this photo is that the other black cars in the photo also belong to Angel. Although Angel owns a 1969 model, his car has plenty of power.

18 Dodge Viper

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If you thought that the Viper was all looks and no performance, then you'd be wrong. Under the hood is a 8.3-liter engine, according to Motor Trend. This beauty needs under four seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph. Don't be surprised if the car reaches 200 mph when you take it for a drive.

17 Big Bear Chopper

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Angel has an impressive car collection, but he's also a bike connoisseur. One of the bikes in his collection is a 2007 Big Bear chopper. The orange color and patterns make this bike look stunning. However, Angel put it on the market after he felt the joyride was over. The bike had only 1,000 miles on the clock at the time of sale.

16 Lamborghini Murcielago

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If you love fast cars and have the money to purchase awesome rides, then you have to get your hands on the Lamborghini Murcielago. The Italian automaker built just over 4,000 units from 2001 to 2010. Under the hood was a 6.5-liter V12 that’s capable of pumping out 670 horsepower.

15 Orange County Chopper

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Big Bear and Count's Kustoms aren't the only places that Angel acquires his bikes from, as he also uses Orange Country Chopper. When Orange County delivered the bike, they ensured that the chopper had a Frisco Mount gas tank, black and chrome paint, a racing innovations frame and pullback handlebars. It’s an awesome bike.

14 Rolls-Royce Phantom

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It’s no surprise that Angel would get his hands on one of the most luxurious vehicles ever made. The British automaker ensures that each car is flawless by building each car by hand and needs about six months to do so.

Phantom is one Rolls-Royce's most impressive models. Don't let the bulky frame fool you into believing that the car is slow as it provides plenty of speed.

13 Campagne T-Rex

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Not only does Angel love fast cars and bikes, but he also loves to get behind the wheel of a fast go-cart. This T-Rex is a 2010 model and needs only 3.9 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph. The reason for that is that it's powered by a Kawasaki ZX 14 motorcycle engine, which produces 200 horsepower.

12 MF13 Lane Splitter Chopper

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Big Bear did another job for Angel for the shooting of his Mindfreak show. This is one of the lowest bikes that Angel has received but will enjoy it, nonetheless. You gotta give credit to Kevin Alsop from Big Bear Customs for designing some of the most unique bikes on the market. Angel couldn't take his eyes off it when it was unveiled.

11 Bugatti Veyron

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There's no car collection that's complete without a Bugatti. Since Angel loves fast cars, it's no surprise that he opted for a Bugatti Veyron. Under the hood of a Veyron is an impressive 8-liter W16 engine, capable of pumping out 1001 horsepower, according to Car and Driver. The car can easily reach 200 mph.

10 Big Bear Chopper

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Considering that Big Bear has given Angel a few bikes, he certainly has a good relationship with them. Besides the 2007 model that they gave him, he also received this 2009 model. Angel put it on the market for $46,500. The bike had 160 miles on the clock and a nickname: "Miss Behavin."

9 Believe Chopper

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Here's another chopper that Angel received from Big Bear. Kevin Alsop from Big Bear was responsible for putting together this amazing ride. Angel called the chopper “Believe" because it was specially made for his Believe show as a promotional tool. That's a nice way to market your show.

8 Skeleton Chopper

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The story behind the making of this bike is just as interesting as the bike's design. The Las Vegas Sun reported that Kevin Alsop made this bike so that Angel could use it to promote his Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas. The chilling part of the story is that real skeleton bones were used to make the bike.

7 Cadillac Escalade

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Many celebrities use the Escalade to get to their appearances. Some of them are Justin Bieber, Eminem, and David Beckham. Not only does the Escalade provide plenty of cabin space, it also has dashing looks. The Escalade's cabin is comfy and the ride is smooth. No wonder Angel got himself one.

6 Luxor Chopper

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Some bikes Angel adds to his collection, while others he puts on an exhibition. He has sold some bikes, but he had to keep the Luxor chopper as memorabilia. Angel chose Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to display this magnificent bike since he does shows there.

5 Hummer H2

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When you're a celebrity, it seems that you get bikes and cars for free. Angel got bikes from Big Bear and got this Hummer H2 from Real Wheels, which they built for Angel so that he could pay homage with it to Harry Houdini. The car can pump out 565 horsepower and was on display at the 2006 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

4 MF2 Chopper

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Here's another chopper that Angel used to promote his show but decided to put it on display to show it off to his fans. Angel used the MF2 Chopper in his show Mindfreak. The handlebars on this bike are high, but Angel has stated he doesn't mind that, since the bike still provides a comfortable ride.

3 Porsche 911

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If there's one sports car manufacturer that deserves more credit than it's gotten, it's Porsche. The German automaker has made the brilliant 911 series since 1963 and has produced more than 1 million examples since then. The car has only gotten better throughout the decades that Porsche manufactured it.

2 MF3 New School

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Since he used the MF2 chopper in his show and it worked out well, Angel decided to do the same for the third season Mindfreak. This bike is an absolute stunner, and Angel made an extremely wise decision to use gold lighting where he decided to display the bike. It makes the bike look that much more special.

1 MF3 Old School

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During the shooting of Mindfreak, Angel got two bikes for one season. He got a new school and an old school MF3 bike. Angel arrived on this bike in front of a live audience, who screamed when they saw him. He said that the bikes were from Count's Kustoms and that he was in love with both bikes.

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