20 Photos Of Helpful Dads That Are Hot AF

We’ve entered the 21st century, but it’s still sad to see a lot of men (and women) think that household chores are primarily a woman’s domain, as is taking care of the children.

Newsflash, people! It’s the duty of both parents to take care of their home and children—it has got nothing to do with your gender. Which is exactly why it’s an instant turn on for women to find men shunning societal norms in order to do what they feel is right—which also, incidentally, works in the favour of their wives. So without further ado, here are the top 20 photos of dads helping out that would turn any mommy on.

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20 Breakfast in bed

Via: weheartit.com

She needs the extra sleep, and her husband understands, because hey! Taking care of an entire house isn’t a joke—it’s hard work. So what if she wants to sleep in one day of the month? Doesn’t she deserve it?

So what does the ideal husband do? Start her day with breakfast in bed, of course!

19 Taking care of the children

Via: weheartit.com

When we were single and saw dads with their kids in the park, it was enough to make our ovaries melt. And now that it's our kids, it's that much sweeter. Especially when you see how exhausted they are after spending all day with their kiddos. Aww!

18 Cooking food like a master chef!

Via: weheartit.com

Of course, it’s the thought that counts, but if the food is delicious as well, then that’s like the cherry on top of the cake. A man who can cook can easily find his way into his woman’s heart as well. Bonus points if he serves you a glass of wine as you sit back with your feet up, relax, and watch.

17 Handling the grocery shopping

via muscleandfitness.com

Who says shopping is a woman’s job? Loads of men the world over don’t think twice before buying the groceries, but unfortunately, they’re still a rarity. Which is exactly why a man with fresh produce in his hands is such a treat for the eyes. Isn’t it, ladies?

16 Teaching the children things

Via: weheartit.com

This includes activities like cooking, fishing, camping, cycling, various sports, and sometimes even throwing a punch!

15 Dressing up as a Disney princess for Halloween

via mirror.co.uk

Because a real man isn’t afraid to do what makes his little daughter happy—even if it means dressing up as a princess himself.

14 Taking out the garbage

via dailymail.co.uk

How many times have we had to argue with our husbands to take the garbage out, only to find them in the exact same spot in front of the TV, hours later? Men don’t like taking garbage out (but hey, neither do women) but it’s something that just needs to be done. And when a man gets the job done? Oooh la la!

13 Plumbing

via thechatterjis.files.wordpress.com

Yes ladies, we’ve all had the fantasy of a sexy plumber showing up at our door and showing us the, ahem, ropes around. Of course, nothing of the sort ever really happened, which is why most women gladly settle for the next best thing: a husband helping out his woman by taking care of the plumbing.

12 Babysitting the children

via thedadventurer.com

A man who believes his wife deserves a night out with the girls, is a keeper. He believes in "you" time and has no problem babysitting the kids while you get a little wild. Hold onto that one, ladies!

11 Helping the kids with their homework

via salemwebnetwork.com

Have you ever seen a sight more adorable than a father struggling to help his children with their school work? Some men, however, are excellent teachers, but either way, it immediately turns us on to see a man so involved in his children’s life.

10 Doing the dishes

via schoolofmum.com.au

It’s like the trash—nobody wants to take it out, but it just needs to be done. And for the man (or Superman, in this case) to offer to do the dishes? Wow!

9 Repairing... stuff

via sookie72.files.wordpress.com

Admit it ladies: plumbing is just one aspect. Seeing a daddy repair anything in his home (bookshelves, doors, windows, chairs, etc) makes him somehow appear more more masculine and thus, more desirable.

8 Doing the laundry, including “poop” pants

via lifestylesdefined.com

Don’t you hate it when your child has an accident in their pants and you’re the one who ends up cleaning their poop-filled pants? Well, a lot of men are more than willing to take that load off your hands, quite literally.

7 Involving the children with his work

via delightfulchildrensbooks.files.wordpress.com

It’s always the thoughtful man who does this (with caution, of course) and it just melts our hearts to see a dad be so involved with his children.

6 Reading bedtime stories

Via: weheartit.com

Reading shows a thoughtful and sensitive side to men, something that a lot of them try so hard to cover up. And what woman doesn’t love thoughtful men?

5 Trying to do something right, but failing miserably

via distractify-media-prod.cdn.bingo

Well, he’s not perfect and he’s bound to make mistakes. But isn’t the clueless expression on their faces adorable? It’s like they don’t even know how they got where they are.

4 Bonding with their children

Via: weheartit.com

That’s an important aspect of being a father, something which a lot of men still don’t understand. But the ones that do understand it are the ones who make better fathers (and husbands), and end up being the type of men who are loved and admired by all.

3 Working from home to spend more time with the family

via intentionalentrepreneurs.com

Just one word: Awwwww!!! Could you get any more adorable?

2 When dads help their wives stay in shape

via www.fitmarriage.com

He was understanding enough to get you the five tubs of Ben & Jerry's you wanted during your pregnancy cravings, and now that you've had the baby and want to lose the excess weight, you have an even greater partner. Not only does he encourage you, but he also goes ahead and participates with you. And that takes our hearts away.

1 Just being a dad

via familycentermobile.org

At the end of the day, nothing attracts women more to a man than his ability to be completely devoted to their family; to love them, be with them and manage, despite all odds, to be happy with them

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