20 Photos Of Dana Brooke That Would Make Batista Date Her

Dana Brooke and Batista; just imagine if the duo embarked on a relationship together. They’d be the new superstar couple of wrestling, of the celebrity world in general.

Both Dana and Batista have had their fair share of romances over the years. Batista’s been married and divorced three times. His most recent separation was with Sarah Jade which ended a matter of months ago. Dana’s most notable relationship was with the late bodybuilder Dallas McCarver, which ended abruptly in 2017 after his sad demise. Well, perhaps that was her most high-profile relationship, until now.

The internet is rife with speculation about a possible impending romance between Batista and Dana Brooke. The two have been getting on swimmingly, leaving suggestive messages on social media. They struck up something of a Twitter romance this week. Will anything more substantial take place? Only time will tell. If Batista’s umming and ahhing as to whether or not he wants to take things forward with Dana, these pics will certainly help him make up his mind.

20 Getting Her Geek On

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Dana Brooke is beautiful, glamorous, and can pull off most looks. In this pic, she’s going for the geek-chic vibe and has pulled it off superbly. It’s an unexpected look from a bodybuilder and wrestler, but Dana likes to change things up from time to time. She has a fondness for those glasses too. It’s a look that could get Batista’s palms sweating.

19 Curves For Days

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Is Dana a model or a wrestler? From the looks of things, a bit of both. She’s also a bodybuilder. Bodybuilding is all about sculpting the physique, accentuating certain aspects of the body, and ultimately, striving to obtain the perfect physique. Ask Batista, a bodybuilder himself, to comment on Dana after seeing this pic. He’d be speechless.

18 Her Lips Like Sugar

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For someone majorly into her fitness, Dana’s got a sweet tooth. She’s a self-confessed candy addict, as illustrated by this social media post. Dana’s visited her favorite store and wants to lick, lick, lick all that candy. Batista and many others would have probably engineered a different interpretation in their minds.

17 Steamy Wrestling Outfit

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As a bodybuilder, wrestler and all-round fitness aficionado, Dana works hard to build, sculpt and tone her body to perfection, and so wants a wrestling outfit that shows it off, showcases her hard work. Batista, a man in possession of arguably the greatest wrestling physique of all time, can certainly appreciate that.

16 Being Human

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This has just got to put a smile on Batista’s face, as it has done to millions of people around the world. Batista’s got kids of his own and took part in numerous charitable events during his time in the industry. Dana’s followed suit, gives her time to those in need and does charity with a smile. The heart melts when setting eyes on this pic.

15 Dreamy Selfie

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Dana’s focussed, has her eyes on the prize and is going all out to get it. That’s what she captioned this image. On the other hand, this is pic of Dana looking out into the distance is a dreamy pic, appears to be one of reflection and quiet contemplation. What’s been on Dana’s mind, what’s she been thinking about this week? A certain Dave Bautista perhaps?

14 Dana From Every Angle

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What’s better than seeing Dana face on? Seeing her from every angle, that’s what. Dana’s a poser and knows how to work it, and with the help of some strategically placed mirrors, has captured her all-round beauty all-round. This pic has the power to make Batista’s mind turn into a jumbled mess.

13 Workout Attire

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Evidently Dana dresses to impress when in the ring and loves to look her best when in chillout mode too. This outfit says a lot about her. She’s certainly got swag, got style. Batista can appreciate that. His is a more rugged style, whereas Dana is a little more out there, more daring with her fashion sense. Although Dana wouldn’t see it as daring. She’s naturally got it, pulls it off effortlessly.

12 Spreading Her Wings

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Dana wants to fly and perhaps Batista’s the man who can help her get her wings. She wants to fly to the stars, realize her potential and be the star she’s meant to be. She’s certainly flying in style. Once again, her fashion sense is on point. It’s the LA vibes and she’s certainly vibing.

11 Loving Wrestling Life

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Did Batista love wrestling? That’s debatable. He was a star attraction, but at times there was discord. But he knows what it takes, knows it’s about the fans, delighting the fan base. Dana certainly does that. She relishes being in the limelight, does everything in WWE with a smile on her face.

10 Beautiful Selfie

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Fans of Dana just can’t get enough of her selfies. It’s beauty personified. Here she is glamming it up for a WWE event. And those specs have made another appearance. Who of the current crop is the most glamorous female wrestler? Judging by these pics, it’s got to be Dana. Batista’s sure to think so.

9 Flexing Those Guns

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Batista knows all about big biceps and flex appeal. His was among the biggest arms in the business. When it comes to big arms in women’s wrestling, Dana stands head and shoulders above the rest, and she knows it. It’s customary to see Dana flexing those guns. And why wouldn’t she? If you’ve got it, flaunt it, and Dana’s certainly doing just that.

8 It’s Gym Time

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You don’t have to be a wrestling fan to know that Batista’s no stranger to the inside of a gym. There are very few who’d be able to hang with Batista during a workout. Dana’s one of those individuals. Although, having said that, Batista may want to date her but probably wouldn’t want her coming to the gym with him. She dresses to impress and would prove to be more than a bit of a distraction.

7 Luscious Lashes

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Even tough man Batista wouldn’t be able to resist if Dana’s stood before him in such a fashion fluttering those long, luscious lashes. He’d melt like goo, would be putty in her hands. It’s another stunning look by Dana, but the eyes are instantly drawn to those endlessly long lashes. They’re just mesmerizing.

6 Sharing The Love

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Batista wouldn’t be able to help smiling when looking at this pic. Dana’s known for a lot of things and one of those are her charitable endeavors. She took part in an anti-bullying seminar and the kids, 600+ of them, just soaked her all in, took her words as gospel. She’s their superhero. It may not be too long before she’s one half of a superhero couple.

5 Life Truly Is Beautiful

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Dana’s had her fair share of heartache over the years, has faced trials and tribulations. But she’s resilient, carries on marching forward and has an almighty smile plastered across her face in the process. Who can’t help be enamored by that attitude? A beautiful smile is infectious and it might just make Batista feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

4 All Glammed Up

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Errrm, can that waist get any tighter? The WWE superstar has one impressive physique. Dana has continued to compete in bodybuilding and fitness competitions whilst wrestling. In bodybuilding, judges look for a slim waist, it’s one of the main criteria. No-doubt there’d be ticks on all of the judges’ cards, and in Batista’s book too.

3 In Reflection Mode

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This a recent pic of Dana, one of her reflecting on the past year during her last days in her twenties. And what a year it’s been! It’s been a year of health, happiness, spreading positivity and a tremendous amount of success. Due to her recent antics on social media with Batista, her thirties could get off to a bang!

2 Curls For Days

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Batista, who isn’t blessed in the hair department, must be jealous, just like so many others, of Dana’s long, luscious locks. Dana looks a tad different in this pic. She still looks stunning, some would say more so than usual if that’s at all possible! It’s her natural, makeup-free look, and she’s rocking it.

1 Let’s Get Physical

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Set eyes on this pic and even the most anti-gym goers would want to lace up their sneakers and get pumping iron.

Batista’s a strong man, in more ways than one, and needs a strong woman by his side. Dana’s physically fit and possesses a great deal of mental strength too. Will they be wrestling’s new star couple? Only time will tell.

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