20 Photos Of Darcey Silva Since 90 Day Fiancé

Fans of TV’s 90 Day Fiance get hooked on the ups, downs, surprises, and stress the show brings to the small screen. Those who become invested in the journeys the couples take are glued to their sets, hoping they’ll either make it to the altar or break up before they get in too deep.

When relationships are formed and legalities make love more of a burden than bliss, it causes strain, but it could make the couples stronger. Audiences interested in these long-distance romances who want to know how the stories will end love seeing the steps each couple takes to prove they’re committed. With families to deal with and time ticking until it’s “go time,” the routes that these relationships take aren’t what most people are used to.

One woman who made her mark on the show was Darcey Silva. She tried to make it work with Jesse, then with Tom, and all the while, we saw her emotions eat at her as she let us in on her love life.

These recent pics of Darcey may make other men from across the globe want to reach out to the reality star and see if she’s willing to film for another season.

20 Commanding The Carpet

Via: cosmopolitan.com

Darcey is dazzling in her low-cut dress that hugs her curves in all the right places. She’s tanned and bronzed, glowing as much as her somewhat see-through dress. We’ve all seen how the reality star dresses, so this revealing number is nothing new. Her confidence is contagious.

19 Twinning

Via: realityblurb.com

Darcey has a twin sister who has appeared on the show from time to time. While they both have a similar style, it’s not too hard to tell them apart. While Darcey is the “star” of the show, her sis has a lot to say when it comes to love, something Darcey isn’t always receptive to. Maybe it’s sibling rivalry… reality style.

18 Fine Fashion

Via: facebook.com

Bangs are quite becoming on Darcey, who seems to be sporting a makeover. Her wavy hair is flattering, and her cinched-in dress gives her curves for days. When it comes to posing for pics, Darcey isn’t shy in the least. She loves the attention, so she puts in the effort.

17 Ravishing Reality Star

Via: maximcovergirl.com

Fans may not always agree with what Darcey says and does when they watch her on TV, but most would agree that she’s very pretty and photogenic. She snaps enough selfies to get the best shots, and this one is proof that she has mastered the subject.

16 Doubletake

Via: facebook.com

Darcey and her twin sister are posing for an artfully done photo. The aura is interesting and appealing, and the coloring is natural and nice. We can see Darcey’s amazing eyes in this alluring shot, and she gives the camera a lustful look. She looks mysterious and magical.

15 Glossy Glam

Via: facebook.com

A gal needs her lip gloss to get her smile to shine, so Darcey applies some to her pout. She is a big fan of makeup, and she uses it to accentuate her natural beauty. She loves glittery shades with lots of shine to highlight her facial features.

14 Fun In The Sun

Via: facebook.com

Darcey is soaking up the sun as she snaps a selfie in her reflective sunglasses. Perhaps she’s on vacation where she can sit by the pool and sip on frosty beverages. She may be with her sister or her daughters, but this photo is all about her. She’s doing the “duck face” and she’s not ashamed to air it.

13 What A View

Via: facebook.com

As Darcey looks out from her room, she can see the city below. Her view is awesome, so she’s taking the time to take it all in and appreciate her good fortune. That dress is daring, but she wears it well. With her hair cascading down her back, this pic is one Darcey’s sure to treasure.

12 Hella Good Hair

Via: facebook.com

Looks like Darcey just got back from the hair salon, because her hair looks absolutely amazing. The light honey color is flattering against her skin tone, and the length is impressive. The locks are shiny and smooth, and it’s obvious that Darcey is delighted with her ‘do.

11 Ladies Who Lounge

Via: facebook.com

The Silva sisters are living the good life as they lounge in a chair made for two. They are dressed the same and even pose nearly identically. As they enjoy their time outside, they get to relax and unwind, perhaps even fall asleep for a while. Darcey could use the downtime after all her relationship drama.

10 City Chic

Via: people.com

Darcey looks happy and full of life as she poses in her leather jacket and big hoop earrings. She’s standing with self-esteem and has lots of love for the city around her as well as an appreciation for her supportive fans. She knows her life is now an open book, so why not embrace the publicity?

9 Green-Eyed Goddess

Via: facebook.com

Darcey’s gorgeous green eyes are sparkling, and her face is flawless. Those beautiful eyes are intriguing, especially when they glow as they do in this pic. It’s no wonder she’s followed by lots of fans on social media. When she posts new pics, they can’t wait to see those eyes light up their screens.

8 Stylish Surroundings

Via: facebook.com

Darcey is making the most of her time in this mansion, as we’re assuming it’s not her own residence. Reality TV can’t pay that much! In any event, she looks great in her designer mini dress and sky-high heels. Since Darcey seems kinda short, she enjoys her stilettos to jack her up a few notches…even when she’s standing on a staircase.

7 Cute And Casual

Via: facebook.com

There’s lots of fun to be had when you’re a public figure. Darcey gets to attend lots of special events where she can let loose and have a little time to take it easy. She’s looking comfy and cute, swapping her high heels for sneakers. As always, Darcey jazzes up her look with accessories and other signature touches.

6 Buckle Up

Via: facebook.com

Darcey is behind the wheel, but she still manages to make the most of the moment by snapping a selfie. As long as the car is in park, this isn’t a problem. But if she’s on the road, she’s making a big mistake by posing. Even if she looks amazing, being irresponsible is idiotic.

5 Dogs Love Darcey

Via: facebook.com

This big dog is adorable, even though he probably drools like nobody’s business. Darcey doesn’t mind, and she sits with her four-legged friend on a park bench. This big buddy is a lot of dog to deal with, but Darcey is up for the challenge. A few treats and he’ll be a good boy.

4 Snapping A Selfie

Via: saveig.com

Another day, another selfie. Darcey is a pro by now, so she knows all the best angles to get the ideal shot. She shares her pics on social media, and all the “likes” give her a good feeling. She’ll keep posting until she’s pooped. Fans want to see her, so she’ll keep at it for as long as she can.

3 Swimming Sisters

Via: facebook.com

The stunning sisters are splashing around, but they take a break to pose for the camera. Both ladies are tanned as can be, as spending time in the sun is a sure way to get roasted. The ladies look very much alike in this pic, making it hard to tell which one is Darcey. Even her biggest fans are stumped.

2 Glitter Girls

Via: facebook.com

The gals have quite the view from their balcony, and they are dressed to impress. Both ladies look lovely in their glittery gowns, and all the shimmer is surely special. The dresses are slightly different, but the overall vibe is the same. These ladies love to get all dolled up, and they look dazzling doing so.

1 Time To Unwind

Via: dekeldor.com

A couple of glasses of wine and some binge-worthy TV is all these sisters need for a night in. They are comfortable on the bed, and ready to tune into their favorite show. It would be a little odd if they were watching Darcey on 90 Day Fiance, as neither sister would want to live through that drama all over again.

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