20 Photos Of Elizabeth Hurley That Prove She Does Not Age

Back in her Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery days, Elizabeth Hurley was world-renowned for her sophisticated brand of British beauty... and absolutely nothing's changed. She's passed on her genetic gifts to her son, who will probably age just as well as she has.

Elizabeth Hurley's son, Damian, who is 17, was just named "Sexiest Celebrity Offspring" by People Magazine, according to Dailymail.co.uk. Damian's been modeling and his androgynous look is winning him plenty of fans, although some people find his pics creepy. Damian is Liz Hurley's only child and he bears a very strong resemblance to his famous mother.

Anyone who is curious about Elizabeth Hurley and what she's up to these days will love this list. It's filled with recent pics of Liz and some great pics of Damian. Elizabeth is aging like fine wine, thanks to a healthy lifestyle and plenty of self-confidence. She seems to really enjoy life.

20 She Looks So Much Like Her Son, Damian

Via Independent.co.uk

Are you seeing double? It may feel like it, because Elizabeth and her model son, Damian, are amazingly alike, especially when they wear the same t-shirt and hairstyle.

Liz is on the left, with mini-me, Damian, on the right. Damian was born in April of 2002, according to En.wikipedia.org. His dad is rich guy, Steve Bing but Damian doesn't have a relationship with his father.

19 She Rocked Her Tarantino-Inspired Halloween Costume

Via Thesun.co.uk

Elizabeth Hurley is a social butterfly, so it's no surprise that she made the scene at a 2019 Halloween party. She dressed as Uma Thurman's character, "The Bride", from the Tarantino flick, Kill Bill... and looked good doing it!

At another Halloween bash the same week, she dressed as another character from the film, Elle Driver, according to Dailymail.co.uk.

18 Not Bad For 54, Huh?

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Liz is definitely in "yummy mommy" territory at age 54. She looks fantastic and loves to show off her face and figure at events and on social media. On the 'Gram, she describes herself as a mom, actress, farmer, model, and bikini designer! She has 1.4 million followers.

17 Liz Takes Good Care Of Herself

Via Usmagazine.com

Liz once made people mad by saying she'd rather pass away than be the same size as the late Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe, according to Courant.com. This remark was surely tongue-in-cheek, and not Elizabeth's finest moment.

She prefers a sleek and model-size figure to lush curves. Elizabeth is known for rocking high-fashion looks, decade after decade.

16 Liz Hurley Is Pretty In Pink

Via Dailymail.co.uk

Elizabeth doesn't shy away from bright colors and she looks great in pink. It's the perfect complement to her English Rose coloring.

To keep her skin looking petal-soft as she gets older, she drinks lots of water and tries to stay away from foods that make her puffy, such as the delicious fried stuff. This woman has major diet and beauty discipline, according to Dailymail.co.uk.

15 She Looks Great With Younger Men (Like Justin Theroux)

Via Dailymail.co.uk

Liz has a regal quality that is timeless, which is probably why she was cast in The Royals. Put her beside any younger Hollywood guy, such as Jennifer Aniston's ex-husband, Justin Theroux, and she looks as flawless as a queen.

She has been photographed with Justin but she's denied dating him, according to Usmagazine.com.

14 Liz Likes To Show Off With Her Son

Via Amica.it

Elizabeth is a glamour icon and getting older hasn't stopped her from seeking out the spotlight.

She stays relevant thanks to a big social media presence. She also grabs attention by posing with her son, Damian, who starred in an unforgettable ad campaign for makeup artist, Pat McGrath, according to Harpersbazaar.com.

13 She's Aging Like Fine Wine

Via Pinterest.ca

Liz Hurley is a successful swimsuit designer and she looks truly fabulous in her own bathing suits and beach cover-ups. Her swimsuit collection is called Elizabeth Hurley Beach, according to Elizabethhurley.com.

She brings her own refined and elevated taste to her one-piece bathing suits and bikinis. They are very chic.

12 This Woman Has True Confidence

Via Celebmafia.com

Lots of women look good, but the ones with inner confidence tend to dazzle the most. They are not afraid to shine. Elizabeth Hurley has always had a womanly, intelligent and confident vibe. She's never really seemed like an ingenue.

Elizabeth Hurley is a quick-witted Gemini who is outgoing and curious, according to Starsignstyle.com.

11 Her Style Has A Youthful Vibe

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Liz keeps her style current, although her overall vibe is quite classic. She's cute in flowy boho blouses and jeans but also dresses up in trendier, bolder pieces, such as jumpsuits and sparkly tops.

She retains a youthful vibe, without looking age-inappropriate, by following the trends that suit her best and forgetting the rest.

10 She Looks Like Damian's Big Sister

Via Pagesix.com

Elizabeth is one of those women who looks too young to have a teenage kid. Do you think she looks like Damian's mom or his big sister?

She and her son are so close. She wears Damian's clothes and he wears hers, according to Business-standard.com. Damian is an only child, so he and mom are like two like-minded peas in a pod.

9 Elizabeth Hurley Is So Fit

Via Celebsfirst.com

While it's always fun to see Elizabeth glam up in gowns and flaunt her figure in bathing suits, she's also an inspiration when it comes to street style. Her casual looks show off her impressive fitness.

She makes sacrifices to look the way that she does. She sips water instead of reaching for snacks and goes on soup diets to get sleeker, according to Dailymail.co.uk.

8 She Still Looks Amazing In Versace

Via Thetimes.co.uk

Elizabeth Hurley blew people's minds when she wore a racy black Versace gown adorned with safety pins. She donned that iconic frock back in 1994, for the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral, which starred her ex, Hugh Grant, according to En.wikipedia.org.

These days, she still looks stunning in the high fashion house's designs.

7 Liz Never Gives Up On Glamour

Via Whatsnewtoday.com

Liz is a glamorous woman and her glamour has served her well through the years. It helped her to establish a successful acting career and score a modeling contract with Estée Lauder. It helps her to sell her fashion designs, including her metallic "honey bikini".

Her son likes glam, too, according to Harpersbazaar.com, so he's a kindred spirit.

6 This Pic Was Taken In 2018

Via Pinterest.ca

When this woman decides to dress up, which happens a lot, she really works it. She's someone who has fun with clothes.

She does tend to go for pink when she wants to make a great impression. There are a lot of pink designs in her closet, according to Stylebistro.com.

5 Still Ready For Her Close-Up

Via RTL.de

As she gets older, she goes for fake tan to get a radiant look, without the sun damage. She also goes for a groomed brow to look polished.

She stays close-up ready by eating less as she ages. Our metabolisms tend to slow down as the years pass, so she corrects for that, according to Dailymail.co.uk.

4 Elizabeth Hurley Loves The Spotlight

Via Parismatch.com

At age 53, Elizabeth described herself as single and happy, according to Dailymail.co.uk. She's still single a year later. She has been married, but it didn't last.

Her focus is on career, friends and her son. She leads a glam life and loves to be photographed. Showbiz and fashion suit her to a T.

3 Elizabeth Hurley's Son Is Following In Her Modeling Footsteps

Via Digitalspy.com

Will Damian become one of the world's biggest models? You never know. He's making quite an impression already. His features are striking.

Some celeb offspring seem a bit average sometimes, and we consider them lucky to have famous parents who help them to grab lucrative modeling jobs. With Damian, it's different. He really stands out, according to Wmagazine.com.

2 Liz Has Passed Down Her Good Genes

Via Thesun.co.uk

Liz Hurley has always looked great. She has good genes but maintains her natural good looks to stay gorgeous as she ages. Her son is so much like her. He's got the same eyes, the same lips, the same hair... the list goes on.

Damian was already modeling at age 16, according to Dailymail.co.uk.

1 Who Looks This Good At The Airport?

Via Popsugar.com.au

Do you usually look like a million bucks at the airport, or do you slob out in your baggiest and coziest sweats? Liz doesn't go for schlumpy style when she flies.

She wears tight white pants with a flirty, form-fitting top and basically goes for the glam, according to Popsugar.com.au.

Sources: Popsugar.com.au, Dailymail.co.uk, Wmagazine.com

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