20 Photos Of Halsey That'll Make Evan Peters Sweat

Evan Peters makes fans go wild when he works his magic on American Horror Story, but he’s the one who’s most captivated when his babe Halsey is extra hot. The mind-blowing musician is super talented, but her good looks make Evan lose his cool. This Hollywood pair is one of today’s “it couples,” and fans of both are taken aback when they see the two together.

Halsey is forever changing up her look, so we never know what we’re going to get. This variety must spice up their relationship, and Evan surely looks forward to seeing her foxy fashion. From her on-stage costumes to her everyday outfits, Halsey is always looking her best and showing off her unique style. She’s interesting and eye-catching, something that Evan must appreciate.

These 20 photos of Halsey will make Even sweat. He gets to see his honey all the time, but that doesn’t mean these pics won’t pique his interest.

20 Rocking Her Body

Via: cosmopolitan.com

Halsey looks hot in her ice princess ensemble. Her abs are out of this world and her glow is gorgeous. With plenty of tats to show off Halsey’s individuality, she’s confident and as cool as can be. Fans adore Halsey’s unique vibe and overall appeal. She’s pretty, powerful, and prepared to rock the mic.

19 Outrageous On Stage

Via: nme.com

Pink hair is not a color we see too often, but Halsey looks beautiful with hers as the light captures her magnificent mane. With smoke billowing behind her and an aura of mystery surrounding the stage, Halsey is heavenly as she sings to her audience. No matter her look, Halsey always hits a home run.

18 Crop Top Cutie

Via: eldiablitorecords.com

Not every gal is self-assured enough to go out in a crop top, but Halsey embraces her fit figure and struts her stuff down the street. She’s giving off a rock and roll vibe with her all-black outfit and exposed tattoos. She’s smiling, so this must’ve been a great day.

17 Radiant Redhead

Via: pinterest.com

Halsey always changes up her look, and this redhead ‘do is one of her best. The waves are elegant and stylish, and the clip pulling back one side is so pretty. Along with her ravishing red hair, Halsey’s colorful cat eye is amazing. This gal has great taste when it comes to putting her look together. She’s fun and flawless.

16 Wet Woman

Via: twitter.com

Halsey is having a sultry moment as she’s dripping in water. Her tank is surely soaked, and her smooth skin lets the liquid flow all over her body. Fans who think Halsey is hot are sure to think this particular pic is beyond compare. Evan must be beside himself since his girl is so gorgeous.

15 Head-To-Toe Terrific

Via: imbd.com

Halsey is a head-turner in this dazzling jumpsuit. Her “bling” is beautiful with lots of shine and sparkle. With her rich brunette hair looking wavy and womanly, Halsey is showing the world that she’s not only a great talent, but a sight to see as well. From top to bottom, this look is a showstopper.

14 Swirls Of Style

Via: cosmopolitan.com

Halsey is looking colorful and cute in her swirly skintight outfit. The entire middle section is a giant cut-out so her enviable abs are exposed. She is always entertaining, and her energetic vibe keeps her fans on their feet. Paired with her creative style, this gal’s got it all. Who else would dare to wear this anyway?

13 Babe In Blue

Via: people.com

Halsey looks beautiful in blue, and this gown is nothing short of gorgeous. Her slit is quite revealing, and the style is sophisticated and chic. The glittery accessories are amazing, and Halsey’s hairdo is platinum perfection. As she stops to get her pic taken, she is every bit the beauty Evan already knows she is.

12 A Stunning Selfie

Via: hercampus.com

Selfies are always fun to snap, especially when a gal plays around with fun makeup like Halsey is. Halsey’s bright green eye shadow is awesome, and those bold bangs frame her face wonderfully. Those dangling paperclip earrings are rock star-appropriate, and everything about her is selfie superb. Fans must have hit “like” thousands of times.

11 Red Hot

Via: popsugar.com

From her cool crimped hair to her red hot top, Halsey aims to please in her perfect look. Evan is surely drooling at the sight of his sweetie, and other guys globally are feeling the heat too. While all of Halsey’s looks are amazing, this is one of her hottest. Looking away is nearly impossible.

10 Fresh-Faced

Via: popsugar.com

Halsey gives off a youthful glow in this gorgeous shot, with her adorable freckles showing and her smooth skin glowing in the sunshine. She looks happy and at peace, and without much makeup, it is obvious that this woman is a natural beauty. It’s hard to decide if she’s more interesting when she’s all done up, or when she goes for her “plain Jane” vibe.

9 Lady In Leather

Via: hollywoodreporter.com

Halsey is hot on stage in her red leather ensemble. The big belt cinches her waist and she stands proudly as she performs. When Halsey is on stage, all eyes are on her. That’s why she dresses up in interesting costumes to keep the crowd captivated. Are the looks her ideas or does she have a stylist put them together for her?

8 Rocking In The Rain

Via: standard.co.uk

The effect of a rainstorm takes Halsey’s production to a whole new level. She rocks out as the rain pours, and the show is nothing short of spectacular. She gives her fans a real treat every time she steps on stage. From her singing chops to her cool costumes, Halsey is always an attraction.

7 Lovely Leg

Via: dujour.com

This dress is for the daring types, which makes it perfect for a performer like Halsey. She is certainly not shy about flaunting her fantastic figure, and this revealing number is surely a head-turner. When she showed up on the red carpet wearing this, tongues were surely wagging. Whoever had their pic snapped right after her probably felt overdressed.

6 Stunning Street Style

Via: vogue.com

Halsey goes from wearing barely-there outfits to others that are more conservative. While this one isn’t totally prudish, it’s certainly far less revealing than some of her other outfit choices. Still, the singer looks sensational in this white dress with a pretty pattern. Her makeup is fabulous and brings out the colors in her dress.

5 The Singer And The Supermodel

Via: vogue.com

Halsey walks a few steps behind the world-known supermodel Bella Hadid. Both ladies are beautiful, showing off their bellies, and giving off a cool vibe. Wearing jeans and cropped tanks, it seems like the two called each other before getting dressed. “Twinning” never looked better. Time for the rest of us to start doing crunches.

4 Feeling The Music

Via: live.wtmx.com

Blue hair is a bold move, but Halsey isn’t concerned about the color. She loves to play around with different looks, and this bright color is a cool one to try. As she sings her heart out, fans surely sang along and stood on their feet. Halsey sure knows how to put on a show, and her audience loves to listen to every note.

3 Funky Fashion

Via: hawtcelebs.com

Halsey’s look is fun and fashionable, from her cut-off jeans to the fishnets underneath. Her thigh-high white boots with butterflies are amazing, and her short hair is playful and pretty. Every time we see the singer, she is sporting a new style. She’s like a chameleon who can’t settle down for long.

2 Skimpy Style

Via: popsugar.com

Going out on the town means it’s time to dress up, and Halsey is taking fashion to the extreme. She’s going all out in this ultra-sultry number, showing off her shape like nobody’s business. With her firm expression and an aura of confidence, this chick is as cool as a cucumber.

1 Forever Fashionable

Via: popsugar.com

This gorgeous gown is incredibly intricate and fits Halsey like a glove. From the amazing flowy sleeves to the finest details, whoever designed this dress is a real talent. Halsey is the perfect model for the look, with her great physique to fill out the dress. She’s stunning as she gets her pic snapped.

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