20 Photos Of Hot Guys Drinking Wine

What’s better than a glass of wine? Fine men drinking wine, of course. And thanks to Instagram pages like 'Men and Wine,' we get the best of both worlds. Pour a glass and get ready to feast your eyes on these beauties.

20 Rub-a-dub-dub, there's a stud in the tub

Via: theberry.com

Oh, my! I don’t know what is more distracting: his tattoo or the fact that he is naked in a bathtub. Give us a few more minutes to decide.

19 Best view in town

Via: pinterest.com

Correction: he is the view. A mighty damn fine one at that.

18 Starting the morning off right

Via: pinterest.com

Nothing says starting the morning off right like a newspaper, a glass of wino, and him.

17 Black and White Babe

Via: pinterest.com

It's probably better that he's photographed in black and white—or else it would be pretty easy to see how much he's blushing from the wine-induced rosy cheeks and the fact that we can't stop staring at him.

16 Room Service That Will Make You Smile

Via instagram.com/menandwine

Where and what hotel has room service like this. We want to book our room now!

15 Beach Babe

Via www.cosmopolitan.com

Here to watch hot guys subtly flashing their underwear, all the while getting a nice tan at the beach.

14 Who Wears Pink Shorts!

Via instagram.com/menandwine

Who says a man can't wear pink. If he is hot, he is hot. We could care less what color of shorts he is wearing, especially when they must match the rosé in his cup.

13 Business Man

Via Pinterest.com

Business before pleasure or a mix of both.

12 A Penny For Your Thoughts?

Via huffingtonpost.com

We love how hard he is staring at that wine glass. It is very intense and makes us wish we were the glass.

11 Let's get Physical

Via: weheartit.com

With that tired look on his face, it looks like he's enjoying a relaxing lunch after a busy morning. Hopefully he's not too worn out to spend some time with us.

10 Wine makes everyone happy

Via cosmopolitan.com

A nice smile is so welcoming. He looks friendly and has the guy-next-door vibe to him, which is hot.

9 Flash Those Pearly Whites

Via instagram.com/menandwine

My friend always says nice teeth is important in a man. I didn't get what she meant until now.

8 Men and Dogs

Via thedrinksbusiness.com

A hot guy, wine and a dog....too much cuteness in one photo!

7 Man's Best Friend

Via instagram.com/menandwine

Look at that super cute pug. The guy is super cute too. Can I be your friend, too?

6 It Takes Two

Via instagram.com/menandwine

Is that second glass of wine for me? Thank you, you are so sweet!

5 Save A Horse....

Via instagram.com/menandwine


4 I'll Make You Dinner

Via instagram.com/menandwine

What's cookin' good lookin'?

3 Those Blue Jeans

Via instagram.com/menandwine

I love his expression. He has nice eyes that look kind of sad but happy at the same time. He is giving the puppy dog look.

2 Strike A Pose

Via: pinterest.com

That glass of wine ain't got nothing on him.

1 The Perfect Evening

Via instagram.com/menandwine

Those eyes! You could get lost in them.

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