20 Photos Of How Justin Bieber Treats Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin made headline news earlier this year when the two were rumoured to have tied the knot. The 'Baby' singer, with the famous model, Baldwin, ended up saying their 'I do's' in a New York City courthouse, however, they had an official ceremony this past fall.

They are one of the most photographed couples of today, and they sure know how to work the cameras. Although they have been dating for nearly 5 years, they've still got a spark between them, unlike anyone we know. Young love truly is magical, and these two are perfect examples of just that.

It appears the two were made for each other, and have nothing but love and admiration for one another. Still not convinced? Well, we've got the proof.  Here are 20 photos showing just how great Justin Bieber treats Hailey Baldwin, and vice versa!

20 Chatting It Up

The two were spotted walking the streets of New York City this past summer, and they were in deep conversation. The couple is often spotted chatting while walking out and about, and it looks like Justin is all ears, all the time! We love a couple that communicates.

19 All Smiles

Justin Bieber is by no means a comedian, but he still manages to find himself making his beautiful wife, Hailey, laugh. The two are often giggling about something, and we're just happy to see them always smiling. If Hailey's grin in this shot is any clue into their relationship, we think Justin is doing something right.

18 Seat Security

Justin always puts Hailey first, except on a bicycle, where she gets the back seat. We love nothing more than seeing Justin take the lead on this motorcycle looking bicycle. It appears Hailey feels secure and comfortable with her arms wrapped around hubby Justin, and we're sure he's loving every bit of it.

17 Hugs

Considering how high profile these two are, they sure do like to make a lot of public appearances. The dynamic duo visited London, England earlier this year and hopped onto the London Eye for a cute moment. They were spotted squeezing in a quick lovey-dovey moment where Justin wrapped his arms around Hailey for an adorable hug.

16 Look Into Each Other's Eyes

You know the spark is still well and live when two people in love look each other in the eyes. There is no doubt that Justin is head over heels for Hailey, and it is on display in this photo. Not only are we digging the whole arm around the shoulders, but the way Justin is smiling and looking into Hailey's eyes says it all.

15 Hiking Selfies

Justin and Hailey enjoy their road trips and vacations here and there, and they love documenting it! The two had a romantic getaway to Amangiri located between Arizona and Utah, and could not keep their hands off each other. Justin posted this pic onto his Instagram, and captioned the shot: "Alone time with you refreshes my soul". Now that's real love.

14 Goofy Dancing

We adore this shot more than you could think! Not only is Justin showcasing his goofy side by doing what we believe to be some form of dance involving his arms, but Hailey's expression is just to die for. These two look like they are just always keeping one another entertained, and Justin is definitely playing the part well!

13 Prom Pose

Despite this photo looking like Justin just asked Hailey to the prom, we love the way he holds her. Both arms, one on her left arm and another on her back, the singer always appears to be holding Hailey close by. We love how secure the two feel with one another, and how joyful they look when together.

12 Hand Holdin'

Many couples aren't comfortable with public displays of affection, but Justin does not care one bit. He is definitely the type of guy that wants to show off his girl and does it with so much pride. The singer has claimed time and time again how "out of his league" Hailey is, so when it comes to their walks, he always makes sure that he's holding her hand.

11 Date Nights

The two spend a lot of time together, which definitely makes for a healthy relationship. Justin and Hailey attended a sports game last Spring where they were spotted snuggling in the arena. It's no secret that these two are in love, and they are both comfortable enough to put it on display.

10 Vacay Mode

This shot was taken during one of Justin and Hailey's first vacation together. The couple had not confirmed their relationship as of yet, however, Hailey joining Justin and his family on vacation was a pretty confirming move. A lot of the time boyfriends aren't crazy about taking too many photos, but Justin is without a doubt the exception and loves every bit of it.

9 Matchy Matchy

Couples who match together, stick together! Right? Justin and Hailey look absolutely adorable in their matching 'Drew' hat, the fashion line the Biebs created back in January. 'The House of Drew', which is the official name of the brand, is one that the two-sport quite often, and we love how they make it work every single time.

8 Floral Frenzy

These two look great in their matching floral themed outfits, however, we are loving how goofy the two are with one another. Not only does Justin feel more than comfortable making Hailey laugh with his silly moves, but she is just as into it as he is!

7 Snugglin' Up

Justin posted this beautiful shot of the two snuggling it up on a boat to his Instagram. The photo was posted to bring light to mental health, and how hugging someone can reduce stress and anxiety. Not only is Justin talking about an important topic, but we love how he displayed his love for Hailey in this photo to do it.

6 Cuteness Overload

We can't get over these shots of the couple. It's said that couples are their happiest immediately after marriage and are in what is known as the "honeymoon phase", however, we think this "phase" is permanent for the two. Justin never holds back when it's time to show affection and he and Hailey always look adorable doing it.

5 Chivalry Still Exists

Justin always makes sure he is putting Hailey first! When it comes to holding doors open for her, letting her walk ahead and getting the car door, Justin is checking off all the boxes! Who said chivalry was dead? Bieber is one to always make sure Hailey is taken care of, and if that isn't reason enough to show just how in love with her he is, we don't know what is.

4 Serenading

Justin definitely loves Hailey and showcased it in one of the most romantic ways this year. During the stopover in London, Justin busted out his guitar to serenade Hailey by Buckingham Palace. The singer played a few of his songs for his fiancé at the time, and we lived for this moment. Justin definitely set the bar high for all men out there, that's for sure!

3 Fun With The Paps

The two are always out and about, which means loads of paparazzi and photographers in their way. Although Justin has had some pretty gnarly experiences with the paparazzi before, it appears the two love to work their magic together when they get snapped. Justin and Hailey are more silly when together, and definitely show it off in front of the cameras.

2 Music Video Romance

Justin's newest music video for his song '10,000 Hours' was released this past month, and guess who is in it? That's right, none other than Hailey Baldwin makes an appearance in the music, and fans are loving every bit of it. The two are seen holding one another throughout the video, and when you pair the scene with the song's lyrics, it's honestly quite a beautiful moment between the two.

1 I Do's

If there is one way to show just how much Justin loves Hailey, it's with this photo. Not only did the two look absolutely gorgeous during their wedding ceremony in October 2019, but Justin sure does love Hailey to the moon and back, and tying the knot is definitely a sure way to prove that.

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