20 Photos Of J-Lo's Past That A-Rod Doesn't Want Us To See

It's safe to say that by now everyone knows that Latina diva Jennifer Lopez and former professional baseball Alex Rodriguez are engaged — but just in case, here's a quick recap. The two became an item in late 2016, and fast forward to this spring, the couple got engaged. So while they seem to be doing really well, we thought we'd stir things up a bit (because someone has to, right?) and try to find images of J-Lo that A-Rod is not too proud of. So brace yourself for some rather miscellaneous pics from Jennifer's past — from her having fun with exes like Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper (yes, you read that right), over her rocking horrible hairstyles and lip colors, to Jen just being human and stuffing her face with hot dogs. Scroll now and you can thank us later!

Here they are — 20 photos from Jennifer Lopez's past that Alex Rodriguez doesn't want us to see!

20 Let's Start Off With This Pic Of J-Lo And Ben Affleck On A Balcony

Via: fanpop.com

Who could forget the infamous Bennifer? Honestly — even if A-Rod managed to remove all the photos of Jennifer and Ben from the internet, there would still be her iconic "Jenny From The Block" music video which Ben starred in. We're still not sure how Bennifer happened, but we're so glad they did!

19 Then There's This One Of Jennifer Stuffing Her Face

Via: instyle.com

Well, to be fair — nobody can eat a hot dog graciously, not even A-list celebs. And these pics of Jennifer Lopez stuffing her face with one are living proof of that. So while A-Rod may not want us to see these, we are absolutely loving J-Lo for staying so relatable!

18 And Who Could Forget The Infamous Drake Hug

Via: people.com

While neither rapper Drake nor J-Lo ever confirmed anything, back in 2016 the two stars were rumored to be dating, and let's just say that this social media post definitely didn't calm those rumors down. Now friends certainly do hug, but it's pretty safe to say they don't hug like this!

17 Here's A Pic Of J-Lo Showing Us Her Spanx

Via: hollywoodchaos.com

As this list will show you, Jennifer Lopez is quite a fan of Spanx, and honestly, we completely understand why. Wearing a revealing dress like this one that can quickly become a nightmare if the slit keeps showing too much skin. But if one wears Spanx underneath, they're pretty safe and J-Lo knows that.

16 And Here's The Star After Having Had A Few Too Many

Via: zimbio.com

Frankly, during her almost 30 years of performing, we've rarely seen the star go out and party. She does it from time to time, but even then, the singer/actress makes sure to know her limits. Except the one time pictured above when she clearly had a few too many and could barely stand on her own two feet!

15 Then There's The Poodle Hairstyle She Rocked To The Academy Awards

Via: gettyimages.com

While J-Lo usually looks picture-perfect, occasionally we do get to see the star make a mistake — and this hairstyle is certainly one of them. Let's just say if they were giving out an award for scariest hair that night, the star would have certainly taken that one home. Luckily, the hairstyle never made a re-appearance!

14 And Then There's Also this Whole Look

Via: pinterest.com

Don't even get us started on this one — everything just looks so wrong. From the messy up-do with two front bang pieces, over her super bronzed up and glowy skin, to the ridiculously nude lipstick — everything in this photo just makes us very uncomfortable. And because of that, let's quickly move on to the next one!

13 This Is Probably The Ugliest Dress We've Seen The Star In

Via: zimbio.com

We're used to J-Lo showing off her curves and rock-hard abs, so when we saw the star in a gown that looks like this we couldn't help but wonder why? We're not sure that anyone could actually pull off this horrible dress, and Jennifer Lopez is living proof of that.

12 And Here's A Pic Of Her With Ex P. Diddy (Or Whatever His Name Currently Is)

Via: zimbio.com

Okay, before you decide to look it up yourself, let us do it for you — Sean Combs is also known by the stage names Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Puffy, Diddy or Brother Love. Back in the early 2000s the rapper and Jennifer Lopez dated, and even though it didn't last, the two remained good friends.

11 Then There Are These Boots That Not Even A-Rod Approves Of

Via: boredpanda.com

Honestly — we need a moment to process this. The boots J-Lo is wearing are made out of a pair of jeans and honestly, they look like she forgot to pull her jeans up after going to the bathroom and now they're just sitting bellow her knees. Definitely not a good look!

10 And Here's J-Lo Having Fun With Yet Another Ex

Via: popsugar.com

According to Ranker, Jennifer Lopez dated her former back-up dancer Casper Smart from 2011 - 2014. In the pics above you can see the two having a blast on a swing — and we bet these pics get A-Rod's blood boiling. Nobody wants to see their current love super happy with an ex!

9 Who Sticks Their Tongue Out While Drinking From A Straw?

Via: pinterest.com

Here's another fun Jennifer Lopez pic to break up all the photos of her having a good ol' time with her ex-boyfriends. We bet A-Rod prefers seeing this edition of 'a derpy J-Lo who doesn't know how to use a straw' to all the pics of the diva with her exes.

8 And Who Hides Their Face While Riding Around With Bradley Cooper?

Via: dailymail.co.uk

According to Ranker, Jennifer Lopez and Hollywood star Bradley Cooper were an item back in 2011. The two were spotted having a dinner date in New York City, but as you can see — they were also caught while driving in Bradley's car. And even though J-Lo is trying to hide her face, we can totally tell it's her!

7 She Also Rocks Very Unflattering Lip Colors

Via: stylebistro.com

Thankfully the 2000s have passed and people don't walk around with lips like these anymore — they were certainly a bad look! Even a gorgeous celeb like J-Lo looks totally ridiculous with them as the color is way too light for her. Luckily makeup artists got much better at picking the right shade of nude!

6 Here's J-Lo At One Of Her Weddings

Via: popsugar.com

In 2001 Jennifer Lopez married her back-up dancer Cris Judd and she looked absolutely stunning! Of course, by now J-Lo was married three times so she must be a true pro at serving a good wedding look. Oh, and as far as Cris goes, Jen divorced him in 2003 and moved on to the next one!

5 And Here She Is Trying To Bite Her Lip Seductively

Via: pinterest.com

Honestly, knowing that even someone who looks like J-Lo can occasionally look like she does in the pic above makes us weirdly happy — as if we can actually relate to the global superstar. We're sure this was just a bad moment the diva was caught in, but honestly — we can't stop laughing at it!

4 Once Again, The Spanx Made An Appearance On Ellen

Via: aol.com

Having your Spanx captured by paparazzi is one thing, but having them captured on television is a whole different thing. While she was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, J-Lo was asked to show us some moves, which unfortunately for her — also revealed her Spanx for everyone to see!

3 Here's J-Lo Sharing Her Ice Cream With Marc Anthony

Via: eonline.com

Marc Anthony was one of J-Lo's most serious relationships, and the stars have two adorable twins together — Emme and Maximillian. Marc and Jennifer were friends for a long time, before getting married in 2004, and eventually splitting up in 2011. Nowadays the two are co-parenting and have managed to keep their friendship intact.

2 Here She Is Stuffing Her Face Again

Via: pinterest.com

Okay, we're assuming that this was on purpose — but regardless, it's a pretty funny pic of J-Lo which means it definitely deserves its spot on our list. If you thought she was stuffing her face in that photo of her eating hot dogs, what is there to say about this one?

1 And Lastly — There's This Gem!

Via: reddit.com

To wrap things up here's a very unfortunate screenshot of J-Lo on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Her face is priceless, and we love knowing that even the crème de la crème can have a bad photo moment. And as far as Jennifer in real life goes, the 50-year-old (yes, can you believe it?) is looking as amazing as ever!

Sources: ranker.com

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