18 Hot Photos Of Jennifer Aniston Taken On Movie Sets

Among the glittering stars of Hollywood, it is an impossible task to shine brighter than Jennifer Aniston. Not only is she a highly accomplished actress who is an expert in her craft, an intelligent and driven woman, and a wonderful person to be around but she is also insanely hot. Honestly, next to her no-one stands a chance. What is commonly considered 'hot' waxes and wanes over time but Jennifer Aniston has been serving us fierce looks for decades.

Whether it is on screen, in photo shoots, or behind the scenes, there is hardly a bad photo of her out there. From high-fashion red carpet looks to cute casual outfits to searing hot two pieces, Jennifer Aniston has proven that she can rock any outfit that you throw at her.

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18 The Power Move

Via: lepaparazzi.blogspot.com

Being a multi-award winning actress at the top of your game is a tough job, but Jennifer makes it look effortless both on and off camera. Walking on the set of Wanderlust, Jennifer wears this beautifully layered jacket with a matching belt and leggings. Her gold bracelet and buckle really tie this sexy look together.

17 Flirty Casual

Who says you have to dress up to look hot? Here we see Jennifer Aniston on set and ready to go. The short-shorts are classy and highlight her fabulous legs while her shirt leaves little to the imagination despite its innocent cut; a well-coordinated outfit that shows off her gorgeous figure.

16 Making Nightgowns Hot Again

Via: celebrityscoop.blogspot.com

When people think of nightgowns, they might think of their grandparents or old movies. Nightgowns are often considered old-fashioned or frumpy, but Jen Aniston has proven that nightgowns can be sexy. A simple grey nightgown with white frills should not be this alluring.

15 Turning Up The Heat

Via: google.com

In the past, Jen has cited yoga and boxing to be key parts of her workout routine and pictures like this really show off the fruits of her labor. While most of us look like a gross mess when we workout, Jen Aniston looks effortless and fit - what a goddess.

14 Exhibitionist Fantasy

Via irishmirror.ie

Getting up on stage wearing almost nothing can be your worst nightmare or your ultimate fantasy; for Jennifer Aniston, it is just another Tuesday. Taken from a deleted scene from We're The Millers, this saucy pic really makes us wonder what could have been.

13 Little Black Dress

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Many people know that a little black dress can really class up your wardrobe and Jennifer Aniston really proves why here. This sultry and flirtatious number looks fantastic and shows off Jen's killer figure. Her hair is styled so beautifully and the subtle jewelry really sells this look.

12 Office Chic

Via popsugar.com

Officewear is often considered sleek, sophisticated, and sexy and, of course, Jennifer would bring it to the next level. The low v-neck and slim fitting shirt and pants bring a flirty element to this officewear outfit. The high-quality material and tailoring sell the look on their own.

11 Gorgeous Throwback

Via: huffpost.co.uk

In the fashion industry, it is well-known that trends come and go over the years and that styles can change in a day. Here, we see this wonderful vintage blue dress that shows off Jennifer's legs while she steps onto the Squirrel To The Nuts set. Beautifully casual, indeed.

10 The Tempting Criminal

Via: flickr.com

The Bounty Hunter had Jennifer Aniston wear many wonderful and gorgeous outfits, but this shot really captures her cool. A simple grey tank top and black pencil skirt with nude heels topped off with gold hoops never looked so good. Knowing that Jen is actually cuffed in this picture adds another level of hot.

9 Not Your Average Day At The Office

Via: pinterest.com

As if the grey tank and black pencil skirt look could not look better, it looks incredible from the front as well. Jennifer Aniston slays from all angles and her hair is lush and flowing as always. She knows that she looks good and does not care if you agree.

8 Danger, But Make It Fashion

Via: luxos.com

In this particular photo, Jennifer Aniston's clothes are not the focus; instead, it is her handbag. The Sofia bag looks stunning in this shot taken on The Bounty Hunter's set, but Jennifer Aniston's legs and arms look better. Once again, the beach waves look perfect and you can just see a cute gold anklet peeking out.

7 Vintage Beauty

Via: celebzz.com

What a stunning vintage look! A cute updo tops off this classic cotton shirt and floral pencil skirt combination. The bangs add a youthful look to this fashion throwback and the cut highlights all of Jen's best features. She really can pull off any look.

6 Cool For The Summer

Via: mirror.com

As if she could not look any cooler, Jennifer Aniston just has to flex on us and workout in slick shades. The tight workout clothes show off her toned muscles and the bright blue tank top looks wonderful next to Jen's golden tanned skin. If only we all looked like this at the gym.

5 Daisy Dukes For Days

Via: entertainmentweekly.com

It is often said that mutton should not dress like sheep, but Jen shows us that daisy dukes can look good on you no matter what your age. Aniston looks positively youthful and happy in this simple denim shorts and black tee combo. The valley girl chic with perfectly smooth hair really suits her.

4 Casual Cool

Via: movieranker.com

The Cove: My Friend Is... may not have been Jen's most popular movie of all time, but it was still pretty good. Jennifer Aniston worked hard on the movie and seems super proud of it in this picture. The jeans and cardigan look cool, professional, and fabulous on her as always.

3 Not A Normal Suburban Woman

Via: collider.com

Seen here working on a scene or getting feedback, Jen is showing us her boss side. This working side of an actor is difficult to capture since they are busy, but Jen looks in her element and ready to ace the next take, which is incredibly attractive. We love a hard-working professional!

2 Fabulous Florals

Via: peoplemag.com

Another beautiful vintage look! Floral skirts were incredibly present in Dumplin' and boy did Jennifer Aniston rock them. This look is so adorable, cute, and flirty in a feminine way. She looks like an incredibly put together woman who is ready to nail her next scene.

1 Working It

Via: comingsoon.net

Yet another behind the camera shot of Jennifer Aniston getting ready to shoot. Looking over what appears to be the script before heading on camera, Jennifer looks professional yet smoking in this simple pastel tank top and dark pants combination. Her glasses, shoes, and sleek hairstyle really bring this pretty look together.

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