20 Photos Of Jessica Biel That Prove How Lucky Justin Timberlake Is

Ever since Justin Timberlake took the music world by storm as a member of NSYNC, it has been pretty safe to say that things have been going well for him in the career department. However, the song “Cry Me A River” proves that when it comes to Timberlake’s love life, he hasn’t always been so fortunate. Thankfully for him, however, from the outside looking in it seems like Timberlake won the lottery when it comes to his wife.

Famous since she starred in the show 7th Heaven, Jessica Biel has been dazzling fans for many years at this point. On top of being a star in her own right, Biel also has to be considered one of the most photogenic actors in Hollywood. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 20 photos of Jessica Biel that prove how luck Justin Timberlake is.

20 Relaxed

Via livekindly.co

Don’t get us wrong, we realize that it looks like Jessica Biel had her hair and makeup done before having this photo taken. However, if you ask us, she looks so at ease in this image that it feels like she might have just rolled out of bed. With that in mind, Jessica seems like such a calming influence that she would be a delight to have around.

19 Southern Beauty

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When it was announced that Jessica Biel was set to star in the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the world expected to see her grapple with terror. The thing that none of us realized at the time was that jeans, a white top, and a cowboy hat would look so spectacular on her in the film.

18 Producer

Via Twitter.com

As far as most of the public knows, Jessica Biel’s Hollywood career consists of taking acting roles and showing up on set to play her characters. However, over the last several years she has transitioned into a new phase of her career now that she has become a successful television producer. If you ask us, it would be a dream come true to have someone that can get things done like that with you through thick and thin.

17 The Happy Couple

Via marieclaire.com.au

Right off the hop, while looking at this photo of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake in public together it seems abundantly clear that they make one another quite happy. On top of that, it is pretty remarkable that both of them look so relaxed while in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a red carpet.

16 Ripped

Via icollector.com

Unfortunately for big fans of Jessica Biel, her attempt to become a staple of the action genre failed after her movies Blade: Trinity and Stealth didn’t catch on. However, that time in her career made one thing abundantly clear, she can get herself into incredible shape and be a total badass.

15 Vintage

Via intouchweekly.com

Let’s face facts, in this day and age a lot of celebrities are pretty interchangeable visually speaking. Then you have Jessica Biel, a woman that would’ve stood out in any era. For example, in this image, she can be seen sporting a hairdo that is a throwback to a bygone time and it fits her perfectly.

14 In Bed

Via yahoo.com

At times, photoshoots can get pretty ridiculous. After all, women don’t actually pose on rocks in front of the ocean regularly and we highly doubt that Jessica Biel has ever laid on a bed wearing a dress with a newspaper in hand without prompting. However, while looking at this photo we can’t help but think about how fortunate Justin Timberlake is to share a bed with Jessica.

13 Cake Breakfast

Via Twitter.com

For a long time now, the common stereotype of famous people who don’t have an extra pound on their bodies is that they barely eat anything. Even though have a healthy partner is a great thing, it is a bummer if someone you love misses out on the joy of great food. Thankfully for Justin Timberlake, based on this Twitter image that Jessica posted of her eating cake for breakfast while hungover, she is more than happy to eat like crap sometimes.

12 Yoga

Via Reddit.com

In this day and age, there seem to be endless options for anyone that wants to get or stay in shape. For example, in this photo, Jessica Biel looks like she is ready to practice yoga. Whether she actually practices yoga on a regular basis or not, this picture shows that whatever Jessica is doing, it is working for her.

11 Halloween Costume

Via thesun.co.uk

Back when Justin Timberlake was in the early days of his stardom, it is very safe to say that he made some very questionable decisions when it came to his look. For example, on the right side of this image, you see Justin sporting hair that looks like ramen and an outfit that is so ridiculous that we don’t even know how to describe it. Thankfully for him, his wife Jessica Biel had a good enough sense of humor to sport his old look for her Halloween costume in 2019.

10 Paparazzi

Via architecturaldigest.com

When you are a star of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s caliber, there is a very good chance that you will be followed around by the paparazzi whenever you walk down a city street. In the case of a lot of stars, they don’t exactly look their best in the resulting photos that are taken without their permission. However, Jessica Biel is gorgeous enough that in this paparazzi shot she still looks absolutely fantastic.

9 Awards Show

Via zimbio.com

If you are anything like us, the idea of giving a speech in front of a small crowd is pretty nerve-wracking, to say the very least. On the other hand, here we see an image of Jessica Biel absolutely owning the stage at an awards show. It takes a special kind of person to hold court like that.

8 Loving Look

Via cosmopolitan.com

From time to time on the internet, the masses come across an image of someone looking at something with so much love in their eyes that it makes most of us envious. A perfect example of that, here we see Jessica Biel checking out her husband and we all wish someone else looked at us like that.

7 Dancer

Via celebs-place.com

Of course, as any fan of Jessica Biel must know, she is famous due to her highly successful acting career. For example, in the 2009 film Powder Blue she portrayed a dancer. Judging by this photo of Jessica, it seems like the role was a great fit for her as she certainly knows how to pose in a way that makes her look graceful like a dancer.

6 Friends

Via marieclaire.com

Ideally speaking, when you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with they will be cool enough to get along with your friends too. In the case of Justin Timberlake, he seems to have hit the jackpot in that regard. After all, it is well known that Justin and Jimmy Fallon are good friends and Jessica and appear to be buddies with The Tonight Show host too.

5 Jeans

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When most people put on a pair of jeans, the pants look good enough on them but it certainly isn’t going to be one of their best looks. However, Jessica Biel is such a dazzling beauty that this photo of her with denim on is so attractive that it puts virtually everyone else who has ever worn jeans to shame.

4 Groom

Via usatoday.com

When we put together this list, we never said that every image included in it had to include Jessica Biel as long as they proved how lucky Justin Timberlake is to have her as a wife. For example, this image from the cover of People magazine was taken during the couple’s wedding and to say that Justin looks overjoyed to be marrying Jessica is an understatement.

3 Beach Day

Via thewallpapers.org

When it comes to the most attractive swimwear that women tend to wear, most people seem to agree that bikinis take the cake. On the other hand, if you put this photo of Jessica Biel wearing bikini bottoms with a wetsuit top in front of those same people that pairing likely would be the top choice for virtually everyone.

2 Date Night

Via people.com

For most people, date night can consist of something like going out for a nice dinner or seeing a movie. However, in the case of Justin Timberlake, taking your wife to the US Open seems like a much better option. However, in this photo of Biel and Timberlake at that event, they seem to be so wrapped up in each other that it doesn’t matter where they were.

1 Profile

Via Reddit.com

Considering how beautiful Jessica Biel’s face obviously is, at first blush, it could be easy to assume that a photo of her with sunglasses on would be underwhelming. However, as this image proves, her body has curves for days and when seen in profile it simply is mindblowing, to say the least.

sources: thesun, people


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