20 Photos Of Jessica Biel's Hottest Roles (Justin Timberlake Wants Us To Forget)

Jessica Biel has been acting since the ‘90s and rose to fame thanks to her wholesome role on 7th Heaven. Following years on the show, she wanted a change and chose to go in a very different direction with her profession, picking roles that were romantic, dark, and showed her looking particularly striking.

She had no problem playing the love interest of a leading man, she knew she’d look impossibly good while screaming and running in a slasher film, and she has had many, many roles that Justin Timberlake probably wishes people would forget because his wife looked great in them — let’s just say, she was probably on multiple posters in many young boys' bedrooms! But her appearance has also hindered Biel’s success, as she has found herself type-cast, sometimes without even the opportunity to audition for a role. But below are 20 roles she did get, and looked great in!

20 Jessica Biel Embodies Old Hollywood Glamor In ‘Hitchcock’

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Jessica Biel is the type of actress who has played a number of different roles, and she’s been cast in everything from slasher films to romantic comedies. Among her film credits is the 2012 film, Hitchcock, in which she portrays Vera Miles (a popular actress in the ‘50s and ‘60s) and she embodies old Hollywood glamor.

19 She Totally Slayed As A Vampire Hunter In ‘Blade: Trinity’ (Plus, She Looked Awesome)

The thriller film, Blade: Trinity was released in 2004, and Jessica Biel was among its all-star cast (which also included Wesley Snipes and Ryan Reynolds). This is one of her more memorable roles because she portrays the skilled fighter, Abigail Whistler, who slays with a bow. Plus, she looks good doing it.

18 It’s Hard To Look Hot While Running And Screaming In Horror Flicks, But Jessica Biel Somehow Managed It

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Horror flicks are great for Halloween, or to watch when a group of friends gets together, but they are not the type of film where the actress is dressed in the finest clothes and looks impossibly glamorous. We watch horror for the shock value, but despite being cast in a slasher, Jessica Biel still managed to look great!

17 She's Often Cast As The Leading Man’s Love Interest, And For Good Reason

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Jessica Biel may be more picky with the projects she chooses now — after all, she is a mother now and any projects she takes on, mean less time with her son — but there was a time when she was the leading lady of many films. Apart from her obvious abilities, she also looks the part, making her a top choice for directors.

16 No One Can Pull Off A Leather Coat The Way Jessica Biel Can (Not Even Keanu Reeves)

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Jessica Biel made a name for herself as a teenage actress when she signed on the popular series, 7th Heaven. Since then, she has had a number of different roles, and she’s had them mostly because she looks good. In fact, The Hollywood Reporter notes that her good looks have actually hindered “the range of parts that she has been offered.”

15 She Even Makes Mom Life Look Appealing


Jessica Biel is a mom in real life to a son named Silas, and when she took on the series, The Sinner, she also played a role of a mother — and before the series takes a sharp turn, she looks casually chic on the beach.

In fact, according to E! News, Biel has claimed that motherhood helped her prepare for the role.

14 ‘Stealth’ Allowed Her To Show Off Just How Cool She Is


We are used to seeing Jessica Biel in roles where her striking appearance is the most memorable part of the film, but she has also worked on projects, like Stealth, which shows a different side to her acting abilities and how cool she can be. After all, in this film, Fandom notes that she played the role of a strong and talented jet pilot!

13 Let’s Just Say, This Is A Poster Every Young Man Wants On His Wall

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There is no denying that Jessica Biel has taken on some roles that show her looking more grown up, and well...really fine! This was a decision she purposefully made to break away from her wholesome 7th Heaven character, as she explained to The Hollywood Reporter: "I needed to do something just completely opposite.”

12 ‘Valentine’s Day’ Had An All-Star Cast, And Yes, Jessica Held Her Own Among Them

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Jessica Biel is so smitten with Justin Timberlake that every Valentine’s Day is probably a love-fest for the two of them. But before she was Mrs. Timberlake, she was among the all-star cast in the 2010 film, Valentine’s Day. At the time of the film’s release, she was asked what her plans with Timberlake were, and admitted to MTV News, "I have to get my act together. I'm doing a last-minute crunch-time plan."

Interestingly, they broke up briefly the following year, Insider notes.

11 Ah, ‘Summer Catch,' The Coming Of Age Romcom We Still Love, Purely For Jessica Biel's Part In It

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Summer Catch was one of Jessica Biel’s earlier works, and the coming of age romantic comedy is still remembered fondly — on the 15th anniversary of the film, Entertainment Weekly even made an article dedicated to the stars, titled: "Summer Catch Where Are They Now."

At the time, Biel was a rising star, with a very wholesome image.

10 ‘The Tall Man’ Was Enough To Give You Nightmares, But At Least She Looked Good In It


In 2012, Jessica Biel took on another horror film, when she played the lead role in The Tall Man. The film was enough to give you nightmares as the story involved a mother who was trying to get her child back from an entity. Not exactly the sort of film you want to watch late at night when you’re all alone, but again, Biel looked impressive while running around and being overly emotional in this film.

9 She Didn’t Score The Lead Role In ‘Elizabethtown,’ Not That It Mattered

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Jessica Biel has not always landed the lead roles in movies, and these roles are often given to another actress. She previously admitted in an interview with Elle magazine (via Us Weekly) that she auditioned for a role in The Notebook, saying, "That's one [part] that I wanted so badly.”

8 She’s Mrs. Timberlake, But The Chemistry In 'The A-Team' Could Have Fooled Us Into Thinking She’d End Up With Bradley Cooper


She may not always get the roles she wants, but Jessica Biel has enjoyed success in Hollywood and according to her IMDB page, she has 47 credits as an actress. Among these credits is her work on the 2010 film, The A-Team, and her onscreen chemistry with Bradley Cooper was pretty believable.

7 She Looked Like Grace Kelly In ‘Easy Virtue’

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Grace Kelly was celebrated for her glamor and was known for being one of the most beautiful women in the industry.

Jessica Biel has chosen roles that are a little more daring and adult in nature than Kelly, but in her role in the rom-com, Easy Virtue, saw the two women looking very similar.

6 Summer Camps, Sunshine, And Love: This Was The Scene For Jessica Biel’s 2001 Movie

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Summer Catch was one of Jessica Biel’s first films, and it was released in 2001. She starred in the feel-good romance alongside 90’s heartthrob, Freddie Prinze Jr. But in the years since the film, it has been said that she’s been hired for her looks, not her talent, Nicki Swift notes.

5 ‘The Illusionist’ Was One Of Her Earlier Works, But Remains One Of The Most Memorable


The 2006 film, The Illusionist, was met with critical praise, and although it’s been more than a decade since Jessica Biel held one of the starring roles in the drama, it remains one of her more memorable appearances. Yes, because she’s good in it, but also because her wardrobe was everything!

4 She Didn’t Have To Try Hard To Pretend To Like Chris Evans In ‘London’ Because They Were Actually Dating (Sorry, Justin)


Before Jessica Biel became Mrs. Timberlake, she was in a pretty serious relationship with Chris Evans. According to Cosmopolitan, the pair first got together in 2001 and appeared smitten with each other, before calling it quits in 2006.

During their relationship, they also starred in the 2005 film, London. Let’s just say, they didn’t have to fake any chemistry that was between them.

3 ‘New Girl’ Needed Some Fresh Talent, And Jessica Biel Was Happy To Distract


Jessica Biel was in an episode of New Girl called “The Last Wedding” in 2014, and her appearance on the show may have been an attempt to boost ratings, SheKnows notes. The cameo role was in Season 4 of the show, but the publication acknowledges that even with Biel’s appearance “New Girl still saw a major slip in viewers…”

2 Some Of Her Movies Don’t Get Great Ratings, But Hey, At Least She Gets To Wear An Interesting Wardrobe

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Let’s be real for a moment and admit that not every movie that Jessica Biel has signed onto has been met with critical praise and box office success. Nicki Swift notes that one of the reasons people don’t hear much about Biel these days is because of the “underwhelming box office numbers” she has had.

1 Sometimes The Girl-Next-Door Look Really Works For Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel’s roles have been influenced by her looks, and she has had many parts which either see her as the girl-next-door type or as an on-screen siren. There is no denying this, and Biel herself has admitted that her beauty is holding her back, telling Allure (via Huffington Post), "It really is a problem.”

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