20 Photos Of Julianne Hough When She Thought No One Was Watching

Julianne Hough is a gorgeous gal with talent and charisma. She is a fabulous dancer, a heartwarming host, and energetic all around. Her perky personality and down-to-earth charm make her a fan favorite, and when she’s on the screen, folks can’t help but smile. Her beauty is natural and she enhances her look with a cool style that’s approachable and always on-trend.

Whether she’s twisting and twirling or offering advice to up-and-comers, Hough is always on her A-game. She is a born performer with a heart of gold and a stage presence that’s powerful. It’s no wonder that she has many fans and followers who adore her and probably always will.

When stars are out in public, there is always a chance that they’ll get spotted but Hough is used to the attention by now. Here are 20 pics of the blonde beauty when she didn’t realize she was being photographed.

20 Post-Workout Walk

Via: pinterest.com

After a grueling workout, Hough is sweaty and sticky. She tries to cool down by walking home in the breeze. Her post-workout figure is fab, and she doesn’t mind showing off her abs as she makes her way to her next destination. The paparazzi were waiting to see the star and snap her pic.

19 Teeny Bikini

Via: celebzz.com

When the weather is hot and steamy, Hough takes off her attire and slips into something more appropriate for the pool. This cute bikini top is perfect for her shape, with adorable ruffles and fun stripes. As Hough spends her time under the sun, she gets a slight tan and soaks in the best of summertime.

18 Powerwalking With Purpose

Via: gotceleb.com

Hough is in a hurry, so she pumps up the speed and powerwalks. As she shuffles along without stopping, someone popped out from behind a bush and snapped her pic. She’s not fazed as she moves on without making a big deal about it. When there’s no time to stop, Hough can’t bother to hang around.

17 Splashing Under The Sun

Via: hawtcelebs.com

This fun pic shows Hough having a fun time in the water. Her big smile proves that she's having a blast, and although she's not aware that her pic is being taken, she still looks like a million bucks. It must be nice to have time to splash around without stress. Time off works wonders.

16 Terrific Tulips

Via: hawtcelebs.com

Hough could not be happier with her beautiful flowers, perhaps a gift from her special guy. These tulips are pretty, with vibrant colors and lots of freshness. It is always nice to receive a bouquet, and Hough is one of those folks who’s impressed by a genuine gesture.

15 Late Date Night

Via: celeb.name

Hough and her honey are out for the evening, both looking nice and off to someplace special. Maybe they are going for a romantic dinner followed by something else that’s entertaining. Hough’s dress is interesting, but her fella keeps things classic. As they walk hand-in-hand, it is evident that they are enjoying each other’s company.

14 A Lot Of Lavender

Via: bestofcomicbooks.com

When the sun is bright, it’s hard not to squint in order to see. Hough is outside and ready for the day, perhaps heading to an exercise class to keep her body in shape. She’s unaware that she’s being photographed, but when a star is seen by the paparazzi, the cameras start flashing.

13 Headed Out For The Day

Via: news-people.com

Hough is dressed for a casual day, looking good in her jeans and stylish shades. She’s got her water bottle in hand, perfect for remaining well-hydrated when the sun starts to heat up the atmosphere. As Hough gets going and moves along, she’s bound to be spotted and snapped. She looks great, so there’s no concern that a bad pic will wind up in the tabloids.

12 Energetic Arrival

Via: gofugyourself.com

When people arrive at the airport, they are either thrilled to be there or feel exhausted after a long ride. Hough seems quite happy, with her luggage and a cold coffee beverage in hand. Maybe she’s looking forward to her stay, with lots on the agenda to keep herself occupied.

11 Getting Around

Via: celebzz.com

Riding a bike is a great way to get around, and Hough seems to have the process down pat. She’s enjoying a hot summer day, pedaling her way to her destination. While some may argue that she ought to be wearing a helmet, it seems like she’s steady and serious about taking care on the street.

10 Selfie Stop

Via: si.com

Hough and her man are looking dapper, and she’s impressed with how she looks too. A quick selfie is a great way to capture the moment, so Hough snaps her pic as her man waits for her to finish. She’s enjoying her time out, and the others must be happy to be there too. Perhaps she was planning to share this pic with her fans on social media.

9 Spreading Out On The Sand

Via: hawtcelebs.com

It looks like Hough has the beach all to herself, so she can open her beach towel and spread out on the sand. The sun is shining and the day is long, so Hough can relax as she listens to the waves crash onto the shore. When celebs travel, it’s usually to someplace exclusive, so we wonder where in the world Hough is in this pic.

8 Shielded In The Shade

Via: gotceleb.com

When the temps start to become unbearable, the best thing to do is to seek shade. Hough found a spot where the sun wasn’t shining, so she can cool down before heading back onto the beach. She looks cute in her bikini and cap, and those dark shades are not only stylish, but they protect her peepers too.

7 Adorably Athletic

Via: usmagazine.com

Hough is always exercising, something she must do to stay in shape and remain healthy. As a dancer, she’s used to the workouts, so she probably doesn’t dread them at all like so many other people do. Hough is wearing a nice outfit for her fitness routine, showing off her enviable shape.

6 Awesome Abs

Via: self.com

Hard work in the gym pays off for Hough who has a six-pack that’s strong and sleek. She walks with pride and confidence, and the serious look on her face means that she’s not in the mood to be messed with. Still, the paparazzi will snap her pic, but let’s hope she doesn’t snap back at them.

5 Shocked By The Sights

Via: cnn.com

Hough and her main man are walking around, and something evidently startled her as they made their way to their next stop. It seems like her fella didn’t notice a thing, but Hough is impressed with whatever it is she’s seeing. We wonder what she saw and why it was so shocking.

4 Easygoing Evening

Via: celebsfirst.com

This lovely dress is quite becoming on Hough, and she’s ready for a nice evening out. The color is pretty and her smile is dazzling. Maybe she’s meeting up with friends or family, or she’s out on a date with her dude. No matter where Hough is off to, she’s sure to make an impression upon her entrance.

3 Looking Outside After Lunch

Via: stylishcravings.com

After enjoying a light bite, Hough heads out of the café and proceeds with the rest of her day. Maybe she needs to run errands or get back to work. She seems to be satisfied, so that must mean that her meal was good. Fans who noticed her inside must have been happy to see her.

2 Couple Cools Off

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Hough looks hot in her cute bikini, and her man is a sight to see as well. These two make a handsome couple, and they turn heads as they walk along the beach. It looks like they are on vacation, and wherever they are seems to be a special spot.

1 On The Go

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

Hough picks up the pace and jogs to her car so she can get going. Since she’s in such great shape, a quick run isn’t going to tire her out. Why waste time when a little speed can move things along more efficiently? As Hough hurries, someone snaps her pic. Perhaps she wasn’t as fast as she thought she could be.

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