20 Photos Of Jwoww That’ll Make Her Ex Co-Stars Jealous

Jenni "Jwoww" Farley became famous off the MTV hit television show 'Jersey Shore'. The show focused on eight castmates from New Jersey who all came together for the summer under one roof where the drama was set to unfold.

Although the show was critiqued as an embarrassment to the United States, it went on to not only air for six seasons but returned in 2018 for a reunion season that has now lasted for two years!

One of the most recognizable cast members from the show was none other than Jenni Farley who went by Jwoww. She was known as the uber-sexy and promiscuous cast member who loved her hair extensions, tanning and nights out. Although she's definitely lived her best life on the show, Jwoww returned to the show looking very different.

The star underwent a major transformation from Jersey Shore to tame mom of two, to the point where she would make any past castmember eat their heart out. Here are 20 shots of Jwoww that will make her former castmates jealous!

20 Sexy Librarian

Fans were stunned to see Jwoww's transformation post-Jersey Shore. The star went a more natural route and decided to tone things down a bit, and we are loving every bit of it! Jenni is nor serving us librarian realness that'll make just about anyone want to start reading more and more books.

19 Girls Night Out

Although Jenni no longer appears on 'Jersey Shore', she still remains close with a few castmembers. This shot, which was posted to Jwoww's Instagram shows a fun girls' night out with friends and fellow castmates Deena and Angelina. Jenni looks absolutely stunning in her sparkled dress, high pony and tattoed sleeve that still shows off her bad side.

18 Car Selfie

Jwoww is looking as fresh as a daisy in this adorable car selfie! The star posted this onto social media last summer and we can't get enough of it! Jenni looks like she is sporting a fresh face with no makeup and a pearly white smile, if that isn't jealousy-inducing, we don't know what is.

17 Bad Teacher

Jwoww has showcased many looks during her years in the spotlight, but we have to admit that this is definitely a look that we are vibing with. The short cut, natural makeup, and glasses really bring out the smart and sexy characteristics Jwoww has been serving us lately.

16 Mommy Duty

Not only is she busy starring on MTV's "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation", but she is also busy being a momma of two! Jwoww and ex-husband Roger Matthews share kids Meilani and Greyson, which not only means she has time to be a mother but does it looking absolutely fantastic, too!

15 Short Cut

Jenni stuck with the short cut for quite a while and fans were loving every bit of it! The star looked elegant and sophisticated holding son Greyson along with this new 'do and if we compare Jwoww now to her Jersey Shore days, cast members would not only be jealous but wouldn't be able to recognize her either!

14 Date Night Chic

Although Jwoww and ex-hubby Roger we're adorable on-screen, their marriage officially came to an end earlier this year. The two still remain friends and share their two beautiful children, but if there is one thing for sure, they looked absolutely stunning together!

13 New BF

We all move on at some point, and if there is one thing that'll make someone jealous, is getting some new arm candy, and that is exactly what Jwoww did. The star, who looked stunning in yellow on the red carpet was not only serving us looks but her new boyfriend too. Jenni has been dating Zack Caripinello for a few months now, and the two definitely make for a beautiful couple.

12 Sweet Mom Moment

Jwoww looks absolutely beautiful in this stunning floral dress, nude heels and a natural makeup look. Although she is hitting us hard with her beauty in this shot, we can't help but gush over the adorable hug she is sharing with son Greyson.

11 Shopping Day

This pic is one of the earlier shots after wrapping up Jersey Shore. Although Jenni hadn't made her full transformation yey, she was definitely shopping for it! The star can be seen wearing a Chanel tee on a shopping day that oughta make anyone a little bit jelly.

10 Red Dress Realness

Jwoww is really living up to her name in this photo! The star is wearing a gorgeous red dress that is hugging her in all the right places. Not only is the seductive pose working on us, but pairing the look with those black heels is a sure way to get anyone to eat their heart out.

9 The Incredibles

We love a great family Halloween pic, and we particularly love Jwoww as Elastigirl from 'The Incredibles'. The whole family went in on the theme dressing up as the Incredibles, kids and all, and we are surely not the only ones who can't get enough of it.

8 The Dynamic Duo

Jwoww and castmate Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was best friend both on and off-screen, and we love seeing them as close today as they were during their time on 'Jersey Shore'. The two not only look stunning, but their BFF status might make a few of their former castmates jealous too. However, we are certain that Jenni and Nicole do not care in the slightest, especially when they look that good!

7 Lookin' Sophisticated

Jwoww never fails to impress us! The star took to some press interviews when the MTV show came back for a second go. Jenni is wearing a gorgeous nude pink pencil skirt and white top that look perfect on her. She paired the outfit with matching coloured shoes and a statement piece necklace that has us all admiring her beauty.

6 Sultry Sheer

Jwoww is definitely giving us life in this photo! The star is looking absolutely sultry and seductive in this sheer black top, jet black hair and matching glasses that will have just about anyone drooling. If there is one shot that'll make her former co-stars jealous, this is definitely a major contender.

5 Fitness Outfit

Looking this good doesn't do itself! Jenni has been very adamant about living the healthiest lifestyle possible. She trains several times a week and looks fabulous doing it. This mirror pic, posted to Jwoww's Instagram shows off the gorgeous results of her hard work in the gym and we can't get enough of it.

4 Sweet Smile

Jwoww looks beautiful in this shot during an interview promoting the new MTV series. If there is one thing we have always admired about Jenni is her sweet side, and she is definitely showcasing it here. Her sweet smile is one that can melt the hearts of millions, and it's certainly doing that right now.

3 Wedding Gown

For starters, nothing get's friends a little jealous than getting married does! Not only did Jenni tie the knot back in 2015, but she looked like an angel doing it. The ball gown style wedding dress matched with its intricate detailing, gorgeous bouquet and simple makeup made Jenni the ultimate bride!

2 Red Lip Look

Jwoww has always loved showing off her tattoos, and we don't blame her one bit! Although her stunning shoulder tattoo is popping out in the shot, it's the red lips that really have us in awe. The tied-back hair, perfect eyebrows and red lip have us feeling all sorts of ways about Jwoww's beauty, and we bet her former castmates feel the same way.

1 Shakin' It Up

Jenni is definitely "shaking" things up in this last photo! The star is not only serving us with a "Shake 310", but is coming at us strong with a stunning makeup look and fit fashion choice for the gym. We love Jwoww's transformation since her 'Jersey Shore' days, and it appears there is no look Jenni can't pull off!

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