20 Photos Of Kanye West With Women (That Would Upset Kim Kardashian)

Kanye wants to run for president in 2024, according to Vulture.com. He wants to change his name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West. He wants Kim Kardashian to stop wearing tight and revealing outfits. He wants his daughter, North West, to stop wearing lipstick.

Kanye is always evolving. He shifts the goalposts regularly. His mind moves fast and his flights of ideas are often grandiose, but he's just being himself.

Before Kim, he hung out with other women. They got to experience the highs and lows of being with a self-described genius who recently admitted to being addicted to adult videos and pics. Kanye seems child-like sometimes, but he's complex. He's hard to pin down.

Now, it's time to see photos of Kanye with other women, which may just upset Kim Kardashian. Kim is a strong person, but some of these pics may throw her off balance.

20 Kanye Went Out For Dinner With Sofia Richie In 2017

Via Radaronline.com

Did you know that, according to Radaronline.com, Kanye took Sofia Richie out on a date in 2017? Or maybe she invited him out? That's a bit awkward because Sofia is now attached to Scott Disick, who used to be with Kourtney Kardashian.

Kim probably has seen this pic of Kanye with Sofia and she probably doesn't like it much.

19 Kanye Always Looks Happy Around Nicki Minaj

Via Trace.tv

Kanye tends to build friendships with women who collaborate with him musically. One of these women is Nicki Minaj, who is known for her steely confidence, as well as her racy raps.

In the summer of 2019, Nicki said that Kanye let her know that he was born again in his faith, according to Billboard.com. Does Kim mind when Kanye confides in other women?

18 Lana Del Ray Has Turned On Kanye

Via Consequenceofsound.com

Kanye and Lana Del Ray looked cozy in this pic, but times have changed, according to Rollingstone.com, and Lana isn't on his side anymore, because of his support for the 'Orange One', who is also known as "45" or "the Donald".

Of course, Lana wasn't the only person who was really grossed out when Kanye showed respect for the Orange One.

17 Kanye and Kylie Look Comfortable Together

Via Usmagazine.com

Kanye's made some crude (but also bluntly honest) comments about his sisters-in-law. In true Kanye fashion, he says what is usually unspoken. He's implied that all of his sisters-in-law fire up his libido, according to Glamour.com.

Kim has to put up with the fallout from his bold statements. That fallout can be intense. Kim may prefer that her man doesn't pose with her sisters.

16 Amber Rose Was A Big Part Of Kanye's Life

Via Usmagazine.com

Kanye's relationship with Amber Rose seemed pretty serious. Aside from his romance with Kim, it's the Kanye relationship that got the most press.

Kanye's time with Amber wasn't really smooth. It could be a rocky relationship, according to Complex.com. Kanye and Amber clashed after their split. Kim tried to smooth things over.

15 Peace Between Kanye and Taylor Didn't Last

Via Time.com

Oh, the unending saga of Kanye West and Taylor Swift! It's tarnished both of their legacies. Kanye started it, but Taylor tried to get a little payback and ended up making a fool out of herself.

Kim exposed Taylor's fibs about the whole "Famous" lyrics debacle, according to TMZ.com, and Kim is definitely no fan of Ms. Swift.

14 Rihanna Ended Up Unfollowing Kanye West

Via Stylecaster.com

Kanye used to have a strong connection with "bad girl RiRi", but Rihanna decided to hit that "unfollow" button after Kanye West talked about his MAGA hat being "fire", according to Refinery29.com. Other celebs followed suit.

Would you unfollow a friend because their views clashed with your own, or would you live and let live?

13 Kanye Posed With Miranda Kerr

Voa Popsugar.com

Kanye looked so very content while posing with stunning VS Angel, Miranda Kerr.

Miranda isn't doing the whole Victoria's Secret thing anymore. She married the Snapchat guy, etc., but celebs like Kanye loved posing with her at the shows while she was still a VS catwalk queen.

Kanye cuddled up to Miranda in 2016.

12 Kanye Used To Date Alexis Phifer

Via Buslte.com

A lot of people don't realize that Kanye proposed to another woman before he popped the question to Kim Kardashian. He was actually engaged to Alexis Phifer, according to Buzzfeed.com.

Kanye proposed to Alexis during a getaway in Capri. This happened in 2006. Things didn't work out, but Alexis didn't vent like Amber Rose did.

11 Brooke Crittendon Warned Kim About Kanye

Via Okmagazine.com

Brooke Crittendon didn't like the way that Kanye's eyes wandered while they were together. Brooke dated West for well over two years and she also wasn't cool with the way that other ladies would hit on her man. She needed more loyalty than Kanye could give.

Brooke worked as an MTV production assistant when she met Kanye, according to Dailymail.co.uk.

10 Kanye and Solange Got Sued For A Copyright Issue

Via Spin.com

Did you know that Kim Kardashian is reportedly really insecure (and unhappy) about the fact that Beyoncé Knowles doesn't like her, according to Mirror.co.uk?

If that stuff is actually true, Kim may not like seeing pics of Kanye getting close to Bey's sister, Solange. Solange is very devoted to her sister.

9 Is Kanye Too Close To Kendall Jenner?

Via Capitalfm.com

Kanye likes to use the word, "smash", when he talks about his famous sisters-in-law, according to Glamour.com. Sure, it's vulgar, but Kanye is an entertainer.

While some people can't stand him, he has many loyal fans. They spend big bucks on his merchandise, they hang on his every word and they love his music.

Is Kanye too friendly with Kendall? We'd need to ask Kim.

8 Kanye May Have Dated Chanel Iman

Via Popsugar.com

ASAP Rocky dated model, Chanel Iman, and said that Rita Ora broke up his relationship with Chanel, according to Ibtimes.co.uk. Rita talked about an escapade with ASAP Rocky and that was it for his engagement to Chanel Iman.

Kanye may have dated Chanel, too. Chatter about Chanel and Kanye started circulating in 2011.

7 Selita Ebanks Is A Model From The Caymans

Via Wmagazine.com

Kanye looked mighty happy when he cuddled up to stunning model Selita Ebanks, who hails from the Caymans, according to wikipedia.org.

In case you've forgotten, Selita stole the show in his "Runaway" musical short film. She said Kanye wasn't an egotistical person on the set. In 2010, he was romantically linked with Selita.

6 Kanye Got Cozy With Virginie Maury

Via Eonline.com

Kanye was living the dream in Cannes when he was caught canoodling with the French model, Virginie Maury, according to Complex.com. He was branching out from his usual brunette type.

This relationship didn't appear to be too serious, but it looked enjoyable. Kanye and Virginie were spotted smooching on a balcony.

5 Is Kim Threatened By Beyoncé?

Via Goozernation.com

Now, let's get back to this Bey and Kim K thing. Does Beyoncé really dislike Kim? We know Kanye had the highest reverence for Bey back in the day. Then, he beefed with Jay-Z.

There are reportedly many reasons why Bey isn't a fan of the Kardashian "kween", including the fact that Kim is a social climber, based on information from Nickiswift.com.

4 Kanye Has Crushed On Kim's Sisters

Via Lifeandstylemag.com

When Kanye thinks about romance, his thoughts may turn to his wife, Kim, or they may drift to Kylie, or Kendall, or Kourtney, or Khloe...but he also tried to set up Khloe with Brad Pitt, according to Mirror.co.uk.

Yes, that whole thing about, um, admiring his sisters-in-law is real, but Kanye can be platonic with his sisters-in-law.

3 Kris Has Had Issues With Kanye

Via Vanityfair.com

Kris is the puppet master. She is the (mostly) benevolent dictator of the Kardashian "dynasty". Kim is also a queen, and Kylie has earned a crown, but Kris is still in control.

Sometimes, Kanye says and does stuff that puts Kris' family empire in jeopardy...and that just stresses Kris out, according to People.com.

2 Kanye Put His Arm Around Katy Perry

Via Jezebel.com

The chemistry between Kanye and Katy Perry was pretty strong at one point, but Katy's in a great place with Orlando Bloom now, and she and Orlando hit up Kanye's Sunday Service to enjoy the vibes, according to Radaronline.com.

Kanye knows all of the pop divas. Kim isn't known for her musical talent.

1 Kanye Enjoyed Chatting With Jessica Alba

Via Popsugar.com

Jessica Alba is naturally gorgeous. She is a successful entrepreneur, an actress, a wife and a mother. She's a person that Kanye enjoyed meeting and chatting with.

Jessica has gone to Kanye West concerts and she had also attended events where Kanye is present, according to Popsugar.com. Kim has to get used to a lot of interesting women being around her hubby.

Sources: People.com, Popsugar.com, Nickiswift.com

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