20 Photos Of Katie Holmes That Tom Cruise (Still) Wouldn’t Want Us To See

Although Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have not been an item since June 2012, there is no doubt that this couple’s romance and marriage was highly publicized. The two were married for a little more than five years before they decided to file for divorce, but the announcement made headlines everywhere. Not only was the end of their relationship newsworthy, but Tom’s decision to stray from their daughter, Suri Cruise, also had everyone talking. Now that it’s been a little over 7 years that the couple are no longer together, Katie seems to have taken complete control of her own life, as well as daughter Suri’s, life.

We have to respect the actress for laying low and focusing on moving forward for the sake of her daughter, but that doesn’t mean fans don’t want to keep up with the former Dawson’s Creek star. Tom might want to stay away, but we certainly don’t. Here are 20 photos of Katie Holmes that Tom Cruise wouldn’t want us to see (even though he is no longer married or attached to her). Enjoy!

20 Sultry Photoshoot

We definitely don’t mind seeing these types of photos of Katie Holmes, but we’re inclined to believe Tom is not a fan (anymore, at least). The former Dawson’s Creek star posed for a photoshoot for Ocean Drive, and all we have to say is “wow!” The come-hither vibes she is putting off for this shoot are definitely NOT reminiscent of her character Joey, on Dawson’s Creek.

19 As Joey Potter

Dawson’s Creek aired from 1998 until 2003, but everyone knows that the show would not have been what it was without one of its main characters, Joey Potter. Katie portrayed Joey for the duration of the series, and although Holmes was only beginning to scratch the surface at that point in her career, there is no doubt that people began to take notice of her beauty.

18 In Miami

Katie Holmes was spotted vacationing in Miami in December 2013. The star was photographed wearing a fuchsia pink bikini, and she certainly stood out from the crowd. The actress was 35 years old at the time this photo was taken, but one thing is for sure, age is just a number for Holmes, as evidenced by how toned her body looks.

17 Beach Shoot

Holmes took part in a rather candid interview with Red Magazine, and revealed what she would tell her 20 year old self if she had the chance. This is what she had to say: “the one thing I learned through my life experiences is not to get stuck on my feelings.” We have to admire her honesty, but we also have to wonder if this is because of her relationship (and divorce) with her ex, Tom Cruise. 

16 With Jimmy Fallon

Katie Holmes looked like true perfection when she appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, in December 2016, and although she was there to talk about her directorial debut for the film All We Had, we wouldn’t be surprised if the main focus was on how great Katie looked in a short black dress. We assume Cruise would not be fond of photos like these, where his ex wife is seemingly having a great time, laughing with another man.

15 Country Girl In Daisy Dukes

We’re inclined to think that Tom Cruise would not have allowed Katie to go out in public wearing this number. We don’t know if Katie’s been putting in a lot of time at the gym, but her toned legs would have us believe that she does. Clearly, the star knows she looks great, because those daisy dukes are not covering much other than her booty. It may have been an outfit she was wearing for a movie, but we’re glad she was spotted.

14 Katie Looking Bored With Tom

This is a little strange… Do these two look like a happy couple? No, not really. But we’re pretty sure Tom would hate that fans could get that idea by looking at photos like these, but a picture is worth a thousand words. This photo was taken when the two visited England in 2009, and Katie looks really bored while attending a soccer game with her then-husband.

13 More Photoshoots Like These Please, Katie

It’s rather rare to see Katie Holmes take part is sultry photoshoots like these nowadays, and we kind of wish that wasn’t the case. We understand that now that she’s a single mom to daughter Suri, it must not be her top priority, but given how beautiful she is, fans would love to see more. The photo above was a shot taken in 2014 in a photoshoot for New York Moves.

12 All Smiles

Holmes looked as happy as ever when she was photographed walking the streets of New York City. The actress was wearing a rather revealing white tank top, but she looked comfortable and confident. We wonder if it might be the look of freedom… When Katie’s divorce from Tom Cruise was finalized, she felt like she could go back to being herself. We don’t blame her for looking so happy.

11 Joey And Dawson

Although Katie Holmes starred in Dawson’s Creek way before she got together with Tom Cruise, we assume these sort of screengrabs from the show still bother him. Joey Potter and Dawson Leery were definitely one of the couples that fans rooted for in the 90s, and given the connection the two seemed to have, Tom would rather keep this in the past.

10 With Jamie Foxx

This is a photo that Tom Cruise would definitely not want us to see (as he probably tried to avoid it himself). In fact, according to some inside sources, Cruise felt betrayed by his (then) friend Jamie Foxx when news broke that he was dating his ex-wife Katie Holmes. We can’t say we blame him, though.

9 Short Denim Dress

Katie’s got legs, and she knows it. She’s been spotted wearing some rather short shorts and skirts before, but this one is pretty revealing. PopSugar actually called it “the tiniest denim dress we’ve ever seen.” We can’t imagine Tom Cruise would have wanted Katie to wear that while the two were still an item. Nevertheless, the outfit did look good on Holmes.

8 Mother-Daughter Shopping Trip

Katie Holmes took daughter Suri, to New York City for a mother and daughter shopping spree in July 2019, and based on how tanned they both look, it seems as though they may have been coming back from another vacation. We know that Tom Cruise doesn’t see his daughter by choice, but we doubt it makes him smile to see his ex wife and daughter having such a fun time without him.

7 With The Dawson’s Creek Cast

We know that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were nowhere close to being an item back when she was starring on Dawson’s Creek. Rumors started circulating that there might be a reunion, though, and we don’t know how Cruise feels about that. We know that Katie had a close connection with some of the male cast members, so we have to assume he wouldn’t be too comfortable watching that reboot.

6 Are Katie And Jamie Foxx Over?

The two are said to have broken up recently, but then again, they did continuously deny the rumors of them dating when they first got together about one year after her and Cruise had broken up. Nevertheless, whether she is still with Foxx or not, the two look so happy together in the photo above.

5 Katie Looking Miserable

This one is pretty self explanatory. There are so many photos online of Tom and Katie out in public, with Katie looking like she is having the worst time of her life. Although the photo above was snapped by paparazzi just two weeks before the two announced their divorce, it was rather clear that the end was near for the couple.

4 Straight Hair Don’t Care

We are loving Katie’s look here. Could it be because it was a photo of the star taken five years after her divorce from Tom was finalized? It would make sense, given that, according to Radar Online, “the 37-year-old's divorce agreement states she cannot publicly date anyone until five years have passed following the end of her marriage to Tom Cruise.”

3 Revealing Top In NYC

Here we have another shot of Katie wearing something rather revealing when she was out in New York City. Although Tom might not be a fan of her outfit choice, the photo was said to have been taken of the star shortly after news broke that her relationship with Jamie Foxx came to a halt; so, maybe Tom doesn’t mind this photo too much.

2 Seductive Shoot

Damn, Katie. We are so used to seeing photos of Holmes hanging out with daughter Suri, usually wearing some baggy clothes and scarves, that seeing photos like this one is pretty shocking. Although this looks like it was a shot taken for a swimwear photoshoot, it was actually for a jewelry company. Interesting, to say the least...

1 All Smiles With Foxx

The two might be over now, but there’s no denying that they looked happy together while they were dating. This shot was taken of the two while they were on a romantic date night in New Orleans. When looking at the photo above, it’s clear that Katie was happy with Foxx, and we assume Tom would not want us to look at photos like these.

Sources: thesun.co.uk

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