20 Photos Of Kid Rock And His Too-Gorgeous-For-Him Girlfriends

Kid Rock is an interesting, and sometimes controversial, figure, and although he has accomplished a lot in the music industry, he has not had as much success romantically — that could be changing now. What we mean by this is that Kid Rock has been linked to many beautiful women over the years, and although some of his relationships lasted for more than a few months, others were over basically as soon as they began!

Kid Rock likes to keep his private life out of the public eye, and many of the women he has been linked to have been very low-profile romances. But then there are others, like his coupling with Pamela Anderson, which have caused intense media attention, after all, he did get married on a yacht! Below are 15 women Kid Rock has dated.

15 Kid Rock Was So Into Audrey Berry He Put A Rock On Her Finger!

Via Us Weekly

Kid Rock has been linked to several beautiful women over the years, but one of his more serious romances was with Audrey Berry. Rock chose to keep this relationship on the down-low because Berry is not a celebrity, but things between them are definitely serious, as Us Weekly reported in 2017 that the musician asked Berry to marry him.

14 Among His List Of Former Girlfriends Is A Gorgeous Model Named May Anderson

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May Anderson is a model from Denmark, she is also one of Kid Rock’s former girlfriends. The beautiful blonde and the musician dated for 10 months, from March 2007, Who’s Dated Who reports. During their relatively short coupling, they were photographed together several times, including attending a party during the Cannes Film Festival.

13 Sheryl Crow And Kid Rock Were Definitely An Unexpected Pairing...

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Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock seem like an unlikely match, and perhaps that’s why they chose to keep their relationship out of the public eye. According to Ranker, the pair are reported to have dated after working together on the 2002 song, "Picture."

Who’s Dated Who also commented on the coupling, and reported that the pair were linked in 2002.

12 Paris Hilton Has An Interesting (And Diverse) Dating History, To Say The Least

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Paris Hilton has an interesting, and lengthy relationship history and her previous boyfriends have included musicians, actors, and models, and among those men is Kid Rock, apparently. According to Who’s Dated Who, Hilton and Rock had an “encounter” (presumably they cannot call it a relationship because it was so brief), which happened in January 2007, and ended within that same month.

11 Kid Rock Has A Thing For Gorgeous Women, And Erin Naas Was One Of Them

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Not much is known about Kid Rock’s relationship with Erin Naas, but according to Who’s Dated Who, they were together for just a month. The model and Rock are believed to have gotten together on Dec. 14, 2006, and their relationship (if we can call it that) ended sometime in January 2007.

10 Country Musician Kellie Pickler Was Keen To Cozy Up With Kid Rock (But In Secret)

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There are some celebrities who flaunt their relationships, and then others, like Kid Rock, who prefer to keep a low-profile, at least most of the time! Yet another famous lady that he has been linked to is Kellie Pickler, who, according to TheThings, he started dating in secret back in 2009, for a year.

9 Tamara Mellon And Kid Rock Were Never Going To Head Down The Aisle, But They Did Date

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Fashion entrepreneur Tamara Mellon (who is also a co-founder of the footwear brand, Jimmy Choo) and Kid Rock were probably never going to get married, but they did date briefly in 2006, Ranker reports.

Daily Mail also reports that after Mellon’s divorce from Matthew Mellon (in 2005), she dated Rock, as well as actor Christian Slater.

8 Someone Who He Did Walk Down The Aisle With Though, Was Pamela Anderson...

Via Us Weekly

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson were once so in love that they even decided to get married. Their wedding took place on a yacht in 2006, Us Weekly notes, but it wasn’t long before it was all over! It was also their second shot at love, as the publication reports that Rock and Anderson were previously engaged, but called it off in 2003.

7 Although Their Relationship Was Brief, And Way Too Complicated!

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Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson were only married for four months before it ended in divorce, and the musician has made no secret of the fact that his experience with marriage was not a positive one. In an interview on Howard Stern’s radio show (via Huffington Post) he stated: “being married sucks."

6 Three Months Is Hardly A Long Romance, But There Was A Time Jaime Pressly And Kid Rock Were A Couple

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Kid Rock has been linked to many famous women over the years, including actress Jamie Pressly. The couple dated for three months, starting in January 2004.

Their conflicting work schedules were to blame for the split, according to RockDirt. The publication claims that Pressly told Us Weekly that they were both working, and she was unable to fly “across the country and give up everything.”

5 One Of Kid Rock’s More Serious Relationships Was With The Lovely Conchita Leeflang

Via Who's Dated Who/Conchita Leeflang Instagram

You may have noticed that many of the women that Kid Rock has been linked to have not stayed in his life for very long, but actress Conchita Leeflang is one of the exceptions. According to Who’s Dated Who, Rock and Leeflang dated for a year from 2005 to 2006.

4 Jamie King Is Beautiful, And Kid Rock Cleary Thought So, Too!

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According to Zimbio, Kid Rock and Jaime King dated briefly during September 2000, and the publication states that during the relationship, King did not refer to the musician as “Kid Rock” and instead, called him “Bobbie” — his real name is Robert James Ritchie.

Come to think of it, it would be really weird if his girlfriends called him by his stage name!

3 Kid Rock’s Girlfriend List Is Long And Includes Miss Jesse Jane

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Kid Rock has been linked to so many beautiful women, and it certainly seems that he has had no shortage of interest from females, and among these women was Jesse Jane.

According to Who’s Dated Who, the pair dated for a year from 2004 to 2005. Interestingly, the publication also notes that Jane has been linked to Tommy Lee, the same man that Pamela Anderson once married, so there’s another connection there.

2 Back In 2007, Kid Rock And Krista Ayne Had A Brief Encounter, Or Should We Say Fling?!

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It’s hard to find a photo of Kid Rock and Krista Ayne together, well, unless you count the NSFW Rolling Stone cover they posed for (according to FamousFix, it was for the October 2007 issue). But Rock and Ayne may have done more than stare into the camera, because according to Who’s Dated Who, they had an “encounter” in September 2007 — although they never admitted to dating.

1 Kid Rock’s Relationships Are Seldom Lengthy, And His Coupling With Alyssa Lipsky Is No Exception

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Alyssa Lipsky featured in the same Rolling Stone issue as Kid Rock and Krista Ayne (as well as two other women) and according to TheThings, the couple openly dated for a few months afterward.

Who’s Dated Who claims the relationship lasted three months, which is not exactly long, but also not the shortest relationship in Hollywood!

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