20 Photos Of Kylie Jenner... Before Her Transformation

Kylie Jenner has skyrocketed to international stardom and success within the last few years! The youngest Jenner grew up right before our eyes on the hit E! series "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". Kylie was only ten years old when she first started on the show, and a lot has changed since then.

The makeup mogul has not only created one of the most successful e-commerce businesses in the world, Kylie Cosmetics, but her success with her own company has led her to become the youngest billionaire ever, according to Forbes. Who would have thought?

The star rose to fame after her lip kits sold like hotcakes! Since then, Kylie has undergone countless transformations over the years, and we're here to showcase just that! From a young girl on 'KUWTK' to billionaire makeup extraordinaire, here are 20 photos of Kylie Jenner before her transformation.

20 No Boys Allowed

Kylie Jenner has definitely had quite the journey on 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', one of which was this iconic scene where Kylie is getting scolded by dad, then Bruce Jenner, for having boys in her room. Kylie was an innocent school girl who was just having her friends over, little did she know she'd be a billionaire ten years from this scene.

19 Ombre Bangs

Once Kylie began to grow up and enter into her teenage years, the star loved to experiment with her look. During this particular red carpet walk, Kylie can be seen sporting ombre coloured hair with bangs! She definitely looks young in this pic, but we can see an emerging Kylie more and more in this shot the longer we look at it.

18 Red Carpet

Kylie and older sister Kendall Jenner would often venture the rec carpet and events together, however, a lot has changed! Not only has Kylie made a name for herself in the makeup world, but Kendall has also become one of the most successful models to date. Kylie looks like she's still sporting her ombre look, sans bangs at this KIIS FM event.

17 Runway Days

Kylie also had a dream of modelling one day! The reality star turned makeup mogul actually compiled a look book together on one episode of "KUWTK" where momager Kris Jenner tried to make some magic happen. Kylie has done on to walk in several runway shows in her past, including this fashion show where she is seen walking alongside older brother, Rob Kardashian.

16 Rocker Chick

Kylie Jenner, much like the rest of us, has also gone through the "rocker phase". The star definitely loved wearing a smokey eye with lots of mascara and liner. Although Jenner wears her hair down most of the time, she went for a bun during a 'Just Dance' release party.

15 Book Release

Believe it or not, Kendall and Kylie wrote a book! The novel, titled "Rebels: City of Indra", came out back in 2014 and the two promoted the heck out of it. In the many press-related interviews, events and book tours, Kylie can be seen wearing her iconic blue tips! This is when Kylie had much shorter hair and loved experimenting with colour more and more.

14 Awards Show

In this throwback photo, Kylie and sister Kendall attended the People's Choice Awards where the show was nominated for countless categories. During this time, Kylie kept things tamer when it came to both her makeup, hair, and style. The "Life of Kylie" star looked great with her natural hair colour and eye-makeup that would soon blossom into a billion-dollar company.

13 Seventeen Magazine

Kylie Jenner was a correspondent and ambassador for Seventeen Magazine along with older sister, Kendall. The two would not only have a column in the magazine but would conduct interviews with celebs and other big names for the magazine. Kylie's look was definitely very "seventeen" at the time, and re-introduced a slight ombre in her hair, yet again.

12 Sweetheart Era

During her teenage prime, Kylie loved being out and about. The star would attend countless events with her family, and looked like an absolute gem doing it. Kylie is wearing a classic Herve Leger dress with Louboutin heels and went with her naturally dark hair. Although she looks very pretty, Kylie was only 13 going on 14 when this shot was taken, leading people to believe she was growing up "too fast".

11 All Smiles

We're throwing things way back with this smiling shot of a very young Kylie. Jenner was about 11 in this particular photo and was easily one of the funniest members of the family. Early day Kylie was quite the menace on "KUWTK" and loved to display her personality for all to see. This is a major change from how Kylie conducts herself now, where many believe she is more laid back and "quiet" than before.

10 Film Premiere

Kylie Jenner never failed to amaze us, even when she was only 14 years old! The reality star has always had access to some of the best hair and makeup people in the business, so when it came time to get glam for any event, Kylie knew exactly what she wanted, and it appears it's paid off today!

9 Red Lip

This is definitely the era in which Kylie began more experiment more with her makeup. Jenner was sporting a pretty casual hoodie in this shot, but her red lip and cat-eye liner are telling us the whole story! Considering Kylie has created a billion-dollar empire surrounding lip kits, she sure knew what she was doing!

8 MTV Movie Awards

Although Kylie is mostly known for her hair, makeup and outfits, we don't give the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star enough credit when it comes to her statement jewelry pieces! Jenner wore this chunky gold chain necklace on the red carpet to the MTV Movie Awards back in 2013.

7 Red On The Red Carpet

It does not happen too often where Kylie Jenner wears a flow length dress, however, she pulled it off effortlessly in this photo! Kylie's red dress on the red carpet easily stole the show that night, and she was definitely in theme. Kylie attended the 'Red Dress Collection' in 2013, sponsored by Coca-Cola, and she looked fab doing so.

6 American Music Awards

Kylie was serving us edgy-chic with this stunning look! The star decided to bring back the ombre and bangs when it came to her hairstyle and was delivering nothing but looks at the 2013 American Music Awards. 2013 was definitely a pivotal year for the star where she was exploring a lot of her own personal style and tastes.

5 Kendall Kylie Glamour Shoot

Kendall and Kylie both graced the cover of Glamour Magazine over 7 years ago, and look absolutely adorable. Most of their monthly issue covered things from makeup, fashion and any boys they might have there eye on. Flash forward 7 years and they have both become incredibly established businesswomen and household names.

4 PacSun Collection

Kylie Jenner once upon a time had her own collection with older sister Kendall Jenner at PacSun. The American clothing store hosted the entire collection that the two Jenner sisters designed and created themselves. Kylie definitely incorporated more of her rocker and edgy side to her self within this collection and can be seen wearing it in this photo.

3 Major Throwback

Things would not be complete without a complete throwback photo of young Kylie Jenner. This is around the time 'Keeping Up' had just started to get very popular amongst fans, and Kylie was stepping out of her shell more and more and attended this KIIS FM red carpet event where her iconic bangs look first emerged.

2 On-Air Interviewee

Before Kylie Jenner was Kylie Jenner, youngest billionaire in the world, she was interviewing celebs and guests of the KIIS FM red carpet event back in 2012. Kylie went for more of a curly hairstyle with a nude top as she interviewed people from the cast of Glee to Ryan Seacrest himself.

1 Kylie and Jaden

Kylie Jenner and longtime friend, Jaden Smith, were spotted together for the first time in public at the 2013 American Music Awards. This is when rumours regarding the two first started swirling around, however, it appears they were just friends. We bet Jaden wishes that weren't the case considering her massive status today!

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