20 Photos Of Lizzie McGuire (That Are Not Disney-Approved)

Anyone who's a Hilary Duff fan certainly knows that the iconic Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire is getting a reboot and Hilary is coming back to bless our lives with some Lizzie awesomeness! So in order to celebrate, we thought we'd take a look at some Hilary photos — in particular, those that Disney might not approve of. We all know that being a Disney star means fitting into a certain box, and most Disney Channel stars eventually break free from that box and show us their true colors — yes, we are talking about Miley Cyrus and Bella Thorne. And while Hilary isn't nearly as rebellious as those two, she certainly did a couple of things that we bet Disney wishes we didn't know.

And here's proof — 20 photos of Hilary Duff that are not Disney approved!

20 Let's Start Off With Lizzie Not Knowing How To Carry A Bag

Via: pinterest.com

These pics of Hilary Duff trying to shield herself from the paparazzi with her bag are pretty hilarious! We wonder what she was thinking because there's no way she actually thought holding a bag up like this would make them stop taking photos — if anything they'd take more!

19 We're Pretty Sure This Mini Skirt Is Not Disney-Approved

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The 32-year-old actress and singer has certainly left her old Disney days behind and is now frequently spotted in quite revealing clothing — this super short mini skirt being only one example. To be completely honest, we love seeing the mother of two embrace her femininity and rock whatever she likes!

18 And Neither Is Being Grumpy And Yelling At People

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Okay, we definitely forgive Hilary for all the shouting and waving because we know that every mom needs to protect her child — which is exactly what the star was doing in the pics above. Her son Luca was clearly very upset, and all the cameras clicking around him surely didn't calm him down!

17 Something Tells Us Lizzie Has Had A Few Too Many

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We all know exactly what this look means — it seems as if Hilary had a fun night out! But we also know that Disney certainly doesn't encourage partying, which is exactly why these two pics made our list. Hilary leaving the club is definitely a mood!

16 And Who Approved That Lizzie Dye Her Hair Green?

Via: dailymail.co.uk

There's only one hair color we can imagine Lizzie with and that's certainly not green. We bet Disney was freaking out when they saw their alumni dye her hair this color and honestly, we kind of agree. The actress looks the best with beachy, blonde locks!

15 *Internal Screaming*

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Luckily, this whole 'green hair' thing didn't last for too long, and Hilary eventually decided to go back to her Lizzie locks. We appreciate that she was brave enough to try out something new, but we are relieved that she realized blonde is the way to go!

14 Also, Lizzie Has Been Spending Way Too Much Time In The Sun

Via: perezhilton.com

Whoops — looks like Hilary forgot to wear sunscreen which is certainly not something a good role model does. But hey, getting sunburnt is something that has happened to everyone at some point, and we bet Hilary learned her lesson and is much more careful nowadays!

13 And Getting Out Of A Car Seems To Be A Struggle

Via: justjared.com

Oh well, it looks like Hilary had yet another fun night out. The actress definitely seems to be quite out of it and is struggling to get out of the car. Once again, this is the kind of photo Disney doesn't like to see their stars in!

12 Disney Is Not A Fan Of Parking Tickets

Via: buzzfeed.com

Hilary is definitely the kind of celebrity that is often spotted getting parking tickets, and well — we have to agree with Disney on this one, it's not something a good role model would do. Sure, it happens to everyone at some point, but it's been happening to Hilary a lot!

11 Or Any Police Involvement, TBH

Via: buzzfeed.com

Well, it looks like Hilary also frequently gets stopped by the police, and well, Disney certainly isn't a fan of that either! We hope the mother of two takes driving very seriously because she not only has all her fans who look up to her, but also her two adorable children.

10 Why Is Lizzie Holding Hands With A Guy Who Looks Nothing Like Gordo

Via: people.com

Hilary Duff started dating musician Matthew Koma back in December 2017, and it seems as if the two are still happily in love. In May this year, the two even announced their engagement, which pretty much means that we won't get happily ever after for Lizzie and Gordo!

9 And She Married A Guy Who Isn't Paolo?

Via: okmagazine.com

In 2007 Hilary married Canadian professional ice hockey player Mike Comrie, and in 2012 she gave birth to their son Luca. However, only two years after that the couple decided to go their separate ways, and Hilary filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2016.

8 Lizzie Likes Guys With Tattoos?

Via: justjared.com

Before marrying Mike Comrie, Hilary was in a two-year relationship with Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden who, as you can tell, is a big fan of tattoos. Now we're pretty sure Disney didn't approve of Lizzie dating a rockstar with a bad-boy image, but luckily for them that relationship is history.

7 We're Too Shook Now To Even Acknowledge How Ridiculous These Food Selfies Are

Via: usmagazine.com

Okay, these pics of Hilary and a friend eating corn and taking selfies are kind of embarrassing, and we bet the star regrets taking them. Hilary didn't even end up posting them anywhere, but we still got to see the process because the paparazzi never sleep!

6 Here's Another Post-Party Lizzie Pic That Disney Didn't Want Us To See

Via: twitter.com

Okay, this is the last party-Lizzie photo on our list, we promise! Frankly, we can't blame Hilary for having some fun nights out — it's part of growing up after all. Besides, we can with certainty claim that the wild-Hilary days are behind her as the mother of two lives a much more calm life now!

5 And Here's Lizzie Serving Us Pineapple Vibes

Via: celebmafia.com

Well, at least she seems to be in a great mood, even though her hair looks pretty much exactly like a pineapple. We all know that Disney likes their stars to always be picture-ready and in this case, it seems as if Hilary forgot to fix her hair!

4 Whoops, Lizzie And Gravity Don't Seem To Be On Too Good Terms

Via: pinterest.com

Tripping and falling are certainly embarrassing for anyone, but at least there's nobody taking pics of us when we do it. Hilary, on the other hand, always has paparazzi following her, so we're not surprised that most of her embarrassing moments are caught on camera!

3 And Neither Do Lizzie And A Hair Brush

Via: pinterest.com

Here's another 'bad hair day' pic of Hilary and it seems as if the star once again forgot to brush her hair out. Oh well, being a busy mom and successful actress isn't the easiest thing which is why we (and Disney) have to forgive her for this hairstyle.

2 Honestly, We're Not Even Sure What's Going On Here — But It Doesn't Seem Very Disney

Via: celebzz.com

Yup, we literally got no clue what on earth is happening in these pics and why Hilary Duff seems to be carrying a bunch of clothing in her arm while wearing the probably ugliest dress we've seen in a long time. Seriously, the whole photo is a mess!

1 And Lastly, Here's Lizzie Going Undercover As Isabella 

Via: justjared.com

Anyone who watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie definitely knows who Isabella is, and while we love her as well — Lizzie will always be our number one. And this means we're super glad that Hilary's dark hair phase is over because the only real Hilary is the blonde one!

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