20 Photos Of Lori Harvey That Steve Would Rather We Not See

Lori Harvey is hot! Her step-dad, TV host, comedian, and actor, Steve Harvey may not want the world to see her that way, but there is simply no denying that she is a babe. Her gorgeous face and fab figure make her a knockout, and the attention she is getting is only growing greater. Before long, she may even surpass Steve’s fame. How would he feel about that?

Whether Lori is modeling, hanging with friends, out with her equally-beautiful mom, or on a hot date, she always looks fantastic. Her style is chic and modern, and her clothing shows off every curve. It is no wonder people are so interested in her every move.

Here are 20 pics of the stunning 20-something. She never takes a bad photo, so there is no chance of catching her looking lousy. Steve may wish she would consider covering up, but Lori’s got her own life to live.

20 Her Mother's Daughter

Via: essence.com

Obviously, as seen in this amazing pic, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Lori is gorgeous, and it’s all thanks to the great genes her mom passed down. Both women are world-class beauties, and fellas from far and wide would agree 100%. With such good looks, these ladies can’t go anywhere without people staring.

19 Shorts And Stilettos

Via: hollywoodlife.com

Lori doesn’t need to be all dressed up to put on a pair of heels. She can jazz up any outfit by slipping into a pair of sky-high stilettos. With legs like hers, she wants to show them off, so shorts are a great way to look good, feel comfy, and let those legs get the attention they deserve.

18 And The Award Goes To…

Via: essence.com

Lori is on stage with a golden award. Her look is quite revealing, but she can pull it off. With her lean legs showing all the way up to her thighs, Lori is obviously not shy about showing off her shape. She’s confident and cool, just the way she ought to be.

17 Getting Beautiful In The Bathroom

Via: bet.com

Getting ready for the day means making sure your look is “on fleek.” Lori’s got it going on, and her outfit and overall vibe are on point. She’s still in the bathroom, but once she steps out, everyone will see the effort she put into her look. She’s not one to look like a mess, so she spends time getting every element just right.

16 A Daring Dip

Via: mtonews.com

Lori is looking super in her swimsuit. She’s cooling off on a hot day, but the hottest thing about it is her. That bikini is beautiful, and her body looks amazing in it. With a figure like hers, Lori would look good in anything. Seeing her in this swimsuit is the ultimate evidence.

15 Sizzling In The Sun

Via: tmz.com

Lori is spending some time outdoors in her animal print bikini. She’s soaking up the sun and looking great doing so. Her figure is flawless, and her skin is smooth and silky. While she’s relaxing and making the most of her afternoon, the rest of us are jealous that we can’t do the same.

14 Model Material

Via: abookof.us

Lori is a successful model, and seeing her posing so professionally is proof that she’s got what it takes to make it in the biz. She is beyond beautiful, and her cool style is off the charts. It is no wonder everyone can’t take their eyes off of her. Looking away is a struggle.

13 Glittery Green

Via: talkingwithtami.com

Sequins and stilettos are right up Lori’s alley. She looks dazzling in this green mini dress as it shimmers and shines. Her body is fit and curvy, and her look is on trend and perfect for a night on the town. Whoever she’s meeting up with will be shocked at how sassy she looks. All eyes will be turned in her direction as she does her thing.

12 A Sliver Of Midriff

Via: pinterest.com

Lori is out for the day with someone special. They hold hands as they walk through the city, and Lori’s look is cool and stylish. She’s showing off a sliver of her middle, giving folks a peek of her perfect body. With her hair pulled back off her face, we are better able to see her fine features.

11 Flashy Fashion

Via: manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Whenever Lori steps out for a date night, she dresses the part. Her all-black outfit looks elegant, but the lace gives off a hint of sensuality. Her date is surely dazzled by his gorgeous girl, and she must be smitten with him as well. He may be jealous that other guys give his gal attention, but those are the breaks when you date someone as hot as Lori.

10 Outrageous Outfit

Via: zimbio.com

Lori looks great with her hair done in this fashion. The curls are bouncy and shiny, and the length is lovely. Aside from her hair, the rest of Lori’s look is fab. Her form-fitting pants and black blazer are fashionable, and the grey tube top underneath is attractive. From top to bottom, this babe is a beauty.

9 Marvelous Mini Dress

Via: gotceleb.com

Lori’s mini dress is shimmery and stylish, showing off her legs and hugging her in all the right places. Her glowing skin is luminous, and her hair is done to perfection. As Lori poses for the camera, she gazes with a look that explodes with self-confidence. She’s secure in her looks and releases her positive energy.

8 Poolside Perfection

Via: flavourmag.co.uk

Posing by the pool is always elegant, especially when a woman is wearing an outfit as amazing as Lori’s. She’d normally be in a bathing suit while out by the pool, but as a model, Lori must show off other outfits as well. This color is vibrant and brings out the best in Lori’s overall essence.

7 Bedroom Eyes

Via: wmagazine.com

Sitting on the edge of her bed, Lori looks directly into the camera and shows off her gorgeous face. Her hair is full and bouncy, and her glossy lips are plump and pretty. The one-sleeve shirt Lori is wearing is unique and interesting, and she’s proving why she’s one of today’s up-and-coming models.

6 Good Jeans

Via: monteozlive.com

Head-to-toe denim doesn’t always look too terrific, but Lori found a way to make the look appealing. She shows off her smooth shoulder by letting her jean jacket fall down a bit, and her blue booties pull the entire look together. Lori knows how to turn basic wardrobe elements into something wonderful.

5 Sleek And Chic

Via: nuruthelite.com

Lori looks chic and sophisticated in her black dress and strappy high heels. Her ponytail is smooth and stylish, and her black bag brings the look together. With her model-like walk and her stunning smile, this gal is gorgeous. She’s a sight to see as she struts down the street.

4 Hallway Hottie

Via: tumbler.com

Lori poses like a professional in the hallway of what looks like a mansion. If it is her place, she is one lucky lady. As for her outfit, the cut and style suit her figure well. There’s nothing that could look bad on her, but this outfit is particularly pretty.

3 A Cool Cut-Out

Via: essence.com

Lori’s dress is form-fitting and interesting in its unique design. The cool cut-out towards the top is eye-catching and alluring, exposing a bit of skin without being too revealing. With her hands on her hips and her eyes directly on the camera, Lori is obviously comfortable in her own skin.

2 Glam Gown

Via: essence.com

Lori is all smiles as she poses for her picture. Her black and white dress is quite beautiful, from the lace features to the overall design. Her shapely shoulders are exposed and her emerald green shoes add a pop of color. This look is perfect for a party or an elegant affair.

1 Not Just A Jumpsuit

Via: wikifeet.com

A catsuit that hugs every inch of one’s body is not something every woman would feel comfortable in. That said, Lori isn’t your average woman. She loves to show off her shape, and this style is the perfect choice to do just that. Steve must be losing his mind that she’s about to go out in this outfit!

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