20 Photos Of Modded Big Rigs That'll Make Every Trucker Proud

Most mods performed on vehicles are usually done on cars to make them look like the ones from Fast & Furious. Sometimes you'll find the odd pickup that's been modded.

What about modded big rigs? It's not often that you see modded rigs on the road. Perhaps that's because the job to mod a big rig is so much bigger than a regular car. The other reason is that most rigs belong to companies that don't want their rigs to look flamboyant.

We wanted to see the scarce rigs that were modded, so we gathered photos of some of the coolest looking rigs after they were tricked out.

21 Purple Beauty

via 10-4 Magazine

This is one of the coolest looking trucks that you'll see. Just look at the way the hood flips up. The doors open like a Rolls-Royce and have speakers embedded in them.

Who wouldn't mind driving this truck around on a daily basis? Everything about it is so cool. Can't blame anyone for being jealous.

20 Underglow

via 75 chromeshop

One of the modifications that's become popular since the Fast & Furious franchise premiered are underglow lights. It usually doesn't work on big vehicles, but the thing that this rig owner got right is matching the underglow lights to the rest of the truck. It looks great.

19 Lights Up

via Bharath Autos

Imagine seeing this truck on the road. If you're in Japan, it's possible. Much like the car culture that Japan has such as Bōsōzoku, it seems that there's also a big rig culture. This truck looks like it could easily feature in a Dragon Ball Z episode. Would be interesting to see in person.

18 Neat

via Blog

Sometimes you don't have to do too many modifications to make your vehicle looks awesome. This rig proves that the clean look goes a long way. Not a lot of work besides the patterns on the paint and the rims was done, yet this rig looks cool, elegant and pimped. Nice job.

17 Road Warrior

via Daimler Global Media

Who said that Mercedes-Benz rigs had to look bland? This rig gives a whole new meaning to road warrior. The colors on this rig look awesome but so does the front. What would make this rig even cooler is if the eyes on the front glowed in the dark. That would creep out oncoming traffic.

16 Fighting Machine

via Youtube

Who wouldn't turn their heads if they saw this rig on the road? The owner has put in a lot of work to make it look unique. He has accomplished his objective. Some people might think that this rig is on its way to a Transformers movie set. The way it looks, it would fit right into that plot.

15 Joking Around

via Pinterest

This is the rig that the Joker should've driven in the Dark Knight when he said, "I like this job." Just look at it. It's perfect for him. That would've made the movie even cooler.

The combination of purple and green, along with the clown picture on the bonnet and the patterns make this rig spectacular.

14 In Reverse

via Jigsawhub

You gotta have fun when you're on the road. Maybe drivers who are in the vicinity of this rig might not find this wrap amusing, as they could easily mistake the rig to be coming their way. It’s an interesting wrap that will scare the living daylights out of some drivers who come across it.

13 Low Rider

via Pinterest

There's something about the color orange that can make a vehicle look much better if done right. That's exactly what happened with this rig. The front bumper looks so clean that it can pretty much be used as a mirror, and the orange paint on top of that makes this rig a stunner.


11 Convertible

via Pinterest

Need some fresh air while you're on the road for long hours? No worries. This customizer has got you covered. He wanted to take away the traditional rig cabin and turn it into something cool. He succeeded. Who said that rigs couldn't look cool as convertibles? This one proves they can.

10 Meaner

via Pinterest

Any trucker who wants a mean-looking rig should take a look at this one. The maroon with the white patterns makes this rig awesome. The rims make the truck look even meaner. The additional lights added also add to the spunk of the rig. I can only imagine how cool it looks at night.

9 Firetruck

via Pinterest

Being a firefighter is cool, but one of the things that makes the job even better is cruising around town in an awesome looking truck. That's what the firefighters of this truck wanted, so they decided to pimp it. The rims and the rest of the features make it look unbelievable. Great job.

8 Purple Rain

via Pinterest

You have to go big or go home. That's what the designer of this modded rig had to decide, and he chose to go big. Choosing purple was an audacious choice, but the end product came out looking fantastic. The lights at the bottom of the rig were a nice touch, as well as the pictures.

7 Big Pimping

via Pinterest

Seriously, who wouldn't want this rig as their daily vehicle? It looks awesome. Although finding parking for it at the mall might be a pain, but the sheer beauty of this baby would make it an awesome daily rider. The rims, the paint, and everything else makes it one of the most alluring rigs.

6 Bright

via Pinterest

I can picture this rig looking better during the day than at night, with its lights. Don't get me wrong; it looks great with the bright lights, but I'd love to see it during daylight. The colors that the owner has chosen and the matching of it with the tires make this rig look amazing.

5 Mack

via Pinterest

When you've got a ride like this, you can mack as much as you want. The word Mack rightfully deserves to be on the front of this rig. This has to be one of the most beautiful rigs on the road. There are many contenders for that title, but everything about this rig makes it so appealing.

4 Scissor Doors

via Pirojok

Ever since Lamborghini brought out the scissor doors, many drivers have tried to emulate the concept on their cars. In most cases, it hasn't worked. Truckers didn't want to lose out on that action, so one of them decided to try it out on his rig. Lifting that door in front of others and stepping out would be so cool.

3 Creamy

via Truckerslogic

When one combines colors on their vehicle, getting the right balance is crucial. The owner of this rig did a great job by combining the colors on this rig. The patterns were also a nice touch. I can imagine that the driver of this rig gets a lot of attention on the road. He's a lucky guy.

2 Pimpmobile

via Your Keyword Basket

The way this truck looked originally wasn't bad. There wasn't anything wrong with it, but the owner decided that he could improve it. He did just that. After fitting new rims, patterns and lowering the suspension, he made it look like a pimpmobile. The pimped version looks better.

1 Dangerous

via Youtube

It's not only cars that get a nice makeover with a great wrapping job; rig drivers can do the same to their vehicles. The owner of this rig did exactly that and warned other road users that getting close to his rig would pose danger to them. It's a mean-looking truck and definitely looks unique.

Sources: Pinterest

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