20 Photos Of Patrick That Arnold Schwarzenegger Prefer We Not See

Our spell check is going into shock every time we attempt to spell "Schwarzenegger", but it's worth the aggravation just to talk about the stud that is Patrick. He's one of the five children born to The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. And like his siblings, Patrick has received many of the hunky genes from his father and the tender, elegant genes from his mother, Maria Shriver.  The strapping young dude has been in many high-profile relationships as well as built quite the movie career so far. Arnold must be very proud. But there are some aspects of his son's life that we're sure that the ex-Governor of California would not like us to see. These images are absolutely some of them. A few are risqué, and others just have us all thirsty AF. Without further ado, here are 20 photos of Patrick that Arnold Schwarzenegger prefers we not see.

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20 When Your Son's A Better Gosh Golly Cowboy Than You Are

IG, GQ and Saying Images

Arnold sees himself as a straight-up movie star. And he is. There's no doubt. But he's not suitable for everyone. Especially if that role is a cowboy. But Patrick can pull it off. He's got the rougher good looks for it. At least, when he grows out his hair and keeps his beard untrimmed. Actually, we're swooning over his rugged good looks, and so is his model girlfriend, Abby Champion

19 The 53-Foot Poster Of Patrick Snogging A Beautiful Blond

IG and Tenor

We wonder how Arnold fest when he saw his son one a 53-foot tall poster of his son getting down with a gorgeous blond. Part of him must have been proud while the other part wished the poster were about 50-feet smaller. After all, Arnold is trying to keep up a clean image for himself and his family, especially after the controversies that he's brought on them all.

18 The Event That Wasn't So Good For The Governor Of California

Tenor and Daily Mail

Not long after Arnold Schwarzenegger left office as governor of California, his son got into a little trouble. Patrick was caught using a fake ID to get into a Hollywood club. Once he got in, he was kicked out for pelting the house DJ with ice cubes... Talk about bratty, entitled behavior. Things got worse when TMZ recorded footage of Patrick ranting about wanting to fight the DJ. Between the pelting and the fake ID misdemeanor, Patrick could have faced a year in jail with a$1,000 fine. But being the child of a powerful celebrity and politician, he got off scot-free... Yeah...

17 Most Dads Aren't Thrilled When You Come Home With Bella Thorne


Most dads wouldn't exactly be thrilled to find out their sons were hanging with Bella Thorne. Love her or hate her, the girl has a reputation. Patrick and Bella were in Midnight Sun together, a sappy teen flick about a young woman who couldn't go out during the day to meet her boyfriend. There were rumors that the two struck up a bit of a romance off-set. But Bella told Howard Stern that she and Patrick are and have always just been friends.

16 Pat Motivates Us To Skip Carbs... But Apparently Not Booze

Daily Mail

Arnold would be proud to see that his son worked hard enough to cut the carbs and gain some pretty nice abs. But we're sure he isn't a fan of his son's partying. And that's exactly what Patrick was doing back in 2014 when he was enjoying Miami, Florida with his friends. Even if he was partying instead of pumping iron, we got to be thankful for all these photos of his shirtless bod.

15 Miley Had Arnold On Edge For Five Months Straight

Daily Mail and Cinema Blend

We're not sure who Arnold was worried about more, Bella Thorne or Miley Cyrus. Probably Miley given the fact that she and Patrick were actually going hot and heavy for about five months. Like many Hollywood romances, Miley and Patrick seemed like they were meant for one another... until they weren't. Soon after, Miley got back together with Liam Hemsworth, a handsome blond that doesn't look too dissimilar to Patrick.

14 A Relationship More Solid Than Arnold And Maria

Pinterest, Parade, and Just Jared

Forget Miley, Patrick scored big time when he started dating Abby Champion, another successful model as statuesque as she is beautiful. The two have been together for almost four years and seem to be going really strong. Given how cuddly the two are in these photos, we wonder if Arnold's a bit jealous at his son's ability to sustain a relationship whereas Arnold has... well... you know.

13 Um... But What About That Time It Seemed Pat And Abby Weren't So Solid?

Daily Mail

There was that one time when Patrick and Abby seemingly weren't as happy as they seem in their pics. We know absolutely nothing about the details of it, but Patrick was photographed getting cozy with an unknown brunette at the Santa Monica Pier in 2016. This was during a time when he was supposedly still with Abby. Luckily, he was continuously photographed with Abby after the fact. Given what these photos suggest, we doubt Arnold was too happy with the idea that his son was following in his footsteps.

12 Patrick's Chillin' With Arnold's Worst Enemy... Complex Carbohydrates

IG and Tumblr

Arnold would be shocked and appalled to see his son and his model girlfriend engaging with his mortal enemy, complex carbohydrates. But it seems Patrick knows something about moderation. That means he doesn't stop himself from occasionally enjoying some of the sweeter things in life. Like these cookies, which look almost as good as the two models chowing down on them.

11 Patrick Quickly Eclipsing Arnold As A Fashion Icon

Just Jared and Cinema Blend

Arnold Schwartzenegger rose to fame during a questionable time in fashion. While some managed to conquer it, he never quite did. At least, not like Patrick has done nowadays. In this photo from February 2019, Patrick and Abby are looking exceptionally stylish while enjoying New York Fashion Week where they sat front row at the John Elliott Show. The loving couple appeared to truly belong in the companion of fashion icons.

10 There May Have Been A Fling With AJ Michalka, You Be The Judge...

Just Jared

Before he started with Abby or Miley, Patrick was tied to another ex-Disney star, Aj Michalka. The beautiful, charismatic blond is best-known for her roles in The Goldbergs, Cowbelles, and Schooled, not to mention her successful musical partnership with her older sister, Aly. Patrick's relationship with her wasn't confirmed, but the two seemed pretty close at a Halloween party where they left together. Given AJ's proclivity for blond dudes with a bit of height, such as Hunter Parrish, Ryan Blair or her current boyfriend, Josh Pence, it's very likely she got with Patrick.

9 Ever So Slowly Competing With His Dad

IG and Parade

Patrick's looking pretty fly for a guy who hasn't had nearly as much time to perfect his body as his father has. Mind you, Patrick is clearly going for a less bulky look than his body-builder dad. Instead, Patrick has a lean, sculpted look that makes his fans thirsty AF. No wonder he attracted a model as gorgeous as Abby Champion.

8 Perhaps Closer With Mom Than He Is Dad? Not Sure We Can Blame Him

Just Jared, Daily Mail, Tumblr

We all know about the troubles between Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ex, Maria Shriver. While Arnold has taken all of the blame for his mistakes (as he should), he's got to be a little unhappy when he sees these pictures. Not just because he wishes he had as close of a relationship with Patrick as Maria does, but also because he's the reason their happy little family isn't the same as it used to be.

7 A Little Public Snuggle With Bae

Daily Mail

Back in August 2018, Patrick was photographed with his girlfriend of two-years (now four), Abby Champion. The two were totally enamored with one another as they strolled through Santa Monica and had lunch with a side of excessive PDA. While Arnold's probably happy about his son finding love, he's got to wish that his son had a bit a class out in public.

6 Patrick's History Of Hanging With Other Famous Babes

IG and Tumblr

Patrick has a bit of a history of engaging with other attractive female celebrities. While it's unlikely that he dated either Gigi Hadid or Liana Liberato, he definitely got cozy with them. And given the fact that Patrick is a handsome young man and both Gigi and Liana are gorgeous young women, are minds immediately go to the thought that they hooked up. After all, it's what we'd do.

5 Before Abby, There Were Line-Ups Of Eager Young Women... And Pat Definitely Took Advantage Of It

IG and Just Jared

Patrick hasn't just been spotted with beautiful celebrities, he's also had a long line of civilians vying for his attention. Photos on his social media accounts suggest that he's been with quite a few gorgeous California girls before landing on Abby. Additionally, the paparazzi have caught him leaving many clubs with a different girl on his arm. While his Terminator father is proud of him for having fun, he can't like that his son is seen as an F-boy.

4 That Extravagant Hawaiian Vacation With The Girl

Just Jared

In June of 2018, Patrick showed off in front of the paparazzi while enjoying an extravagant vacation in Hawaii with his model girlfriend, Abby. The pair snorkeled, enjoyed the beach, and even snacked on a snow-cone. The paparazzi couldn't get enough of the fit duo as they flashed a bit of skin and got caught during a bit of PDA. Hey, this is the lifestyle of the children of the rich and famous.

3 Okay... So Patrick Taking Girls To Hawaii Isn't THAT Original...

Daily Mail

Before Patrick took Abby to Hawaii, he took Miley there. Yep, he's not the most original when it comes to tropical vacations. During their five-month relationship, it seemed like Miley and Patrick (who looks suspiciously like Liam Hemsworth from behind) were truly in love. The paparazzi followed them to the beach and caught them flaunting quite a bit of PDA.

2 Breaking The Mold: A Vacation With A Girl In France

Daily Mail and Just Jared

Unlike Abby or Miley, Patrick took his ex-girlfriend Taylor Burns to Saint Tropez, France, during their short-lived relationship. Patrick really tried to impress the attractive blond with a holiday that even P-Diddy would call "ostentatious". it included a yacht, jet skis, and a large crew to feed their every desire. The two didn't last long but they did hook-up in public a year later, even though Patrick was spotted getting cozy with a few sorority girls hours before.

1 Patrick's Bod Is Crazy But It's Not Gonna Take Down Dad


While earlier photos suggest that Patrick was going for a leaner physique than his body-builder father, these photos suggest that he's catching up. And, in some ways, he's already exceeded his father's look. Arnold can't love this. After all, he built the beginning of his illustrious career on the fact that he was big AF. Now it seems like his son is eclipsing him. Regardless, we're totally enamored with the younger Schwarzenegger.

Sources: Daily Mail, Hello, Just Jared, TMZ

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