20 Photos Of Pete Davidson With His Too-Gorgeous-For-Him Girlfriends

He's not unattractive. Seriously. We need to make that clear off the bat. Pete Davidson's probably more attractive than half of the people who criticize him. But when you look at the women he's been with, you can't help but raise an eyebrow. Seriously, he's been outlandishly lucky. Sure, we bet Pete's famous ex-girlfriends have baggage of their own, they are celebrities after all, but they're definitely out of his league. So, we have to conclude that Pete has one heck of a personality or is hiding a trick up his sleeve... or elsewhere on his person... Anyway, these photos will truly make your eyes open wide. They're pretty crazy and may just give you hope for your future romantic conquests. Without further ado, here are 20 photos of Pete Davidson with his too-gorgeous-for-him girlfriends.

20 How The Heck Did He Get That Kind Of Body Language From Ariana!?

Just Jared and Life and Style

Ariana Grande isn't that good on an actor. In fact, she's kind of lousy, at least compared to her impeccable, godly voice. Therefore, we have to believe that this energy is entirely authentic. Her relationship with Pete definitely wasn't a stunt. The way she's looking at him is the way every guy wishes their woman would... If their woman was as unrealistically gorgeous as Ariana, that is.

19 That Time He Stole Larry David's Daughter


Before Ariana, Pete was linked to the daughter of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm co-creator, Larry David. Pete and Cazzie David were together on-and-off for about two or three years. And it really seemed like they were all over each other. We know Ariana Grande is a super-star but Pete probably should never have left this major catch.

18 Okay, Pete, Maybe Take It Easy On Those Girlfriend Tattoos


Getting a tattoo of your romantic partner is probably one of the stupidest things you could do in a relationship. After all, we're not as monogamous as the great poets led us to believe. But Pete clearly didn't think so when it came to almost all of his relationships. Maybe that's why he's covered in other tattoos... It was the only way to hide the mistakes of his past.

17 PDA Is Okay With Kate Beckinsale... At Least That Guy On The Right Thinks So

Daily Mail

We were all shocked when we saw these pics from March 2019. After all, the PDA between Pete and the much older and ultra-famous movie star, Kate Beckinsale, was intense. But the guy next to them didn't seem to mind so much. He bought tickets to one game but managed to see a completely different one for free. And we call it a "game" because there's just no way their brief relationship wasn't a stunt.

16 His First Celeb Girlfriend Was Also Totally Out Of His League

Starzz And Elite Daily

People don't seem to know Pete's first famous girlfriend as well as the others, but she was definitely out of his league too. Carly Aquilino is a comedian and actor from MTV's Girl Code. The pair casually dated back in 2015. There's no doubt that Carly's a babe. We wonder why Pete would have let that slip through his fingers. Oh well. It takes two to tango.

15 That Day When Pete Met Ariana... And We Were All Stunned


At the time of these photos, both Pete and Ariana were in very public relationships. But there seemed to be chemistry between them right off the bat. It was just a short comedic exchange on SNL but it was what got them both hooked on each other. It's crazy that we got to see this moment play out on television.

14 Face-Timing With The Daughter Of The Greatest Comedy Writer Of All Time


Not many people get to Facetime with the daughter of the most famous sit-com writer of all time. But Pete Davidson sure did. Probably numerous times as he was dating Cazzie David. What's cute about this screengrab is that both seem very natural. After all, Cazzie's laying in bed. Still, she's still miles out of his league. Seriously, as you'll see from following pics, she's a total babe.

13 When He Took Out Billboard Space On His Shirt For His Babe Of A Girlfriend

Daily Mail

A really great boyfriend takes out ad-space on his clothing for his girlfriend's records. Either that or someone completely riding his girlfriend's coattails does. You be the judge. But Pete and Ariana do seem pretty thrilled with one another in these photos. There was a true level of comfort between them. No wonder they got decided to get engaged so fast.

12 Somehow Pete Seems Really Down-To-Earth And Happy With Cazzie

Life and STyle and Perez Hilton

Although Pete and Ariana truly seemed comfortable with one another, his relationship with Cazzie David was just more down-to-Earth. Maybe that's because Cazzie seems less full-on than Ariana. She feels more comfortable in her own skin, even though it's part of her comedic routine to say that she's not -- she's her father's daughter, after all. All we can say is that we totally adore her.

11 Up Close And Too Personal With His Ex-Fiance And Ex-Girlfriend

Ig and Elite Daily

It's the job of every couple to take cute, cuddly photos that are way too close to the lens. That's such a relationship cliche. And it's cliche because it works. But it's a little eye-opening when you see Pete's face so close to women as gorgeous as Ariana or Carly Aquilino. Seriously, these women are just stunners compared to the vast majority of people, not just Pete.

10 Pete Davidson Was Seriously One Of The Luckiest People On The Planet And Here's Proof


As we said, Cazzie David is a babe. And she's a babe who's grown up in enormous wealth. Though the David family definitely doesn't flaunt it, they're living life pretty comfortably. And Pete, coming from a very middle-class family, totally got to soak that up while with her. Additionally, Cazzie is just the perfect combination of elegant and cute. And honestly, the pair seemed like a good match.

9 Dressing Up For Halloween Or Creative Role-Playing?


During the height of their relationship, both Ariana and Pete would post a ton of cute photos together on social media. But this actually irritated some people as it got a tad overwhelming. Even some celebrities publically told them to cool things down, even if they were joking. But if they did, we'd never get to seem them post these cute Halloween costumes... At least, we think they were Halloween costumes...

8 Ariana Probably Was The Perfect Date For The VMA Awards

Life and Style and Tumblr

There's no better date to the Video Music Awards than Ariana Grande. The girl's basically the belle of the ball. Not to mention, she dresses to the nines for these things. Although she's very short, Ariana's definitely one of the most attractive celebrities out there. And when she's looking at you the way she was looking at Pete in these shots, you'd feel like a million bucks.

7 Sneaking Out His More Famous Cougar Of A Girlfriend

Daily Mail

In March 2019, there wasn't anything more photographable than Pete Davidson, a lollipop, and Kate Beckinsale. At least, this is what the paparazzi thought when they constantly stalked the pair of them. This is why Pete was trying to sneak his older girlfriend out of events. Although, it kind of looked like he enjoyed the flash of the cameras.

6 Okay, We Gotta Admit That Pete's A Lovable Goof-Ball

Elite Daily and IG

One of the reasons why Pete Davidson undoubtedly pulls the women than he does is the fact that he's a total goofball. Seriously, this guy is very likable when he just has fun. These pics with Carly Aquilino show that the guy knows how to have a good time, have a laugh, and make a girl feel like the world to him. Honestly, it's kind of cute.

5 The Way She Looked At Him Is Basically Every Dude's Dream


Once again we have to talk about the way Ariana looked at and touched Pete Davidson. These were signs of true and deep affection. Exactly what every person wants from their romantic partner. And though Pete is in the middle of saying something here, we can see that he's feeling the same way. This love burned hot. Too bad it fizzled out so quickly. Hopefully, they both learned not to rush things.

4 Cazzie David: A Hilarious Seductress From A Good Family

Life and Style

Before going to the Video Music Awards with Ariana Grande, he went to the same event a couple of years earlier with Cazzie David. Although this didn't make him the star of the event as it did when he attended with Ariana, it seemed far more relaxed. After all, Cazzie isn't showy. Even though she's a straight babe, from a famous family, and is funny as can be.

3 We Still Totally Don't Get This Match...

Daily Mail

We didn't know Carly Aquilino (or Pete) when he dated her, so we bought that. Both Pete and Cazzie live within the comedy world, so we bought that. And we saw his relationship with Ariana play out from start to dramatic finish, so we guess we bought that. But we definitely still don't understand his fling with Kate Beckinsale. The two are just from two very different worlds and don't seem realistic in the slightest. But, hey, why does our opinion matter? They're going to live their lives out the way they want regardless of what we say.

2 Two Little Cuddle-Bugs Before Things Got Complicated


Pete came into his relationship with Cazzie David with a ton of baggage. Just listen to his interview on The Howard Stern Show for proof of that. But still, there was real ease to his public relationship with Cazzie. She seemed to calm him in some way. But then Ariana came along and he went for the bigger star. It's a real shame since she seems like a major catch. Oh well, she's probably better off.

1 Pete Shares Ariana's GMA Spotlight


Ariana seemed more than happy to have Pete around at all of her public appearances including this one when she was interviewed by GMA. But it led the public to believe that he was riding her coattails. But the truth is, we really don't know anything about that. Maybe she legitimately loved him there and he legitimately loved being included. After all, their chemistry seemed like straight fire.

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