20 Photos Of Rachel Green That Ross Geller Wouldn’t Want Us To See

Jennifer Aniston portrayed Rachel Green, one of the most iconic characters in television history for 10 seasons. Although she continued to earn roles after the sitcom ended in May, 2004, die-hard fans will always associate her to Rachel. What's another thing that fans will always associate her character to? None other than Ross Geller, of course (David Schwimmer portrayed Ross for 10 seasons).

Ross and Rachel were THE will they, won't day couple in the 90s, and although the show has been off the air for more than 15 years now, that has not changed. Considering that the two had some pretty controversial (for their time) moments, it's no wonder that fans are still wondering if Ross and Rachel were ever REALLY on a break. We won't open that can of worms here, but what we will do is present 20 photos of Rachel that Ross would not be a fan of. He was pretty jealous, after all.

20 On The Beach With Vince Vaughn

This one’s gotta hurt Ross. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn starred in the 2006 film, The Break-Up, but unfortunately this is not a scene from the movie. We are not sure if the duo actually became a couple while filming the film, or if they got together after it wrapped, but regardless, this photo of the two lying down on the beach is not one that Ross would want us to look at.

19 Rachel And Mike?

This one might not only upset Ross Geller, but it might upset Phoebe, too, if not more so. Phoebe and Mike dated during the later part of the Friends series, and he was the only person who ever really got her to settle down, so we can’t imagine seeing this photo of her best friend and her husband, looking a little too close for comfort, is something she’d be too happy about. So double the apologies, here.

18 Too Much For Ross To Handle

It’s clear that our dear Rachel Green does not need a ton of makeup, or an extravagant gala dress to look like a million bucks. This photo features Jennifer Aniston with not much else on other than blouse cuffs, and it’s enough to drive us wild, so we can just imagine what Ross would be feeling if he saw this photo of Rachel.

17 With Joey

Oops, that’s not Ross… We know that Joey and Rachel dated for a while when she and Ross broke up, and we are also well aware of the way Ross felt about their relationship; he was not “fine”. It might be a friendly hug that we see in the photo above, but we’re going to guess that Ross would not like it one bit.

16 With Joshua (AKA Tate Donovan)

Is that Joshua, the client Rachel fell for when she was a personal shopper at Bloomingdale's in Season 4? Yes, it is. Sorry, Ross.

Jennifer Aniston and Tate Donovan dated in real life in 1994, and around the same time that the two starred alongside one another on Friends, they were actually on the verge of calling it quits (for real). Ross must have been pleased.

15 In The 90s

It seriously does not get any better than this photo of Rachel Green, with slightly disheveled hair. Although we are loving this photo, we can’t imagine Ross would want us looking at it for too long. Not only was he very protective of Rachel when the two were dating, but we KNOW how jealous he was, too.

14 With Ex John Mayer

Jennifer Aniston started dating musician John Mayer in February, 2008, shortly after the two had reportedly hit it off at an Oscars Party. Now we know this was not one of Jen’s most high profile relationships, but it was a tumultuous one nonetheless. Not only was the couple’s split a very public one, but the two actually got back together, only to call it quits a second time.

13 Horrible Bosses

If there is one role that Ross would probably be upset about, it would be this one. Jennifer Aniston starred in Horrible Bosses in 2011, and its sequel, Horrible Bosses 2 in 2014, alongside one of her best friends, Jason Bateman. If you’ve seen these movies, then we don’t really need to elaborate on why Ross would hate these roles the most. We don’t blame him, though.

12 Short Hair Don’t Care

Jennifer Aniston showed up to the 27th Annual People’s Choice Awards in 1999 sporting a new short hairdo, and wearing a low-cut satin-like dress. We know that Jennifer Aniston has always been a beauty but when we think that this photo was taken over 20 years ago, we are sincerely blown away.

11 Alongside Adam Sandler

Jennifer Aniston starred in the 2011 film Just Go With It, opposite Adam Sandler. If you’ve watched this film, then you know that this was one of her steamiest roles. We know that Ross would likely agree, although we doubt he would have loved the chemistry her character shares with none other than Adam Sandler (who has a Ph.D. in the film).

10 She’s Got Legs

We know that Jennifer Aniston became famous for her portrayal of the iconic Rachel Green on Friends, but when looking at photos like the one above, we can’t help but wonder if she could have taken a different route, and became a model instead. She’s got great acting chops no doubt, but she’s got great legs, too.

9 With Jake Gyllenhaal

We know that Jennifer Aniston has been in a few high profile relationships, but we didn’t know Jake Gyllenhaal was one of the men she dated. Well, that might be because this was never confirmed. What was confirmed though, is that according to cheatsheet.com, Jake has had a pretty long crush on Aniston. We can’t say we’re surprised, though. It looks like Gyllenhaal and Ross have something in common.

8 In Picture Perfect

Jennifer Aniston starred in the 1997 film Picture Perfect, and although it is not one of her more iconic roles, it is memorable nonetheless. Given that Jen starred alongside Kevin Bacon and that the two share some rather intimate scenes, we assume Ross would like us to forget about this movie altogether.

7 Vacation Pic

Were Ross and Rachel on a break when she went on this vacation? We don't know, but what we do know is that his sister Monica (Courteney Cox), was with her and her fiancé at the time, Justin Theroux. The group vacationed in Cabo, Mexico, and let's just say that Jennifer Aniston did not wear bathing suits that covered too much.

6 No Need To Explain

All we have to say is “wow!” Is it just us, or does this Friends star just seem to keep getting better with age? Jen was actually 49 when she took part in this photoshoot for InStyle magazine, and we’re not surprised they invited her to do it. On the other hand though, if Ross and Rachel were still dating, we have reason to believe he would hate that she agreed to this shoot.

5 With Will… We Mean Brad Pitt

Remember when Ross and Will (played by Jen’s current husband at the time Brad Pitt) made an “I hate Rachel club” and revealed it during a Thanksgiving episode? Well, it was fine because Ross and Rachel were having a baby together on the show, but in real life, seeing photos of his TV baby mama and one of Hollywood’s most attractive male stars is definitely not good for Ross’ ego.

4 Just Go With It

We already discussed the role Jennifer Aniston took on alongside Adam Sandler, Just Go With It, in 2011, but did we mention THE pink bikini scene? If you’ve watched this movie, then you certainly know what we are talking about; if you haven’t though, you are seriously missing out. Need proof? This is a behind the scenes photo of Jennifer Aniston in the role. Need we say more?

3 Everyone Loves Rachel

Even if Jennifer Aniston never became famous for her acting, we still think that everyone would notice her. She is one of the most beautiful women, after all. But Aniston’s beauty isn’t the only thing she should be known for. In fact, according to factinate.com, when she was just 11 years old, she painted a picture that was so impressive that it was featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

2 Classic Beach Pic

Jennifer Aniston seems to love going to hot vacation destinations to get away from her hectic schedule, and we know this because of all the photos paparazzi snap of the Friends star while she is lounging by a beach, or taking some sun, while always looking beautiful in a two-piece bathing suit. She might be wearing shorts in the photo above, but her white bikini top is definitely the main focus.

1 Another One With Paul Rudd

Seriously, how close are these two? We’re aware that they both starred in a sitcom called Friends, but when does it become more? Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd are said to have been friends for a long time, but when we see photos like the one above (or behind the scenes shots from their GQ shoot), we can’t help but wonder if they were ever anything more.

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