20 Photos Of Rihanna And Jay Z That Beyonce Probably Wishes We Never Saw

Today we decided to put our investigative glasses on and go through some highly-suspicious photos of singer Rihanna and rapper Jay-Z hanging out. Let's just say that Beyoncé definitely doesn't want us to see these pics of the two of them but she also doesn't really want to look at them herself.

The photos truly reek of betrayal as there's plenty of skin on skin and intense looks involved. Sure, you may not be convinced yet, but by the time you get to that last photo on our list and have seen all of the proof on offer, you will definitely agree with us. Rihanna and Jay-Z definitely need to stop this nonsense sooner rather than later!

Alright, now here they are — 20 pics of Rihanna and Jay-Z hanging out that queen B definitely wishes we never saw!

20 Let's Start Off With This Pic Of Jay-Z Looking Pretty Guilty — He Knows Beyoncé Will See This

Via: gettyimages.com

Oh no, once again a photographer managed to capture rapper Jay-Z and singer Rihanna together on camera, and judging from Jay's facial expression, he knows Beyoncé won't be too happy about it. And if he's not worried about Bey's reaction, we do wonder why Jay-Z seems a bit caught off guard in this photo!

19 And Beyoncé Won't Be Happy About It

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Another pic that queen B most likely won't approve of is this one of Jay-z and Rihanna hugging on stage. There's only one woman that Jay-Z is allowed to hug and it's certainly not Rihanna. Alright, before anyone starts thinking doubting us — please keep scrolling, and especially make sure you check out the final photo!

18 Why Is Jay Looking So Enchanted When Rihanna Is In Front Of Him?

Via: pinterest.com

Well, if our significant other was looking at another lady the way that Jay-Z is looking at Rihanna in this photo, we might get a bit upset as well. The famous rapper definitely looks enchanted with the singer, and we wonder how he explained that to his wife Beyoncé!

17 And Why Are The Two They're Blushing?

Via: gettyimages.com

Well, we're not actually trying to stir things up (who are we kidding — we totally are) but why do Rihanna and Jay-Z blush when they see each other? They are totally giving us a suspicious vibe, almost like the two are hiding something! Who knows, maybe they're just dying to share with the world that they are working on a new song together...

16 Jay Looks A Smidge Too Happy When Rihanna Said Hi To Him At A Basketball Game

Via: zimbio.com

When both Rihanna and Jay-Z attended an LA Lakers basketball game that photographers were quick to capture their interaction. It was pretty obvious that Jay had no idea RiRi would attend the game, and he definitely seemed a bit too happy when she came to say hi to him!

15 The Two Always Seem To Be Cracking Each Other Up

Via: people.com

One thing we quickly noticed about the two is that Rihanna and Jay-Z always laugh when they're together. Now we're not trying to say anything, but if you compare that with pics of Jay-Z and Beyoncé — the couple certainly isn't laughing nearly as much when they're photographed together.

14 Seriously, Can The Two Not Have Such A Good Time Together?

Via: flipboard.com

Here's another pic of them laughing, just in case you need more proof. Well, close friends also tend to laugh a lot together, so this doesn't have to mean anything. We do think though that Beyoncé hates seeing these pics — mainly because Jay never laughs that hard at her jokes!

13 Jay -Z Better Move That Hand Off Rihanna's Shoulder Quickly

Via: gettyimages.com

Yup, that hand belongs on Beyoncé's shoulder, and Beyoncé's shoulder only! Of course, we are being a bit too dramatic as Jay-Z isn't really doing anything bad but hey — we like to imagine that Beyoncé is the one wearing the pants in their relationship meaning that he must do as she says!

12 And Rihanna Better Do The Same

Via: elle.com

We'll there are definitely always two people in these pics, so we gotta blame Rihanna a bit as well — she must know that Jay-Z is a taken man. And while some of you may think that the two always behave like siblings, keep on scrolling — we might convince you that's not true!

11 Actually, We're Pretty Sure Beyoncé Doesn't Want Them To High-Five Either

Via: popsugar.com

High-fiving is a pretty sacred act and something tells us that Beyoncé doesn't really want Jay-Z to be doing it with anyone else, especially not another female singer that has always been compared to her. But yet here he is at a red carpet event, putting his hand on Rihanna's hand.

10 Or To Ever Party Together

Via: gettyimages.com

Do you know what's worse betrayal than a high-five? Partying together! And do you know who partied together? Jay-Z and Rihanna! Yup, in the photo above you can see the two have a drink together and boy, oh, boy — Beyoncé most likely does not approve of that at all!

9 They Shouldn't Be This Close To Each Other When Performing

Via: gettyimages.com

While queen B can understand that Rihanna nad Jay-Z occasionally need to collaborate — with Rihanna being Jay's protege and all, but what queen B doesn't understand is why the two also need to perform those songs together. She doesn't want to see her man with another woman on stage, she's the only singer he's allowed to do that with!

8 And Jay Shouldn't Let RiRi Talk To His And Beyoncé's Daughter

Via: popsugar.com

Speaking of things Jay-Z shouldn't do, he obviously shouldn't let Rihanna hang out with Beyoncé's daughter Blue Ivy! And we bet Beyoncé was even more upset if her little Blue Ivy actually enjoyed hanging out with Rihanna — that would definitely feel like a double betrayal for the diva.

7 Rihanna Can't Push Bey's Man Like That

Via: gawker.com

Here's a pic of Rihanna kind of pushing Jay-Z away from her on stage and once again, Beyoncé probably has something to say about this. But since Beyoncé doesn't talk about this in public, our best guess is that she was upset with Rihanna, because the only person who gets to push Jay like that is Beyoncé.

6 Wow — Another Happy Pic Of The Two Hugging

Via: mirror.co.uk

In case you still need to be convinced that RiRi and Jay-Z always have a great time together, here's another photo of the two hugging each other while having huge grins on their faces. Seriously, are these two stars ever in a bad mood when they're together?

5 Who Gave Them Permission To Sit Next To Each Other?

Via: gettyimages.com

We like to imagine that Beyoncé made a strict rule about whom Jay-Z can sit next to and that list is pretty short — only Beyoncé is on it. And that would also mean that Jay is breaking that rule in this pic by sitting next to Rihanna!

4 This Is Better — Except Why Does Jay Look So Bummed Out About Not Sitting Next To Rihanna

Via: gettyimages.com

If that hypothetical rule was to exist — Beyoncé would be very happy to see that Jay-Z didn't sit next to Rihanna this time. He did, however, sit next to another pretty lady which isn't really an improvement of the situation for Beyoncé, meaning that Jay would again come home to an angry queen B.

3 Here's More Hand-On-Shoulder Action

Via: gettyimages.com

By now you're surely convinced that Rihanna and Jay-Z are doing something they're not supposed to and that Beyoncé is very upset with them, right? Come on, this pic definitely proves it — just look at the placement of Jay's fingers on Rihanna's shoulder! That's not just a friendly hug!

2 Is Rihanna Wearing One Of Jay-Z's Shirts?

Via: justjared.com

Don't quote us on this, but we feel like we've seen that white shirt that Rihanna is rocking on Jay-Z before. Yeah, we're like 99% sure, and that can only mean one thing — either she stole it (in which case he wouldn't seem so chill about it) or he let her have it to wear around as she pleased.

1 These Two Need To Stop With This Nonsense ASAP

Via: gettyimages.com

Alright, those were all the pics we could find. If you're not convinced that something is going on between these two, congrats — that means you haven't lost your mind yet! Rihanna and Jay-Z have always been close friends, and while the media tried to pit RiRi and Bey against each other, the two ladies never fell for it!

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