20 Photos Of Smoothie Bowls To Inspire You To Eat Healthy

There's no shame in taking your morning smoothie to go, but these amazing photos show that a healthy breakfast can also be a work of art. Put down the mason jar and grab your prettiest bowl, because these nutritious, delicious, and beautiful smoothies are about to inspire you.

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20 Raspberry

Via: alphabreakfast.com

This raspberry smoothie bowl is basically high art.

19 Double Chocolate Peanut Butter

Via: howsweeteats.com

You had me at "double chocolate peanut butter." Get the recipe here.

18 Blackberry Coconut

Via: helloglow.co

This blackberry smoothie bowl is perfect for summer.

17 Blueberry Acai

Via: happyhealthblog.com

Smoothie stripe game on point. Check it out here.

16 Green Smoothie with Dragonfruit and Kumquat

Via: radiantrachels.com

Dragonfruit makes this green smoothie a bona-fide work of art.

15 Berry Bowl

Via: laurencariscooks.com

The prettiest pink smoothie you've ever seen. Check it out here.

14 Lilikoi-Acai

Via: theinertia.com

Say "aloha" to this beautiful passionfruit and acai bowl.

13 Tropical Green

Via: nutmegnanny.com

I can't even with these beautiful edible orchids. Find the recipe here.

12 Coconut Oats with Crunchy Black Sesame Quinoa Cereal

Via: halfbakedharvest.com

Did you know you can make a smoothie with oatmeal? Now you do. Read about it here.

11 Cranberry Apple

Via: twokitchencollision.com

This minimalist cranberry-apple bowl is perfect for a crisp fall morning.

10 Mango and Papaya

Via: laurencariscooks.com

This tropical smoothie is like a bowl full of sunshine.

9 Strawberry and Raspberry

Via: forkandflower.com

Edible flowers are the best. See more amazing pics here.

8 Cashew

Via: alphabreakfast.com

Almond butter and a dark chocolate drizzle = abstract art in a bowl. Get the recipe here.

7 Green Smoothie with Pear and Ginger

Via: thrivemarket.com

These colors are perfect. Find the recipe here.

6 Dragon Fruit

Via: nutritionstripped.com

Dried fruit, coconut, and figs are perfect against this fuchsia dragon fruit smoothie.

5 Cherry Cacao Crunch

Via: parsleyhealth.com

Pomegranates, cherries, and chocolate, oh my! Learn more about this chocolate smoothie here.

4 Black Forest Bowl

Via: alphabreakfast.com

I don't know what's happening with this berry smoothie, but I'm definitely intrigued.

3 Pineapple, Strawberry, and Banana

Via: juniperwoodkitchen.com

Flowers for breakfast is my dream come true. Check out the recipe here.

2 Superfood Loaded Smoothie

Via: eatsomethingdelicious.com

This color palette is almost too pretty to eat IMO. Get the ingredient list here.

1 Clean Green Smoothie

Via: downshiftology.com

The secret ingredient to this creamy green smoothie is avocado.

What are you waiting for? Your own instagram-worthy breakfast is just a few minutes away.

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