20 Photos Of The Most Attractive Women Scott Disick Has Been With

Scott Disick has been in and out of entertainment news lately. While he started off in the world of reality TV and social media fame before the Kardashians (yes, really) a long, long time ago, many of us know him simply as Kourtney Kardashian’s ex. Splitting with the Kardashian crew might have had some of us assuming that his time in the spotlight was over, but over the last few years he’s gained even more notoriety. We’re not surprised at this. An ex partner is the perfect plot point for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and not one that the sisters will give up easily.

The drama thickens when there’s new girlfriends in the mix, which seems to be often for Disick. Just how many women has he been linked to? Great question. We’ve gone through and found a handful of them; at least, the most attractive ones.

20 We Have To Start With The Current One, Sofia Richie


At first we were like, “ew”. But now, after they’ve been together for so long, we’re starting to come around to the idea that these two might be good for each other after all. Yes, Sofia Richie is young. However, Disick seems to be the one to have grown up quite a bit after getting into this relationship!

19 They've Been Together For So Long


While they do have an age gap, it seems like that hasn’t affected them in any way other than the perception of them. Radar reminds us that they first linked up in later 2017, which means it’s been a couple of years since the relationship got going. That’s long enough to know that this is a couple that’s going to be around for a while.

18 But He Has, Of Course, Dated Other People


But what about the era pre-Sofia Richie? What was he doing for much of his life before finding himself inextricably joined to that young model? The answer is simple: he was hanging around with other models, reality TV stars, and famous folks. He just can’t seem to stay away, to be honest!

17 The Most Famous Being Kourtney Kardashian


We aren’t able to do an article about Scott Disick’s exes and not include Kourtney Kardashian. Not only is she the most famous ex, but they really had built a life together before splitting. He and Kourtney had been together for years; long enough to have 3 kids and a pretty established reality star career on Disick's part.

16 Chloe Bartoli Started The Whole Famous-Girlfriend Thing For Him


However, we can’t really include Kourtney Kardashian in as just another girlfriend. Chloe Bartoli really gets that moniker, as she was one of the first ones that Disick started seeing after the whole Kardashian drama split. And, according to Radar, during the whole Kardashian split too. Some people think she even played a part in sealing Disick’s divorce fate!

15 But Scott Has Been With Many Others, Like Lindsay Vrckovnik

To be honest, this one is a little tricky for us to talk about. Revelist lists her as a “then-teenager” when Scott Disick and her started hanging out, which makes us raise not one, but two eyebrows. Judgements aside, she is absolutely gorgeous. It’s no surprise she catches everyone’s eye (and the tabloid attention).

14 Lina Sandberg Was Never Official


Funny thing about a lot of these relationships: many of them were never official. The phrase “hanging out with” was used a lot when we were researching how Disick and his women initially got linked up. So is it a surprise that Lina Sandberg was never actually official? We’ll have to go with a strong “no” on that one.

13 Neither Was Emma Blanchard


A little more recent in the world of Disick’s relationships, Emma Blanchard seemed to be in the mix of the pre-Sofia Richie relationships which were never really official relationships. Again, that classic “hanging out” phrase was used in conjunction with her. We can’t say anything more, as they were never really official.

12 Megan Blake Irwin Kept Mum About The Details

Have you ever had that one romantic match which was really great for all of 3 weeks, and then seemed to fizzle out? We certainly have, which means we can empathize with Megan Blake Irwin’s situation with Scott Disick. Radar says that their stint happened back in April of 2016, which was when most of the buzz happened too.

11 But We're Pretty Sure They Hardcore Dated


While the relationship itself never seemed to blossom, their dating life certainly did. Revelist quotes Irwin as saying, “Scott is a lovely guy but that's about all I'm going to say about that," which is basically tantamount to a confession of love in the celebrity world. It’s almost a shame these two didn’t work out.

10 Christine Burke Was A Pretty (And Popular) Plus One For Him


So, what’s the natural thing to do after a month long whirlwind romance dies out? Get yourself into another month long whirlwind romance. That’s what happened with this woman from Scott Disick’s past. Spring of 2016 was a busy time for Disick, as his and Burke’s totally-actually-a-relationship came into the public awareness.

9 But Bella Banos Beats Out The Rest For Furthest Travelled


Bella Banos is an interesting one. Rather than falling into the pattern of keeping quiet about her time with Scott, Revelist says that Banos talked openly about their not-a-relationship relationship. They say that Scott “would frequently fly her out to meet him wherever he happened to be across the globe,” which definitely sounds a little over the top for us.

8 Then There Was The Other Bella, Bella Thorne


One of the most surprising links Disick has had to younger stars is the almost-relationship he had with Bella Thorne. The queen of quirk, Thorne and Disick always seemed like a strange mix. Sure enough though, the media coverage was huge as their names were both big in the public consciousness for a time.

7 Though Things Ended Pretty Quick On That Front


As quickly as their relationship started, it ended. While many of Disick’s lovely ladies seem to part on mutual terms, Thorne was the one who spearheaded this breakup. According to Revelist she got a little too tired of all the media attention, especially in the wake of Disick’s other press coverage (like, you know, the divorce proceedings and huge variety of arm candy he had had).

6 And An Ella, Just To Change Things Up


Is there some secret powers these Ellas and Bellas have that we don’t? Clearly the power isn’t strong enough to stick around in his life, but it is enough to get that initial relationship flowing. Ella was but a brief flicker of a romance, but it’s interesting to see how similar she looks to Disick’s now girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

5 Chantel Jeffries Was Seen Hanging Around For A While


Prior to Richie and Disick holding hands was the fling he had with Chantel Jeffries. Absolutely gorgeous, she’s not quite the Kendall Jenner lookalike that Bella Banos is, but maybe that’s a good thing. After all, she still has those Kardashian vibes. Maybe it’s the perfect eyebrows, flawlessly tanned skin, and luscious hair.

4 Jessica Harris Was A Maybe For Disick


Unfortunately Jessica Harris was a bit of a swing and a miss for Scott Disick. This model has been listed as one of the “older” models he’s been with, even though she’s only 25 and looks like she’s 18. Not to mention how well she photographs! This could have been a really lovely relationship for the two of them, in our opinion.

3 But She Was Definitely A Solid 10/10 For Us


However, they didn’t seem to agree with us that the relationship was worth pursuing. Scott Disick disagreed the most, and he was quickly tired of spending time with Harris. But hey, she’s moved on to bigger and better things, now, so did anyone really lose out here? We’re going to have to go with a resounding nope. 10/10 in our books!

2 It's Hard To Choose A Most Attractive Woman


And honestly, why would we want to? We believe in celebrating the attractiveness of all women, not just the ones who stuck around for longer than others. It’s no surprise to us that they’ve all been gorgeous. After all, just look at Scott Disick. He’s a total Ken doll (as confirmed by his most recent Halloween costume).

1 Because They're All Incredibly Gorgeous


No matter the age, length of relationship, or Kardashian-lookalike status, all of these women are totally gorgeous. Sure, maybe it’s just because they’re of the young model variety. But we believe that they’re gorgeous inside as well. Not to mention the obvious gorgeousness of the looks variety. All in all, Scott seems to be connected to some good women.

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