20 Photos Of The Most Stunning Olympians Around The World

Is there any sporting event more fun to watch than the Olympics? You have competition between the best athletes all over the world, all representing their countries, battling against each other.

You also have a whole lot of good looking women. Some of the female Olympic athletes are some of the hottest women in the entire world, and if we were to be honest, we like looking at them just as much as we enjoy the competitions. We've compiled a list of some of the most recent hottest Olympic athletes. We don't know for sure if they're going to be competing in the next Summer or Winter Olympics, but we sure hope so. It's been way too long to wait since we've seen them last.

Here are 20 photos of the most stunning Olympians from around the world.

20 Jamie Anderson - USA, Snowboarding

Jamie is an excellent athlete, she took home the gold medal in the women's snowboard slopestyle at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. If we were giving out gold medals when it came to looks she would win one of those as well.

19 Tessa Virtue - Canada, Figure Skating

Tessa Virtue is a total looker, and she also has an excellent name as well. Tessa Virtue? Are you kidding me? She sounds like she should be in a Marvel movie. She has had great success at the Olympics in the past for Canada, it remains to be seen if she will skate again.

18 Rosalind Groenewoud - Canada, Freestyle Skiing

Those eyes though, Rosalind sure is gorgeous. While she has had a lot of success in the past at the X-Games she has yet to medal in the Olympics. That could change though, even if she has a lot of experience she is still just 29 years old.

17 Ellen Hoog - Netherlands, Field Hockey

Sure, Ellen is an absolute knockout, but don't be deceived by her beauty. She is one heck of an athlete. She was part of a field hockey team that won a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics. Does she have what it takes to win another? Only time will tell.

16 Alie Krieger - USA, Soccer

There are a lot of gorgeous women on the United States soccer team and Allie sure is one of them for certain. She has had some injury issues in the past but has still managed to appear in over 100 games for the United States National team.

15 Jacqueline Carvalho - Brazil, Volleyball

If one went just by watching the Olympics it would be easy to think that every woman from Brazil was an absolute knockout. Pretty much every woman on their volleyball team is ridiculously hot and Jacquiline is certainly no exception.

14 Silje Norendal - Norway, Snowboarding

Silje is the perfect example of what pretty much everyone dreams that women in Norway look like. She is so gorgeous. She has won medals in the X-Games before but never in the Winter Olympics. Maybe that will change the next time around.

13 Madison Chock - USA, Figure Skating

Madison manages to look sexy and sophisticated all at once. With her skating partner, Evan Bates, she has won numerous national and international competitions. We have to say though when it comes to Madison we don't like the word "partner."

12 Nadja Purtschert - Switzerland, Snowboarding

How cute is Nadja? She has competed in the past at the Olympics with Switzerland although she hasn't had a huge amount of success. Let's hope she gets another chance to compete though, we sure do want to see her on the slopes.

11 Christen Press - USA Soccer

Christen is yet another of the gorgeous female United States soccer players. She was a huge success when at Stanford in college and has had a successful pro career as well. She has been blessed with talent as well as looks, although hard work has a lot to do with her success as well.

10 Michelle Jenneke - Australia, Hurdles

Michelle is not only a knockout but has a great attitude as well. If you have never seen Michelle's warm-up routine before she competed in the hurdles, just stop whatever you're doing and Google it now. We guarantee you won't be sorry that you did.

9 Zsuzsanna Jakabos - Hungary, Swimming

Zsuzsanna has competed at the 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympics which is quite impressive, but she has never finished higher than 6th. Despite all the appearances she is just 30 years old. It goes without saying she is an absolute stunner.

8 Ana Ivanovic - Serbia, Tennis

Ana is gorgeous. Watching Ana play tennis is kind of an interesting thing. You might start out routing for her, or for her opponent, but sooner or later you just kind of forget what is going on and just watch her. That is just how hot she is.

7 Alex Morgan - USA-Soccer

In all honesty, we could make this entire list around the United States Women's soccer team. Pretty much every single one of them is really good looking. Still, even on a team of beautiful women, Alex Morgan stands out as a total stunner.

6 Sofia Goggia - Italy, Alpine Skiing

Sophia has a natural vibe that in most people's opinion makes her even hotter. She won the gold medal in the downhill at the 2018 Winter Olympics. There is a pretty good bet that she will be competing for Italy again at the Olympics in the future.

5 Penny Coomes - Great Britain, Figure Skating

Penny is an ice dancer from Great Britain who has won numerous international medals with her partner. She seems a pretty good bet to be competing at the next Winter Olympics, which is a good thing because she is so lovely.

4 Giada Russo - Italy, Figure Skating

Giada is from Italy and is a figure skater. She has won the national championship twice in her home country and is only 22 years old so it's a very good bet she will be at the next Olympics. She makes our list of best looking Olympians with ease.

3 Rowan Cheshire - Great Britain, Freestyle Skiing

Rowan is an absolute knockout. It's a shame she has to keep her tattoos and abs are hidden behind all of that ski clothing, but we get that it must get cold out there. She is only 24 years old so here is hoping we get to see her at the next Winter Olympics.

2 Justine Braisaz - France, Biathlon

Justine was part of a Bronze medal-winning team at the last Olympics and it's a good bet we are going to see her compete again. Being a Bi-athlete her sport involves her cross country skiing and then rifle shooting. And come on, how hot is that?

1 Torah Bright - Australia, Snowboarding

Torah is just adorable. She has that sort of fun-loving vibe that all sorts of hot snowboarders do. After all, when you think of it cute snowboarders are kind of like the surfing chicks of the winter. And we all know how hot surfers can be.

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