20 Pics Of The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan We Can't Stop Looking At

Lauren Cohan is, according to her IMDb, an actress who grew up split between America and the UK. With an accent many of us don’t realize she has and the fiery sensibilities of New Jersey (where she was born), Cohan is an interesting mix. Her personality is one which is both sweet and steamy, and the roles she’s cast in reflect that. It’s no surprise that her role on The Walking Dead was so well received. Not only does it show off her intelligence and grit, but it also has the added benefit of reminding the world just how attractive she is.

We personally love Lauren Cohan. What better way to celebrate that than by taking our viewing of her one step further? We’re sure everyone else will agree after looking at these photos. These are 20 of the best Lauren Cohan pics; no need to thank us.

20 We All Know Laura Cohan Is Attractive


Otherwise this article wouldn’t even exist, right? While The Walking Dead isn’t necessarily the first show we’d think of turning on when we want to look at pretty people (the whole zombie thing kind of ruins that niche), Laura Cohan is one of the few saving graces on the show. At least, in terms of attractiveness.

19 But Has Anyone Else Realized Just How Attractive?


We’ll admit it: it’s a little hard to think of her in any context other than survival mode. Her time on the show has consisted mostly of zombie beating and running, and she typically spends a lot of time covered in dirt. Maybe that’s why we never really saw her as attractive as she actually is.

18 She's Incredibly Confident


We know that most actors are confident, but all seem to pale in comparison to the lovely Lauren Cohan. Not only has she been on The Walking Dead, but IMDb tells us she’s also been featured on Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Her career is still going as well, with her fantastic role in Whiskey Cavalier.

17 And Effortlessly Chic


Somehow it doesn’t matter that most of the time we’ve seen her covered in mud and zombie gunk; she’s always got an effortlessly chic vibe. This comes across in her personal life and her casual photos as much as it does in her career/film work. She has a commanding presence, but not an overpowering one. Très chic!

16 Even When She's Brushing Her Teeth


How could we not include a cute photo like this one? Teeth brushing isn’t the first action we’d think of when the topic of hot photos comes up, but here we are. Lauren Cohan has this unique superpower of being able to look both powerful and chic as well as adorable and innocent. As proven by this photo!

15 She's Playful

Admittedly we couldn’t find much about the history of this photo. It looks like her and her best friend were snapping social media pics outside of their apartment building. However, it could also be a real photoshoot. Although we’re not sure which kind of magazine would be publishing a saucy photo like this.

14 But Powerful

Let’s just look at the facts for a second. Not only does Cohan have a powerful role in The Walking Dead, but she’s also got a powerful image. While her style might change between feminine and feisty, there’s an inherent power that she has. Is it confidence? Is it prowess? We’re not sure, but we do know we love it.

13 And Isn't Afraid Of The Camera


Jury’s out on whether or not this was a planned photo, but the point just gets made more if it’s not. Film and TV actors have to love cameras, but Cohan takes it to a whole other level. She so clearly loves the camera, and this casual photo of her in a tank top is totally proof. Just look at that smile!

12 Or Form-Fitting Dresses


At the risk of getting too personal, we just want to say that we love a woman in a form-fitting dress. It’s feminine, it’s sultry, and it shows off more of her curves than if she was in a t-shirt and jeans. This dress in particular is a bold choice, as the white doesn’t hide anything. Not to mention the fit and flare accentuation!

11 Rocking Out Is Par For The Course With Lauren


Maybe it was more glorified karaoke than a true rock show, but we don’t really need to differentiate. Comic Book tells us that this photo was a snap caught when Cohan went on Lip Synch Battles and performed Sister Christian. Honestly, we love it. Cohan’s rocker side is awesome, even if her voice isn’t there.

10 Even When It Comes To Magazine Spreads


Now this photo is definitely coming to us from a magazine spread. This photographer really managed to capture the sweetness and spiciness of Lauren Cohan, and kept it in a gorgeous black and white scheme. Harkening back to old Hollywood, this is a style that totally suits her, in our opinion.

9 Her Signature Button-Down Tee Helps


Helps a lot. Like, a lot a lot. We’ve seen her wear her signature button down ribbed t-shirt in the show before, but it’s even better when we see her like this. There’s something about the unbuttoning of the shirt that gives us just enough to get excited, but not enough to be indecent. The lack of pants helps with that part.

8 She's Super Cute, Even When She's Reclining


Just because she’s laid back and relaxed doesn’t mean she slacks on looking good. This blue dress is a fantastic match for her style and skin tone. Not to mention the fact that she seems so at ease in it, despite how revealing the cut of the dress is. We wish we looked this easy and confident when dressed up like this!

7 Her Characters Are All Incredibly Attractive Too

From Vampire Diaries to Whiskey Cavalier, Lauren Cohan seems to continuously book projects that remind us how attractive she is. Her characters all have that intelligent-but-sultry look to them. This even holds true for The Walking Dead, which puts her survival skills on full display (even if they are written into the script).

6 Who Doesn't Love A Strong Woman

The one thing we will say is that we appreciate Cohan doing a photoshoot that promotes strength. So often we only see pretty or steamy photos on the cover of magazines, but not a lot that show off how strong women are. This photo shows that Cohan isn’t just interested in being pretty, she’s also interested in being strong.

5 Just Look At That Steamy Stare

Need we say more? This photo totally speaks for itself. A little more artistic than some of the other photoshoots we’ve seen, Cohan’s picture in this style shows just how creative she can be. Not to mention how fun a semi-sheer top can be, especially when it’s on someone as attractive as her.

4 She Can Still Be Silly, Though


A sense of humour and a great style? Cohan is truly the whole package. While this black and white striped shirt isn’t our personal favorite style choice of hers, we love the personality that she’s got. The power and the prowess come through, but so does the silly sense of humour she has.

3 Do We Even Need To Mention The Leggings?


While those shoes don’t look like they were made for running, the rest of the outfit certainly taps into those Sporty Spice vibes. We personally love the way that her style seems to merge and change, while still retaining the same kind of chic and powerful look that we know and love.

2 Or The Flesh-Toned Top?


We wish we were confident enough to wear a skin tone shirt like this one. Not does the shirt make us believe that she has nothing on at first glance, it also makes us think about what it would be like if she was legitimately wearing nothing. Which, now that we think about it, might be the point of skin toned clothing in general.

1 It's Official: Lauren Cohan Is Too Darn Hot

From sweet to sultry, clothed to less clothed, Lauren Cohan is truly the highlight of The Walking Dead (at least when it comes to looks). We’re big fans of the way that Cohan appears on camera, both in these photos and in her acting work. Intelligent, chic, and oh-so-nice, Cohan is one of those actors who’s just too darn hot!

Sources: imdb.com, comicbook.com

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