20 Photos Of Will And Jada Smith Raising Their Kids (That Are Coming To Light)

We all have an opinion on Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's parenting tactics. Their kids Willow Smith and, in particular, Jaden Smith, get caught up in the news for all sorts of shenanigans. Even Will's son from his previous marriage, Trey Smith, pops up on The Daily News from time to time. But it's photos like the ones below that have us questioning Will and Jada's choices. After all, the products of their parenting are running rampant in our society.

Of course, not every tactic emphasized in these pics raise alarms. In some ways, we can all learn a great deal from Will and Jada, especially when it comes to empowering children. Other parenting styles, however, have us scratching our heads. Without further ado, here are 20 photos of Will and Jada Smith raising their kids that are coming to light.

20 They Have A "Circle Of Safety" And It's As Pretentious As It Sounds


Will and Jada are almost always called "pretentious". Their "circle of safety", that's shown here, is certainly a reason why. During an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Will described that his kids are allowed to say anything they chose to in the "circle of safety". Nothing is criticized or punished. It's a safe space to safe literally whatever pops into their mind.

19 The Results Of Making Willow And Jaden Chose The Consequences To Their Actions


During an interview with EOnline, Will described that he and Jada used to tell Willow and Jaden to pick the consequences to their own mistakes. The thought was that they would learn to take responsibility for themselves. However, this thinking is underdeveloped given that life seldom lets us choose the effects of our decisions. Not to mention, their "punishment" could be showing up to a premiere like this one in some outfits that should've been left in 1997.

18 Trey's Mom Is Part Of Will And Jada's Extended Family

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As we can see here, Will's ex, Sheree Zampino, is included in the extended Smith family. This is because the two share a son together, Trey. According to EOnline, Jada and Sheree have gotten pretty close, despite years of conflict. This has resulted in one big happy family who together co-parent Trey. This is pretty evolved and inclusive of them.

17 The Hands-Off Approach To Parenting Doesn't Always Go-Over Well

Refinery 24

Will and Jada have stood firmly behind their "hands-off" approach to parenting. According to Oprah Mag, this includes their decision to home-school their children. But these choices have led to controversy. Critics are particularly harsh on the "obnoxious" attitude that Jaden seems to have because of it. Willow, on the other hand, appears a little more well-rounded.

16 Will And Jada Giving Willow Freedom Got Them In Trouble

Daily Mail

Because Will and Jada gave Willow so much freedom, they were investigated by the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services. According to The Daily Mail, this is because of photos of their 13-year-old daughter, Willow, in bed with her 20-year-old friend, Moises Arias. Will and Jada, in particular, came to the defense of their daughter and their parenting, claiming that there was nothing wrong with Willow's friendship with the Hannah Montana alumnus.

15 Embarrassing The Kids Is Essential To The Parenting Experience


As we can see, Will has no issues embarrassing his kids in public. In fact, according to his social media, he does it in order for them to have a more realistic image of themselves. During Jaden's 21st birthday party, Will got up and explained how his "little boy" was convinced, much to the chagrin of his son and all of his friends.

14 There Are No Rules In The Pinkett-Smith Household

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They have no rules. This is what Jada Pinkett-Smith said during an interview with Style Magazine. Instead of making a bunch of rules for their kids to follow around the house, they come to some sort of agreement with them. There are always negotiations to be had instead of just telling them what to do.

13 Will And Trey's Past Wasn't All Birthday Cakes And Kisses


This image of Will and Trey presents a certain idea of their relationship. But according to his interview on The Today Show, it wasn't as it seems. Trey had a deep-seated resentment toward his father for many years. This mostly had to do with the break-up of his parents and Will's distance. However, over time, the pair have become exceptionally close.

12 Will Even Says They've Gone "Too Far" With Their Parenting

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According to Vanity Fair, Will claims that he agrees with some of the parenting criticism leveled against him and Jada. He sees incredible confidence in Willow and Jaden and wonders if it's entirely justified. He described that Jaden is "100 percent fearless" and how that fact scares him as a father. But even with these acknowledgments, Will still laughs it off.

11 Willow And Jaden Were Brought Up To Have Incredible Confidence


Although it's led to people hating them, Willow and Jaden have been brought up to have incredible confidence. How else would they be able to stroll down a red carpet looking like fully-formed adults before even going through puberty? Seriously, these kids may have a bit too much self-assurance for their own good.

10 Will Almost Became A Stage-Parent With Willow


During an interview with The Independent, Will admitted that he tried to convince Willow to carry on with her pop music even though she felt she as done with it. Of course, Willow is best known for her single, "Whip My Hair". But after that came out in 2010, she wanted out. It took a while, but Will eventually learned to let Willow pursue other academic and financial pursuits despite his desire to see her as an international pop star.

9 Staying Fit With The Kids Is Vital


There's no way to avoid saying it, The Smith family are all ridiculously fit. Seriously, the bodies on these people are just spectacular. Part of that comes from Jada's desire for her family to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. But working out has become something to bond over, especially with her daughter, Willow. We can see here that even Jada's mom, Adrienne, gets involved.

8 Jada Has a Role As A Step-Mom To Trey


Unlike some of us, Trey doesn't have a wicked step-mother. Although he's very close with his mom, Sheree, he and Jada are also tight. According to The Daily Mail, Jada even posted about how she's inspired by Trey on a daily basis and watched him "climb to the mountain of self-actualization". She calls Trey her "bonus son" and also her "friend".

7 Jada Wants To Forgive Herself For Not Being A Perfect Parent


Jada knows she's not a perfect mother but she also knows that that's okay. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she said that she is willing to forgive herself for some of the parenting mistakes she made with Willow and Jaden. Apparently, she's learned a lot from the experience of being a parent. But she's also proud to stand behind her children whom she believes are wonderful people.

6 Family Outings Are Key

Just Jared

Here we see Jada, Will, Willow, and Trey enjoying a family outing a few years back. According to The Daily Mail, they went on a shopping spree at Plant Blue in Malibu and even wore matching gym-wear. As the pair of Hollywood parents have stated, doing things as a family is vital to maintaining their connection through harder, busier times.

5 Jaden Was Allowed To Have Girls In His Room

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Much like Willow was allowed to have a shirtless Moises Arias laying around her room when she was merely 13, a young Jaden was allowed to have girls do the same. Here we see him and Kylie Jenner lounging on his bed. According to Paper, the pair were rumored to have had a romance but claimed to just be friends. Regardless, it must have been nice for Jaden to have this kind of freedom when he was young.

4 Not Afraid To Have Daddy-Daughter Time


Will was thrilled when he got to go as his daughter's date to the Chanel couture show in Paris in 2016. According to Us Magazine, the glamourous Chanel ambassador was happy to go with her A-list papa instead of a boy. That's because neither of them is afraid to have daddy-daughter time. This is probably due to the atmosphere that Will created at home.

3 Their Children Are Their Equals


Will won't see his children as property. He made this very clear during an interview with Haute Living. He said that he and Jada treat their children as equals. Because they do so, he claimed that they have been able to mature more rapidly. This has been one of the cornerstones of their parenting philosophy. Whether this perspective worked or not is in the eye of the beholder.

2 Willow's Hair Became About Breaking Stereotype

Just Jared

Willow Smith has gone through many different hairstyles. But her 2012 decision to shave off her dreads caused critics to voice their opinions. Jada was outspoken about how she believed her daughter broke gender stereotypes by doing this, making it clear that Willow has the full support of her parents when it comes to this identity issue.

1 A Life Of Extravagance Isn't A Bad Thing In Their Eyes


There's no doubt that the Smith family lives in extravagance. Both Will and Jada have made an extraordinary amount of money, allowing their kids to do the same. None of them have been shy about flaunting their wealth as they believe it's true to who they are. But Will and Jada have also taught their children to have respect for it and emphasized that their way of life isn't the norm.

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