20 Pics That Prove Kendall Does NOT Keep Up With The Kardashians

We all keep up with the Kardashians, right? Part of the joy of living in this world is getting to see what wacky things Kim Kardashian is wearing. Kylie Jenner’s given us hours of enjoyment, and even the Kourtney/Scott/Sofia dynamic makes us double take whenever a new headline or photo is released. However, these might not be as compelling to everyone as we thought.

Kendall Jenner, sister to Kylie and unofficial “cool girl” out of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, is one person who doesn’t seem to keep up with the Kardashians. It looks like she might just consider herself lucky that she’s part of the family, rather than actually embracing the Kardashian hubbub.

We combed through her pics and we’ve found 20 photos to back us up. Here are all the reasons we believe Kendall Jenner doesn’t keep up with the Kardashians as much as we do.

20 She's Usually Alone On The Red Carpets


Maybe this is an unfair assumption, but we can’t help but notice all the photos of Kendall Jenner alone on red carpets. We also can’t help but notice the fact that she doesn’t look upset about it, either!

She’s always brimming with confidence, even without the rest of the Kardashian clan.

19 And Her Fashion Sense Is Wildly Different


All the Kardashian-Jenner sisters have a fashion sense that is out of this world. However, some of their styles are very different from each other. Case in point: Kendall Jenner.

Her style is much more slouchy, creative, and unique than any of her sisters. This means she’s either unique and happy, or she just doesn’t know what trends Kim is setting lately!

18 Like... REALLY Different


Seriously: would we see Kim Kardashian in this? Not really. Kim K’s got her personal brand on lock with all her Yeezy outfits. Kylie Jenner is more of a FashionNova icon, while the other sisters wear the newest trends (both in athleisure and sequined mini-dresses).

Kendall? She’s been vintage, vogue, and vivacious all in one day!

17 Which We Definitely See Side-By-Side


See what we mean? In this photo, Kim Kardashian is rocking one of her classic peachy dresses, both color-wise and form-wise.

Kendall, however, looks every bit the model in her denim onesie. It also looks like she didn’t get the memo about keeping outfits up to a Kim K kind of classy standard!

16 She's Been Spotted With One Or Two Potential Baes


Kendall Jenner comes across as a bit of a mystery when it comes to romance. Sure, Elle has mentioned her in connection to Ben Simmons, but it’s been very hush-hush in terms of information. We only just found out about their breakup, after all.

This is vastly different from the Kardashian sisters’ loud-and-proud take on relationships.

15 She Spends A Lot Of Time With Friends


Maybe it’s a side effect of being in her early 20s and having a bunch of famous friends. But Kendall just seems to gravitate towards her BFFs rather than her sisters, which we honestly kind of get.

If she’s running around with Gigi Hadid, Miley Cyrus, and Hailey Bieber, though, it’s no surprise her sisters end up taking a backseat.

14 The Model Life Takes Up A Lot Of Time


Ultimately it’s the time crunch that might be why Kendall Jenner keeping up with her family is iffy. While we’re sure they all talk, we’re also sure that Kendall is working hard day in and day out.

Modeling is a demanding business, and we don’t believe that she gets a whole lot of downtime to chat.

13 The Camera Is More Important Than Kim


Though, we wouldn’t be surprised if the next photo was Kim serving that kind of face to the camera. All the sisters seem to love being in the public eye, which seems to be something Kendall likes to keep to a minimum.

She isn’t camera shy, though, as this photo definitely proves!

12 She's More Of A Sports Fan Than The Other Kardashians


Perhaps it’s because of her love of the men playing the sports that she remains so invested. No, we really do think that Kendall watches so many games because she likes them.

Sports are exciting, but we seldom see the other Kardashians at a game (unless it’s to support a certain ex-partner).

11 She Doesn't Love The Paparazzi Like Kim K


No surprise looking at this photo, right? Kendall insists that she wasn’t trying to hurt the photographer in any way. She “just wanted him and his camera out of my face,” as DigitalSpy quotes.

While thankfully no one was hurt, we don’t believe that something like this would happen with Kim or any of the other Kardashians.

10 Kendall And Kylie Have Always Been Close


If there’s one Kardashian that Kendall keeps up with, it’s got to be Kylie. The only downside? She’s not technically a Kardashian; she’s a Jenner!

The two have been photographed together many a time, and are about as close as two incredibly famous sisters can be. If nothing else, at least Kendall keeps up with one sis out of the fam!

9 But There Has Been Some Tension Between The Two


If there’s one thing Kendall has to keep up with, it’s her own drama. Most notably is the fact Kendall and Kylie haven’t necessarily been on ideal terms lately. Ever since Kylie began “rubbing it in,” according to DailyMail, Kendall and Kylie have both seemed tense.

What was Kylie bragging about? The fact that her net worth is so much higher than Kendall’s.

8 Kendall Is Almost Always Spotted Out With Her Girl Group


While the Kardashian sisters are often seen out and about with their husbands, they’ve also shown us that the like to travel in pairs and packs.

Kendall, however, prefers to hang out with her girl group instead of the fam. Could this be part of the reason why she seems so out of sync?

7 She's More Honest About Her 'Struggles'


Acne is something that many people struggle with, but it’s not the biggest negative. And it’s certainly not the negative that Kendall Jenner has suggested it to be.

All that aside, we are proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone and being honest with her adoring fans.

6 She's Way More Chill Than Some Of Her Sisters


And we’re not just talking about the fact that Kendall is usually seen in big jackets. Kendall comes across as much more chill than some of her sisters.

Maybe it’s her casual attitude, or maybe it’s her effortless modeling confidence. Regardless, she’s got that chill factor all cool kids seem to have.

5 And She Admits Video Games Are More Her Speed


As often as we see her in the sports arenas, Kendall's also got a soft spot for video games. DailyMail points out that she even went video game shopping with Ben Simmons at one point.

She was “seen picking out a variety of games herself.” Now that’s pretty different than the Kardashian clan’s favorite pastimes.

4 She And Kylie Band Together In A Group


Even when the sisters are all together, it seems like Kendall and Kylie are joined at the hip. Maybe it’s because they’re quite a bit younger than the Kardashian clan, or maybe it’s the fact they grew up with each other more than they did the rest of their sisters.

Regardless, Kendall and Kylie are like peas in a pod.

3 She Isn't Subtle About Her Feelings


Happy or sad, Kendall Jenner tends to wear it all on her sleeve. While she doesn’t always let the world see right away, she does show quite a bit of emotion when the sneaky paparazzi shots come out.

Surprisingly, none of these photos ever share the spotlight with her sisters.

2 Kendall Basically Keeps To Herself


At the end of the day, Kendall Jenner is basically that cool, slightly awkward girl who sits in the back of the class but gets 100% on all the tests. She’s edgy and unique, but still willing to jump in with the family reality show.

Kendall might like her privacy, but we’re pretty sure she also just likes being on camera.

1 But The Kardashians Still Accept Her As Their Own


Despite their differences, the Kardashian sisters do accept Kendall and Kylie as one of their own. While Kendall might not have the time or interest to keep up with the Kardashians, it doesn’t look poorly on her; she's still accepted.

After all, she made the effort to get to know her sisters on a human level. That’s a pretty good feeling too.

Sources: Elle, Daily Mail, Digital Spy

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