20 Photos That Change The Way We See The Cast Of Harry Potter

When the Harry Potter movies were first made in 2001, most of the characters were novice actors with several of them acting for the first time in the Harry Potter movies. That quickly changed and it wasn’t long before the cast of Harry Potter were known around the world.

Having portrayed one character for over 10 years is hard for many actors. Some find themselves pigeon-holed into that one role. Too many people see them as their Harry Potter character and can’t fathom seeing them as anything else. As hard as it is to believe, these characters also have lives outside of the Harry Potter world. When they eventually move on, will they separate themselves from their Harry Potter role?

Here are 20 photos that change the way we see the cast of Harry Potter.

20 Mortal Enemies Or Friends

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Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy are mortal enemies, so it’s a little strange to see the two hanging out and playing a little music. The actors who play these characters, Emma Watson and Tom Felton, are friends in real life and also live close to each other. While these characters are just actors, it’s still weird to see them hanging out together!

19 Babies Forever

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There are eight Harry Potter movies which were filmed over a ten year period. A lot can change in that time, especially when you start filming when you’re 11 years old. Looking at this pictures of all these actors in their Hogwarts uniforms when they are practically babies is weird after watching the eighth movie!

18 That's Not Hermione

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While we all know that the actors who portray characters are doing just that, acting, it’s easy to forget that they have completely different lives outside of the Harry Potter world. Regardless, it’s still a little jarring to see Ron, I mean Rupert Grint, holding hands with someone who isn’t Hermione!

17 Everything Is Wrong

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What is going on in this picture and why are the famous Harry Potter trio hanging out with the likes of a traitor?! Draco Malfoy did everything he could to make it difficult for Harry, Ron, and Hermione on screen. But it appears as though all are friends when the cameras turn off.

16 Harry Let Himself Go

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Is that really you, Harry? Daniel Radcliffe looks almost unrecognizable as “the boy who lived”. Although maybe that’s what he is trying to do. After being pigeon-holed as Harry Potter for over 10 years, it might be nice to break out of that mold and become a different person.

15 Snape Knows How To Laugh

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If you have watched the Harry Potter movies, this picture probably looks extra odd. I don’t think there is a documented smile from Snape throughout any of the eight films. Don’t worry, that’s just good acting on Alan Rickman’s part because he apparently does know how to laugh! Could you imagine if Snape really did laugh?

14 Good Times With Cedric

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Cedric Diggory was an awesome character and a main part of the Triwizard Tournament. HE was loyal and trustworthy, which made his death hurt that much more. Seeing this picture of Cedric with Harry’s crush is a nice surprise, although it is a reminder of what a heroic character he was!

13 Is That You, Hagrid?

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One of the cast members who went through the biggest transformations before stepping on set was Robbie Coltrane who played the role of Hagrid. During close-ups, Robbie Coltrane was the person who played Hagrid, and he needed much more hair before cameras could start rolling. It’s hard to recognize Robbie as Hagrid when he’s not on set!

12 Kisses From The Enemy

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Bellatrix Lestrange was one of the top villains in the Harry Potter movies and was loyal to “he who shall not be named”. She murdered loved ones and injured many more. Harry Potter wouldn’t be friends with her and certainly wouldn’t be getting a kiss from Bellatrix. To say this picture is strange would be an understatement.

11 Dobby Doesn't Look So Good

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After seeing this picture, you’re definitely going to start seeing Dobby in a different light. First of all, he wasn’t real! While we all knew that, I bet you didn’t know that the white statue that Hermione is holding is actually the one who played Dobby. It’s definitely weird seeing Dobby like that!

10 Nevill Is All Grown-Up

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Neville Longbottom was a chubby student at Hogwarts who was shy and clumsy. Although he did redeem himself in later movies when he demonstrated courage and loyalty to Harry and Hogwarts. The actor who played Neville, Matthew Lewis, underwent a transformation as well. He is almost unrecognizable as the shy boy from the first Harry Potter movie!

9 The Biggest Transformation

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While there were many characters who spent a considerable amount of time in makeup and wardrobe before stepping onto the set, none of those transformations were quite as in depth as the character who played Lord Voldemort. Ralph Fiennes played Voldemort for five of the Harry Potter movies and did an amazing job playing the character.

8 Double The Trouble

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Knowing that actors have stunt doubles is completely different from seeing them together. This picture is of Daniel Radcliffe and his stunt double for Harry Potter. As you can see, they do a great job of making sure that not only are their outfits the same, but they are also alike in so many different areas that you don’t notice when it’s the stunt double!

7 Time Has Not Been Good To Malfoy

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Draco Malfoy was a cute little boy who liked to cause mischief in the Harry Potter movies. But he’s definitely not that cute little boy anymore. The actor who played Draco, Tom Felton, didn’t age so gracefully. After seeing this picture, it definitely changes the way I view Draco Malfoy.

6 Dancing With Luna

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This picture might be one of the most surprising of them all! Luna Lovegood was a quirky character who others thought was quite odd. She wore baggy clothing and was a gentle soul. The actor who played Luna, Evanna Lynch, was on Dancing with the Stars and donned fancy dresses which Luna would never do!

5 Cedric Or Edward?

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There aren’t many actors who have completely separated themselves from their Harry Potter character. One of the actors who successfully made a different name for himself is Robert Pattinson, the actor who played Cedric Diggory. After starring in the Twilight movies, the actor is now known for his role as vampire Edward Cullen.

4 Voldemort Has A Sense Of Humor

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If you thought a picture of Snape smiling was bad, this one is even worse. Apparently, Voldemort has a sense of humor. Obviously it’s not really Voldemort, but it’s still doesn’t mean it’s not weird to see Voldemort playing around on the set of Harry Potter. Can I still see him as the evil dark lord?

3 Four Is A Crowd

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No, you’re not crazy. This is a picture of four Hemione Grangers. They needed several stunt doubles for this Harry Potter movie, and apparently they hang out in between scenes as well! It’s amazing how many different stunt doubles they use, but you can’t even tell when you’re watching the movie!

2 Mamma Mia Momma Molly

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Julie Walters played the role of Molly Weasley. Julie is another actor who was able to separate themselves from their Harry Potter character. Although it’s probably not too difficult, since it’s now hard to recognize her as Molly! She is now more known for her role on Mamma Mia and Mamma Mia 2.

1 Hermione And The Beast

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Is that Hermione Granger and the beast? Although it’s hard to see Emma Watson as anything other than Hermione, she has had her fair share of acting jobs since the end of filming Harry Potter. One of those roles was playing Belle in the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. But will she ever stop being seen as Hermione?

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