20 Photos That Prove Ben Affleck Has Given Up

Ben Affleck rose to fame after starring in and winning an Academy Award for best original screenplay in the hit film, Good Will Hunting. However, as Ben’s film career took off, his positive attitude began to dwindle. More specifically, having once been viewed as a starry-eyed aspiring actor, Ben has now appeared to have given up. In fact, Ben Affleck has become more well known for his less optimistic view and expression than for his actual film work.

Whether it involves having a miserable time at the happiest place on earth, looking upset while carrying a cute little puppy, or simply walking around in clothes that have stains all over them, Ben Affleck has become the epitome of someone who has given up. Let’s just hope that his misfortune doesn’t start rubbing off on others. So without much further ado, here are 20 photos that prove Ben Affleck has given up.

20 Life Is Pain


I don’t think that a single picture has ever quite summed up what it looks and feels like to give up than this picture of Ben Affleck. If only we could get a sneak peek into what Ben is thinking about at this exact moment… Then again, we might not like what we see.

19 Staring Off Into The Sea


What is the meaning of life? Why are we all here? Why am I no longer Batman? These are just some of the questions that I imagine are flooding through Ben Affleck’s mind as he stares off into the ocean. The call of the ocean is very strong for people who have given up.

18 Puppy Love


Oh no, this is just too much. How bad do things have to get to where you look sad while carrying a sweet, innocent, little puppy in your arms? That cute golden retriever looks so content in Ben’s arms, but Ben doesn’t look the least bit happy. How does this happen?

17 Mouth Gauze


Under normal circumstances, if I were to see someone walking around with gauze in their mouth, I would be concerned. However, when Ben Affleck walks around with gauze in his mouth, it just seems normal. Considering how Ben has given up, having a mouthful of gauze just seems to fit.

16 Little Coat


Something about this picture doesn’t seem right. No, it’s not Ben Affleck looking sad. That’s actually pretty normal. What’s not right about this picture is that Ben is wearing a coat that looks like it’s a few sizes too small. I guess when you give up, you start wearing coats that no longer fit.

15 Coffee Stains


Can someone please explain how Ben, who is drinking coffee in a plastic cup through a straw, was able to still get coffee stains on his shirt? Maybe that shirt could have already had coffee stains on it… If that’s the case, you have to ask yourself why he hasn’t washed it or gotten a new white shirt.

14 Red Eyes


As we can see here, ben is walking with a pretty blonde girl who is smiling. However, Ben is not smiling. Instead, he’s walking around with red, puffy eyes and a shirt that seems to be oversaturated with sweat stains. I get that he’s given up, but come on… At least try to look good for her.

13 Physically (un)Fit


A surefire way to prove that someone has given up is to check out what their workout routine looks like. And I don’t think that holding a glass of your favorite beverage in one hand and a lighter in the other qualifies as proper workout gear. I call this the “given up” workout gear.

12 Boring Brunch


How is it that Ben Affleck is able to take something like brunch, which is meant to be such an enjoyable meal, and not only look miserable himself but make those around him look miserable too? I guess if you’re going to give up in general, you’re going to give up on brunch too.

11 At Least The Dog Looks Happy


Do you know why dogs are great? Because they are always so happy and full of love. And then we have Ben Affleck… Naturally, the dog that Ben Affleck is walking is all smiles. However, Ben doesn’t seem to share the same outlook on life. Let’s just hope that this dog doesn’t give up too.

10 The Happiest Place On Earth?


Leave it to Ben Affleck to make Disneyland, what many consider to be the happiest place on earth, look more like the most depressing place on earth. I would have to imagine that he is there with his kids, so couldn’t he at least, oh I don’t know… ACT like he is having a good time?

9 Alone With His Thoughts


This just goes to show that Ben Affleck can’t even ride in a car without making it look like it is destroying his soul. Come on, Ben. It’s a car, not a funeral. I’d hate to see how Ben reacts during a situation that actually requires you to be sad.

8 Put On A Happy Face


Not only does this next photo prove that Ben Affleck has given up, but this photo is now the gold standard for giving up. That’s right folks, Ben Affleck has now become a meme. And you know it’s bad when you become a meme. Let’s hope Ben doesn’t find out.

7 Had A Bit Too Much


What is going on here? What is this woman doing to Ben? Is she handing him some drunk food? Has Ben perhaps had a little bit too much to drink? Yes, and yes. To be honest, I don’t think Ben is in any condition to eat. He looks like he’s going through every bad decision he’s ever made.

6 All Sweats, All The Time


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the ultimate outfit for people who have given up. As you can see, Ben is sporting his best “given up” zip-up sweatshirt and sweatpants. Nothing encapsulates that feeling of “I’m done with everything and everyone” better than wearing sweats does. Not to mention the messy beard and hair.

5 Unhappy Testimony


This just proves that there is nothing Ben Affleck does where he doesn’t look either sad, upset or angry. The man can’t even give his testimony without contemplating what his life has become. Nothing seems to matter to Ben anymore and that can be directly attributed to him having given up.

4 Vape-Man


It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s… Vape-Man! Ben Affleck’s superhero persona has sure taken a hit these days. It’s almost easy to forget that he actually played Batman in a few movies. Maybe he’s doing research for his next role as everyone’s favorite superhero, Vape-Man? Or maybe he’s just given up.

3 Messy Hair And A Messy Beard


Throughout my studies, I have found that there is a direct correlation between grooming habits and outlook on life. Moreover, the messier the hair, the more that person has given up. And as you can see with Ben Affleck here, my observations have been spot on. The messy hair and beard are complemented by his lack of facial expressions.

2 Full Back Tattoo


I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that there is no way that this is real. You’re thinking that this has to be photoshopped. Well, I can assure you that this is one hundred percent real. And believe me when I tell you that no one gets a full back color tattoo unless they have officially given up.

1 Sad At Comic-Con


It’s a simple fact that Comic-Con is one of the most upsetting comic book conventions there is. Everyone walks around depressed, the people in costumes are sad and the panelists are angry. Actually, that’s a lie. It just appears that way because Ben Affleck looks so miserable while appearing at it.

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