20 Photos That Prove That Babies + Wig = Comedy Gold

Baby with old man wig

Babies and wigs provide the perfect dose of cuteness and hilarity. The babies bring a figurative blank canvas to the table (their cute little bald heads) and the wigs obviously provide the funny! What we are trying to say: whoever thought of putting a wig on their baby is basically an artistic pioneer. But on a serious note, please see below for a quick disclaimer before reading this list.

Warning: the following babies in wigs may appear hilarious, adorable, and just downright silly (side affects include hair envy). So prepare yourself because these 20 babies are so sweet and funny, they will have you "wigged out" all day!

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Baby with comb over wig
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20 Three words: Nice. Comb. Over!

Baby with comb over wig

19 Pink wig? Check! Pink dress? Check! Adorable smile? Definitely  check!

Baby with pink wig

18 If Harry Potter were female...

17 It's safe to say this little one is NOT impressed with the current wig situation!

Crying baby with curly wig

16 Long hair don't care! Long hair don't care!

Baby with long black wig

15 Now that is what I call a bad hair day!

14 Quite the dapper little fella in his suit, tie, and umm... wig?

Baby with blonde wig

13 Singing "don't worry about a thing," because every little thing is gonna be alright!

Baby with dreadlock wig

12 Now if that's not the cutest little grandpa we've ever seen, then I don't know who is!

Baby with old man wig

11 It's all business in the front and a party in the back!

Baby with mullet wig

10 Now check out this happy little camper rocking her feathered 90's bob!

9 Adorable and chubby make for one perfect sumo wrestler!


8 Now that's what I call a pretty princess! (Princess Elsa is usually a little more smiley but we will cut her some slack this time).

👑 Princess Elsa 👑 #babyelsa #socute #omg

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7 Not to get political but this wig all too closely resembles a certain presidential candidate's hair...

Drooling baby with wig

6 Hey... are you people seeing how great I look in this wig?

Pointing baby with wig

5 Matching wigs are the best kind of wigs!

Wiggin out #uncletime #babiesinwigs #dudesinwigs #jewfro #familyresemblance

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4 Okay, so it's not exactly a wig, but way too hilarious to not add to the list! Am I right or am I right?

Biker baby

3 Umm... you have a little something on your face... and head!

Baby in tux with wig

2 Ladies and gents... don't mind me, I'm just sitting here looking fly in my wig!

Baby with afro

1 Naturally we saved the best mullet for last! That's all folks!

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