20 Photos That Prove The Jersey Shore Cast Has Grown Up

Jersey Shore: the delight, the disgust, and the endearing personalities are all part of its continued existence in the world of television. With many other copycat shows (we don’t want to call them spin-offs because they’re not quite variations on the theme, just different people doing the same thing in a different place), the world seems to love watching Snookis and JWowws live their lives.

Is it everyone’s cup of tea? No. But it doesn’t have to be. Part of the ridiculous popularity of Jersey Shore is the fact that it’s so distinctive. After all, everyone has made spray tan jokes. But are the Jersey Shore folks as silly as the jokes make them out to be? We’ve discovered that the answer is no! There are actually some incredibly attractive pictures out there of the Jersey Shore cast. Don’t believe us? Just keep scrolling; the proof is in the fashion.

20 The Cast Looks Pretty Cool Already


First of all, this does not look like a photo of a cast who’s been the punchline of a ton of jokes about their looks. Sure, they’re a little over the top. The style is definitely distinct, and we wouldn’t necessarily call it fashionable. But they all fit in together. Maybe it’s the quality of the photo, but we see this as a great example of cool, unique style.

19 But Their Red Carpet Style Rocks


Everyone’s style gets bumped up a level when they’re on the red carpet, but the Jersey Shore folks are definitely rocking it harder than any of us would think. Sure, the yellow is not what we would pick for our first red carpet appearance; but then again, why not be bold? The matching pocket square is a nice touch, too.

18 They Weren't Always So Fashion-Forward


We can’t see how far they’ve come without seeing where they started. Needless to say, they started in a pretty low place. While we’re sure that it was fashionable once upon a time (in a galaxy far, far, FAR away) it’s pretty hilarious looking back on these style choices now. From the hair to the shoes, we’re glad that things have changed.

17 But Their Recent Years Have Seen Much Improvement


See? What did we say? Their fashion has developed by leaps and bounds. Not only are they trendier now, but they also have better fitting clothes and a more confident attitude. Not to mention the fact that they all seem a little more self-assured. They command attention rather than asking for it.

16 Even When They're Just Casual


It’s jaw-dropping to look at the differences between this photo and the first photo on our list. These women have changed their fashion sense so much, but it’s not a bad thing. Not only do they seem to fit in with the rest of the superstar world’s style sense a little more, but they seem happier and more content with themselves.

15 Need We Mention That Snooki Glow Up?


Everything about Snooki used to scream “I’m a wannabe reality TV star”. She seems to have done a bit of a personal development thing, though, as her style has truly evolved into something glamorous and beautiful. Her personality has also seemed to have calmed down a bit, and she’s embracing motherhood too.

14 Even Ronnie Is Rocking A Cooler Style


Like, it’s not a great style. After all, we can’t figure out why someone would want to even be wearing a hat if it’s not even going to sit properly on his head. But his style has also grown throughout the years. He’s got a great smile, too, which we’re happy has stayed despite everything that’s happened over the years.

13 JWoww Has Really Come Into Her Own


Yes, believe it or not, that’s JWoww. That exuberant, outspoken woman we saw in the first few seasons has grown into someone whose looks definitely match her inner fire. This is one bold outfit (which we could never in a million years rock) but it’s something that we’re happy to see her wearing with cool confidence.

12 They're All Trendy Now, Too


Long duster jackets in that popular pink color was a staple for the Kardashians a few seasons ago: just look at any paparazzi photos that caught them out and about. It seems like the trend has even made it to the Jersey Shore based on this photo! The two of them are totally trending in these looks.

11 They're Always Happy, Which Looks Good


A smile is one of the most attractive things we can put on, as many of the quotes on the internet say. We’re big fans of the fact that these guys are still smiling, no matter how far the tides sweep them away from the Jersey Shore. It’s encouraging to us that they’re not overly concerned with their “tough guy” images as well.

10 The Makeup Has Gotten Less Orange


We’re not saying that the spray tan life is a bad life, but we are saying that certain levels of spray tan can be too much. Like, easily too much. Like, most-of-these-women-looked-like-Cheetos kind of too much. Thankfully they’ve toned down the spray tan now, giving us a much more subdued and subtle make up look.

9 But Their Friendship Has Lasted Throughout The Changes


Sometimes people go through life changes and end up shifting so much that they move away from their friends. For a show like Jersey Shore, which is totally based around the friendships and relationships between the people, that could be bad news. Luckily they’ve stayed friends, and helped each other glow up along the way.

8 And The Family Is Growing


Babies are something special, and this child definitely is going to grow up loved. Any of the Jersey Shore babies will, we believe. There’s been a few additions to the family (and they really do feel like a family), but it still hasn’t changed anything about the dynamic of the group. There’s just a little more love these days.

7 Honestly, We Were Super Excited To Hear About The Reunion Show


Gossip is super satisfying, and one of the reasons we love Jersey Shore is the fact that it’s basically just an hour of gossip. Case in point: the reunion series. IMDb explains it as a reunion show, but it was more like a beacon of light in the darkness. Much more than any old reality TV show, the Jersey Shore reunion series was scratching our gossip itch.

6 It's Just So Fascinating Seeing Them Change


Like watching your baby cousin grow up a little more every time there’s a family get together, watching the Jersey Shore cast has been a fascinating time. They’ve grown and developed over the course of the seasons, and it’s just been so fascinating to watch them change. From their personalities to their clothes, there’s always big updates to watch.

5 Their Social Media Game Is Better Now Too


The total integration of social media into our lives means that reality stars have more than one method of gaining popularity. The TV show is one thing, but what about other forms of reach? Social media profiles have gotten hugely popular for all of the Jersey Shore people over the last few years, and the selfies have just gotten better and better.

4 But Maybe That's Because They Still Love The Camera


You just can’t take the camera sense out of the star. We personally love the way that these two are always able to find their light, hit their angles, and have it look so incredibly effortless. Their style is almost always on point too, making even the most spontaneous picture a social media smash hit.

3 Some Of Them Have Moved On To Other Shows


You just can’t make this stuff up. DJ Pauly D and Vinny are hitting the TV screens again. This time MTV tells us it will be in, “a brand-new docuseries that's currently in production and slated to launch in 2020. Its working title: DJ Pauly D and Vinny’s Vegas Pool Party.” Looks like the boys are back in a whole new town.

2 Some Have Kind Of Disappeared


Avid watchers of Jersey Shore will remember Angelina, one of the nicest stars out of the bunch. While E Online tells us that she had to walk away from the reunion show for personal reasons (all of them good), we do miss the way that she used to balance out the Jersey Shore team.

1 All In All, They're An Attractive Bunch


What more can we say? The cast of Jersey Shore doesn’t always come to mind right away when we think about attractive styles, but sure enough they’re some of the most attractive friends out there. Their style has improved and their confidence is higher than ever; definitely a recipe for good looks.

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