20 Photos That Show Robert Kardashian Just Doing His Best

Remember Rob Kardashian? Well, he's still here. Gone are the days of his hunky tanned youth when he was paid to show up at LA nightclubs with his socialite sisters on his arm. You might not have heard (he keeps things on the down low these days) but life hasn't been kind to Kris Jenner's unlucky fourth child.

Things seemed to start sliding downhill when, for a living, Rob decided to ride his famous family's coattails and open a vanity sock company. He relied on the very, very mild success of that company to fund his privileged lifestyle, got involved with controversial girlfriends, and pulled back from the reality TV scene.

Rob is RARELY seen on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and keeps himself squarely out of the public eye. If you've forgotten what this dude looks like, nobody would blame you. Even Khloe is guilty of forgetting about Rob in a family-related IG post in 2018! Fans caught that she acknowledged all her siblings but not Rob in a sweet fam-loving caption, so she had to clap back and tell people to "respect [her] for respecting his privacy." Ok girl.

Remind yourself of Rob with these recent rare sightings.

20 Just Walking Out on the Town

via The Sun

Here he is! This shot of Rob walking around LA was taken after his breakup with Blac Chyna. If you didn't 'keep up' with this particular Kardashian, you might have missed the insanely dramatic fallout that his breakup with Chyna entailed. She straight-up sued him! Stepping outside and facing the world at this time in his life definitely qualified as Rob doing his best.

19 Stepping Out in Gucci Slides

via GQ

Rob rocked these Gucci slides so hard that GQ featured him in a post about casual style. We also personally dig the silk patches on his sweatpants. If you're going to go out in public in sweats, may as well wear something that has something interesting going on. This is Rob's trademark athleisure at its finest.

18 Riding Around with Kourtney

via Daily Mail

This is from Kourtney Kardashian's Snapchat. She captured a fun moment she had in Rob's car back in August 2016. They were living it up and laughing, which is great to see Rob do in recent years! If the emojis Kourtney shared along with this footage are anything to go by, they were definitely laughing at something racy. Eggplant, anyone?

17 Chilling at Kendall's Birthday

via Star Magazine

According to Star Magazine, this pic shows Rob at Kendall Jenner's birthday in 2018. We think he looks great! He's out in the bright daylight (excellent) and his tattoos are really popping in that white (not black) t-shirt. He's still wearing that LA baseball cap but when it comes to Rob, you can't win everything.

16 Trying to Dodge Paps in LA

via Blackaphillyated

This wasn't one of Rob's finest moments, but he was doing his best! These pics are from 2013 when he reportedly got out of his car and lashed out at a female photographer, resulting in him being sued. According to Daily Mail they ended up settling out of court, so good job Rob for handling your business.

15 Going on a Food Run

via TMZ

This picture was one of the first shots of Rob after his relationship with Blac Chyna broke down. This was in September 2017 when he and Chyna had finally reached a custody agreement for their girl, Dream. After weeks out of the spotlight, Rob emerged to grab some snacks. In those dark times, even this quick outing can be considered a win.

14 Cuddling with Khloe

via Mirror

Khloe is so close to Rob that she once tweeted "He's my whole world!" This picture shows how loving their relationship truly is. Look at how comfortable these two siblings are with each other. The pic was taken by Kim way back in 2013, with the caption "Everyone wants my pregnancy pillow!!" She was pregnant with North at the time.

13 Hiking with Friends

via Daily Mail

This picture is a gem for several reasons. Firstly, Rob is wearing a different hat than his usual baseball cap. Secondly, he's drinking water and that is nothing but good news. Get that hydration, dude! Thirdly, he's out in the sunshine with a small group of friends, getting both social time and vitamin D. That's a good Rob Kardashian day.

12 Running Errands in LA

via We Are Latin Live

We love to see a man on the move, and that's exactly what Rob is in these shots from 2016. They were taken shortly after Rob was released from the hospital when his health had taken a turn in December 2015, which ultimately ending up with him being diagnosed with diabetes according to Hollywood Life. It's nice to see that it wasn't keeping him down.

11 Cheesin' with Kylie

via TooFab

Rob and Kylie are close friends as well as brother and sister. Here they are with a little puppy that Kylie's dog Bambi had last August. This came after Rob was in trouble for tweeting out Kylie's real phone number to the public (yikes). Clearly she's forgiven him and their relationship is back on track.

10 Posing in Nature

via EWN.co.za

Dang, Robert! This is an absolute #mood. Here's our man standing tall among the trees in his native Los Angeles, chilling in the shade wearing his typical cap, t-shirt, and pants. According to Celebrity Insider, this picture was taken by a friend who said Rob is "motivated and happier than he has been in a long time."

9 Taking a Flight like a Boss

via Mums Lounge

Mr. International! Here's Rob rocking a cozy version of his classic black t-shirt and pants on his way through LAX with a Prada-branded camo backpack, according to Upscale Hype. He looks like he's handling his business here, and we dig it. Camo is also in style right now, so Rob might be more clued-in to fashion than people think.

8 Taking Dream to See Aunt Kim

via Daily

In this one, Rob's totally in his very best light. If his sisters' statements are anything to go on, Rob Kardashian is an amazing and devoted father to little Dream. You can even see it in his face! This pic is from one of Kim's IG stories from a family get together on Saint Patrick's Day 2019.

7 Partying with Kendall and Kylie

via Elle

On Kendall's recent 24th birthday, Rob actually left the comfort of his mega mansion and partied with his two younger sisters. It looks like he stayed out all night, too. Kendall captioned this pic: "5am birthday adventures with my two fav people." He's still a big brother who's tight with these girls, even though their fame has taken off on a level that his might never reach.

6 Family Time with Dream and Kris

via Longroom

Here's a shot of Rob on what might be one of his best recent days: his 32nd birthday! It's unclear whether this pic (posted to Kris' social accounts) is from his actual birthday or just a nice photo she had in her camera roll and chose to share on that date, but the fam looks cute together.

5 This Leather Pants Moment

via Zimbio

If Rob Kardashian pictures were Pokémon cards, this would be a rare shiny one. It's extra valuable of a find because he is LITERALLY shiny! We love to see Rob pushing the boundaries of his wardrobe comfort zones. Let's hope he takes more fashion risks in 2020. Maybe these leather pants are the start of a new, confident attitude.

4 Trolling for Halloween 2019

via Perez Hilton

This is probably the most surprising Rob Kardashian sighting of all time. We almost never get to see this guy looking like his normal self, so looking like a hilarious hairy troll? We'd never have expected it. Rob went all out last Halloween with mom Kris, and this picture proves it. In case anybody was worried: he's still got his sense of humor, people!

3 Visiting Baby Niece True

via The Cut

True is about as cute as it gets, and Dream is right up there on the cuteness scale with her. Put these girls together and you get IGTV videos that go viral (check Khloe's account for some adorable footage of the girls being besties) along with sweet moments like this one with Uncle Rob. D'aww!

2 Working Out in the Hollywood Hills

via Female First

By now we're sure you understand how incredibly rare it is to see Rob Kardashian out in the real world. He is basically never seen socializing out with his family and friends, but it's even RARER for him to be out by himself working out. He looks great here! Go Rob for taking your health into your own hands and hitting those hills.

1 Just Being a Dad

via E! News

Hands down, this is Rob living life to the fullest as his grown man self! Here he is wearing his classic baseball cap and black t-shirt, but that smile is something we RARELY SEE on his face these days. This was Dream's magical, fairy-themed second birthday party in 2018. Rob's #DadVibes are off the charts - and it suits him!

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