20 Photos That Show You're Destined To Be A Cat Lady

You've heard of the infamous "crazy cat lady," but that will never be you, right? Right. We'll see about that. If you relate to any (or all!) of these pictures, your destiny is set. Crazy Cat Ladyhood, here you come!

20 Cat Baby

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It's wonderful that your friends are having babies, but you're perfectly happy wrapping one of your kitties in a blanket. Your cats ARE your babies!

19 The Number Doesn't Lie

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If you have a large number of cats and make no excuses for it, it's easy to see where you are headed.

18 New Furniture Uses

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You might have normal furniture, but if you are using it for your cats instead of books, shoes, or its overall intended purpose, your future as a cat lady awaits.

17 Cat Pride

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Not only do you have a lot of cats, but you're proud of it! Cat ladies unite!

16 Home Alternations

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If you have altered your home in one or more ways in order to suit the needs of your cats, you are that much closer to being a cat lady than you think.

15 Parental Guilt

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Almost every parent feels guilty for paying too much attention to one child over another at times. Same goes for your cats.

14 Open Table

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It's nice to have an open table policy, but when you include your cats in the policy and it becomes a daily habit, no one else really wants to join you.

13 Telltale Indoor Signs

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Look around you: does your living room have one or more of these signs? The signs are never wrong.

12 Cat Literature

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Have you read this book? And use its material faithfully to better communicate? If so, your relationship with your cat might be airing on the crazy side.

11 Cat Boxes

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If every box you own is always filled with a cat or you keep boxes just so you can add to your collection, you're in real trouble.

10 Dress Up Day

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If your cats have more costumes than you have clothes, you are headed down the cat lady path quickly.

9 Telltale Outside Signs

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Picture the exterior of your home. How many of these items can you check off? If it's more than one or two, you may already BE a cat lady.

8 Clogged Pathways

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It can be hard to get around your house. Your path is always blocked by one, two, or a dozen cats.

7 Cat Walks

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If you have purchased a stroller for the purpose of taking your cats out for a walk, your destiny is set.

6 Cat-Themed Attire

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Is this your loungewear? Do you wear cat sweatshirts and other cat-related items everywhere you go?

5 Fancy Feast

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Nothing is too good for your cat. Forget about dry, processed cat food. She deserves to use the fine china, complete with the good wine glasses you only pull out when guests visit.

4 Gag Gifts

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If you get gifts like this and they accurately portray your everyday lifestyle, you are well on your way to crazy cat lady status.

3 Cats In Every Crevice

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When a cat moves into your dishware, you know you have a space issue. With a cat in every crevice, it's time to admit to your cat lady future.

2 No Privacy

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Mothers complain about the lack of breaks from children. If you get the same kind of attention from your cats...

1 No Computer Time

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Cats love to chase mice, but if you have trouble typing or doing anything on the computer around your cat, the mouse isn't the real problem.

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