20 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Jiff The Pom

If you haven't met him yet, let me introduce you to Jiff, the Pomeranian. Not to be mistaken with Boo (another adorable Pomeranian superstar), Jiff is a spunky little guy who loves to show off his adorable outfits! He poses for photos with his friends while being just really really ridiculously good looking. Jiff became an internet sensation because of his adorable haircut, his rockin' outfits, his genius tricks, and obviously, his natural beauty.

See some of his best Instagram shots here!

20 Cuddle Buddies


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Jiff loves to cuddle with his duck! These two are practically inseparable when it comes to nap time.

19 Thirsty Boy


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Jiff goes to Starbucks just to order some water. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind standing in line with this little cutie!

18 Bear Hoodie


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Just when you thought Jiff couldn't get any cuter, he goes and wears something like this! Doggy bear robes may be the best invention ever!

17 Begging Baby


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Look how adorable his fluffy little feet are! He can have anything he wants with that begging face he's got there.

16 Little Pig

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I told you he loves his friends! He takes his buddies everywhere he goes, including his Pinky Pig.

15 Monster Man


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Boo! Jiff Pom is a tiny monster after his bath time. I would still cuddle him, though!

14 Peek-A-Boo


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We have a sleepy boy on our hands! Jiffy boy decided it's nap time even while running errands with his parents.

13 Bed Time Baby


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All right, if this doesn't make you sleepy then nothing will! Baby Jiff looks like an angel when he's sound asleep.

12 Trickster

Yes, Jiff just got 10 times cooler! Not only is he adorable, but he's also talented. I think he gives the Super Bowl a run for its money with these stunts.

11 Afternoon Giraffe Nap


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He's got his giraffe on a sunny day, and he's more than ready for a little shut eye. Lucky guy!

10 So Many Options


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Seriously, this guy has more outfits than most people! But I'm not complaining, because he's just too sweet in his little hoodies.

9 Santa Paws

"Merry Jiffxmas." How cute is that?! This Pom sure makes one of the cutest Santas you'll ever see! I'm sure no children would be afraid of taking a photo with this Saint Nicholas.

8 Jiff The Red Nosed Reindeer

Speaking of Christmas, Jiff obviously enjoyed celebrating while dressed as this seasonal hero! I'm willing to bet all the other reindeer let him play in their reindeer games!

7 Lunch Time

I think Jiff is disappointed in this healthy lunch. He probably wants something a little more sweet!

6 That's The Stuff


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That's more like it! A sweet pup deserves a sweet treat every now and then.

5 Remote Controller

jiff😴 #snookiperfectmatch 💋

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Everyone is going to have to watch Animal Planet for as long as Jiff says! He's just too cute to wake up, anyway.

4 Fry Boy

He is way excited for his yummy lunch! And yes, he does finish his fries!

3 Snug As A Bug


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Even though little Jiff loves being bundled up in his soft sweaters, he can't wait for spring!

2 Such A Stud

Jiff isn't shy when it comes to posing for random photos! Just check out that stance!

1 Afternoon Nap Time

He's always ready for a nap! Who could resist this guy.

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