20 Photos The Cast Of Riverdale Doesn't Want Us To See

We gotta knock em down a peg. The cast of Riverdale is just too attractive.

We gotta knock em down a peg. The cast of Riverdale is just too attractive. And one or two of them may come across as a tad too full of themselves. So showing some of their most hilarious, revolting, or strange photos may actually help them in the long run. At least, that's how we're rationalizing this article. After all, it's not exactly going to show these CW celebs in the hottest of lights. Still, we gotta remind them, and everyone else, that we love them regardless. Even if they're pissed we're showing photos of them that they definitely don't want their fans or critics to get a good look at. Without further ado, here are 20 photos the cast of Riverdale doesn't want us to see.

20 Yeah, Cole Sprouse Definitely Had A Prolonged Awkward Stage

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Cole Sprouse is seen as a heartthrob. To some, there are obvious reasons why. To others, it bewilders them. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, these photos from his vacation to Italy in 2014 don't help. It shows that Cole had a prolonged awkward stage. Also, it reminds us that he, as well as the rest of the population of Earth, can't pull off a Boonie hat.

19 Vanessa Morgan Can't Have That Private Moment With Her Man


Just this past July, Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan jetted off to Tulum with her hunky fiance, White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech. Unfortunately for her, the paparazzi down there caught wind of this and decided to photograph them while they were lounging in the jacuzzi. Only, they weren't JUST lounging. And now because of these photos, everyone knows it.

18 Every Girl Who Envies Madeline Petsch Needs To See These...


Madeline Petsch is often portrayed as being unrealistically hot. After all, her character on the show, Cheryl Blossom, is usually dressed to the nines and showing off her assets. But this isn't reality. The truth is that nobody looks 100% all the time. And these photos definitely back that up. We can't say that we envy Madleine's morning routine... And that's the nicest thing we can say...

17 Charles Melton Is Known For His Rockhard Abs... And Then There's These Pics...

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Speaking of unrealistically hot, most CW stars are. At least, everyone aside from the cast of The 100 who are usually pretty average looking. But Charles Melton is the kind of guy who rocks a sixpack that looks like it was photoshopped on his body. Unfortunately, this past May, photos were taken of him in Miami that proves that he's not always looking like Thor. More like, Thor from Endgame.

16 Cole's Gotta Wish The Photoshoot That Started "The Thirst" Never Existed


A part of Cole Sprouse must adore the fact that so many girls and guys see him as the hottest thing on Earth. But another part of him doesn't like all the attention. So, he must wish that this iconic photoshoot never existed. After all, these photos are what launched him from being the geeky kid from Suite Life to the reason why we need to wash our bedding so often.

15 Sneaking Out On Those REALLY Early Mornings

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Neither Lili Reinhart nor Cole Sprouse wanted to be caught by paparazzi while leaving the airport in the early morning on some day in 2017. First of all, they don't want to be surrounded by fans when they're just trying to catch a flight. Secondly, they don't want to be seen looking all groggy and gross... as everyone does in the morning. Unfortunately, for these two, they didn't get their way.

14 No, Lili Reinhart Definitely Doesn't Have Perfect Skin

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Lili Reinhart is very open about her struggle with acne. After all, she is the face of a number of products that help with this normal battle. But she must wish that she didn't have to be. Unfortunately, there's no way around it. There are too many photos of her that make her look like every high school student on the face of the planet.

13 People Actually Thought She Was Preggers

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Lili Reinhart is probably the most unfairly scrutinized member of the Riverdale cast. It probably has to do with the fact that she's just so ridiculously pretty. Not to mention one of the only cast members that shows off legitimate acting chops. But this is the reality of the entertainment industry. When you go to an event and are caught at an awkward angle, people are going to tell you that you look pregnant. Ouch!

12 When You Realize Your Girl Constantly Hooks Up With Your Buddy On-Screen

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Over the past year, fans of the show have been obsessed with the off-screen relationship between Charles Melton (Reggie) and Camila Mendes (Veronica). But now that this relationship has settled, it's kind of obvious that Charles is thinking about the fact that his girl is constantly making out with his buddy, co-star KJ Apa (Archie). We mean, how could he not? It's all about strange to us.

11 Side-By-Side, We Can See That Charles Tries A Bit Too Hard

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We have to stay on Charles Melton for a second. And that's to point out the fact that he seems to try WAY too hard in his public life. Dude, calm down. We know your hot and on a  big TV show but you seem like you're a bit full of yourself. At least, it looks this way when we put some of your photos side-by-side.

10 Every Fan Knows To Wait At The Vancouver Airport Now

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All of these photos came ahead of the 2018 Teen Choice Awards, which featured the vast majority of the cast of Riverdale. We have these photos because every member of the paparazzi and every dedicated fan knows to hang out at the Vancouver airport (YVR) when there's something important going on in LA. After all, the cast of Riverdale are local celebrities of Vancouver where they film the show. The cast must dislike being constantly photographed at the airport; a place where almost nobody looks good. After all, it's sweaty. You're always in a rush. And planes never leave at convenient times of the day.

9 When You're Caught Getting Handsy By The Eiffel Tower

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We all know that Camila Mendes and Charles Melton have "fun" in their alone time. And they know that we know. But they probably don't want us to see that they do. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for us, this was the case when the were spotted getting REALLY handsy by the Eiffel Tower.

8 Wait... Cole Had A Major Love Affair Before Lili? We Thought She Was The Only One...

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We're not 100% sure if Cole and Lili are still together after that whole debacle at the end of July... It seems like they still are. But regardless, fans see them as "meant-to-be". But these photos show us a different reality. Cole was in a major relationship with Bree Morgan, a girl he met while attending NYU. And when we see them, we don't see much of a difference between this relationship and the one he has with Lili. People aren't meant to be with one person, people. Relationships are everchanging.

7 Not The Most Flattering Behind-The-Scenes Photos Ever Taken


Most of you know that Lili is starring ina new film with Jennifer Lopez called Hustlers, out in mid-September. But most of you don't know about these rather unflattering pictures that were taken of her in-between shooting the movie last year. Angles are everything, and these photos were caught at some pretty inconvenient and unfortunate moments. It's okay, Lili, it happens to EVERYONE!

6 And Now The KJ Apa Addition Of Trying WAY Too Hard


Charles Melton is the only cast member guilty of appearing to try too hard. Sorry, KJ, but you're definitely in this camp. At least, it seems like this when we put photos like these side-by-side. We all know you have amazing abs, but everyone else gets judged for taking mirror selfies, so why shouldn't you? Also, the swagger is a big bowl of a bit much. But hey, maybe we wouldn't notice it if we didn't see this collage.

5 We Told You Cole's Awkward Stage Was Loooooong

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Long before Riverdale was a thing (and Cole was seen as a hunk) he was hanging around Vancouver in a puffy vest... And it wasn't a good look. Realistically, Cole would want these paparazzi photos burned and buried. Then again, he seems like the type who doesn't really care. Still, these aren't the most flattering shots of him.

4 The Pics That Got Us Obsessed With The Possibility Of Love

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Back in January 2018, the Cole and Lili relationship was merely a rumor. Everyone was guessing at it because they were spotted together so often. And these photos REALLY didn't help matters. When they were in Hawaii together, they were photographed getting a tad handsy on the beach, though it wasn't confirmed that they were an item. Given how much attention and unfair press (like this article) they've received, we bet they wouldn't want us seeing these.

3 There It Is... Confirmation Of Their Ship Caught In A Private Moment

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And then these photos happened. When in Paris together in April 2018, the pair were photographed making out. This basically forced the pair to come clean about their relationship even though it was really only between them. But there was no denying after this invasion of privacy. But we can't help but idolize their relationship. They're just both so dreamy and cute together.

2 We're Not Sure Which One Of These Two Looks Worse


Let's face it, neither Camila nor Charles look their best here. But it's for very different reasons. These photos show off just how short Camila Mendes really is. Especially given the fact that Charles is basically average height. But the whole after-gym look doesn't bode well for anyone. Even someone as beautiful as she is. And then there's Charles... Who looks like every guy you hated in high school. Seriously, dude. You may want to tone the outfit down a bit.

1 When Everyone Sees What You Went As For Halloween...


Just like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, some women treat Halloween like purists do... an opportunity to scare. As admirable as it is for two gorgeous women not to give into the convention on the holiday, it's definitely not something fans want to see. After all, the cast of Napoleon Dynamite isn't exactly known for being hunky.

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