20 Cringe Pics WWE Stars Don’t Want Us To See With Their Exes

The sad reality of the wrestling business is that maintaining a healthy relationship really doesn’t come easy. Unlike other pro sports, WWE employees don’t have an offseason to spend some down time with their families or partners. On most weeks, they have two days at home and then it is back on the road. Given this lifestyle, in a lot of cases, we see WWE stars end up with someone in the business (someone who understands the road life). It can also lead to more time alongside one another while on the road.

In this article, we’ll feature the relationships that just didn’t work. Some were just quick flings while others were actually engaged or had already tied the knot. In truth, these are photos WWE stars want to forget about.

Enjoy the article, folks!

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20 Zelina Vega (Austin Aries)

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We have reason to believe this relationship ended on a sour note, at least for Vega. Aries congratulated the manager on her SD Live debut, though she was having none of it. Here’s what she tweeted out;

“I am going to say this once: We are NOT together and have not been together for a very long time. We were certainly NEVER married or engaged. I’ve moved on a long time ago and do not wish to be associated with him.”

19 Mandy Rose (Michael Lubic)

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We caught a bit of Lubic during Total Divas. Mandy would also announce that the two were engaged, posting a photo of the ring.

Quietly, they would ultimately separate with Rose committing to her WWE career and moving in with Sonya Deville. It is said that she’s now quietly dating again, this time NXT star Tino Sabbatelli.

18 Ricochet (Tessa Blanchard)

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During their brief time together, it is safe to say that the two were a power couple. However, according to Wrestle Talk, things ended pretty badly; rumors would also indicate that a fight took place between the two at the PC.

Both have now moved on, with Blanchard dating an indie talent while Ricochet is dating NXT star, Kacy Catanzaro.

17 Drew McIntyre (Taryn Terrell)

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After only one year together, the two decided to split. They got married in Vegas back in 2010; at that point McIntyre was at a different area in his career, trying to make it in the business.

Things shifted drastically since then - not only is he atop the WWE card but he’s also with a new partner as well, Kaitlyn Frohnapfel.

16 Nia Jax (Josh Woods)

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During her early days with NXT, Jax dated former amateur wrestling recruit, Josh Woods. Perhaps when he left the company, things grew difficult between the two.

As shown on Total Divas, Nia hasn’t had the best of luck with men since then, going on some pretty traumatizing dates. At this point, her biggest focus is on rehabbing properly since her recent surgery.

15 Lana (Isaiah Mustafa)

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This was a surprising reveal few fans were aware of till an episode of Total Divas. During her bachelorette, Lana ran into an old flame from the past.

What was even more surprising is the fact that it is a recognizable face, he’s known as the Old Spice Guy, from those hilarious deodorant commercials.

14 Sonya Deville (Zahra Schreiber)

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Former NXT recruit Zahra Schreiber can make this list twice. She was also a major reason as to why Seth and his former fiancée ended things.

This relationship was a little more bizarre and it came out of the blue. Both Schreiber and Deville posted lots of photos together leading fans to believe that they were, in fact, a couple. If there was a relationship, it was short-lived as Deville now has a new partner.

13 Big E (Nattie’s Sister)

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We saw this relationship blossom during Total Divas. Natalya’s sister Jenni, was introduced to Big E during a double date.

It would blossom into a relationship. The two would even enjoy some intimate time in Natalya and Kidd’s hot tub in the backyard. As expected, Nattie was a little uncomfortable with this taking place.

12 Paige (Alberto Del Rio)

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This one is arguably the unhealthiest relationship on the list. Both spiraled during this time frame – Del Rio quit WWE while Paige also stepped aside and saw some of her personal videos get exposed to the public.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the two were constantly fighting, even out in public at airports. Thankfully for both sides, they were able to move on once Paige returned to WWE.

11 Liv Morgan (Enzo Amore)

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Speaking of toxic relationships, this one ended on a sour note as well. According to Liv Morgan, Enzo was unfaithful during their time together which would lead to their split.

It is also believed that Morgan briefly dated Tyler Bate – though neither of the sides would ever confirm (despite intimate pics of the two).

10 Charlotte (Bram)

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Still only 33, Charlotte already has two lesser-known failed marriages that took place prior to her WWE fame.

The second actually took place while she was climbing the ladder with NXT. Her former husband Bram, was also in the developmental picture at the time. Ultimately, they would go their own ways and Bram would also exit the company.

9 Bobby Lashley (Kristal Marshall)

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No, Marshall didn’t really date Theodore Long. Instead, she had a real relationship with Bobby Lashley for three years. During that time, the couple had two kids, a boy Myles and a daughter Naomi.

They officially announced their split back in 2010. Bobby would return while Kristal seems to be completely out of the business today.

8 Maria Kanellis (CM Punk)

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The timing of this photo really couldn’t be any better, at least because of Maria’s recent announcement of her second child. She had the fans buzzing as she made this announcement while completely destroying her man Mike, in the segment.

Fans might forget, but Kanellis also dated CM Punk – despite the breakup, Maria continued to speak glowingly in regards to her former man.

7 Finn Balor (Cathy Kelley)

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The details of this relationship are still sketchy. Rumors started to surface following pics of the two holding hands in New York - though neither Finn nor Kelley would ever confirm.

Everything still seems so weird with rumors now linking Balor to a different woman. Not only that, but the likes of Ring Side News made the claim that Finn is now engaged.

6 Zack Ryder (Emma)

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Fans realized the two had split once Ryder put a photo in 2017 alongside his current girlfriend, NXT star Chelsea Green.

Compared to some of the other failed relationships, this one ended on calm terms with both sides choosing to keep things classy. Who knows, maybe Emma might get some revenge one day, taking on Green in an NXT ring.

5 Carmella (Big Cass)

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Things would ultimately unravel for Big Cass. Not only did his relationship with Carmella come to an end but he was also shown the door by WWE.

Things are finally improving for Cass; he is now back on the road alongside Enzo Amore. As for Carmella, she has moved on recently entering a controversial relationship alongside WWE commentator Corey Graves.

4 Bray Wyatt (Samantha Rotunda)

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Wyatt was living a storybook life outside of the ring starting a family with his high school sweetheart.

However, things would take a turn for the worst when Sam filed for divorce, blaming JoJo Offerman for the separation. Things would worsen for Wyatt once he failed to make child support payments.

3 Randy Orton (Samantha Speno)

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Orton married more than a decade ago in 2007. His ex-wife filed for a separation, and “irretrievably broken” was used on the document, according to Frostsnow.

Randy would remarry again in 2015, this time to his current partner Kimberly Kessler. The two are very much in love. In addition, things ended on amicable terms with his ex Samantha.

2 Becky Lynch (Luke Sanders)

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Before dating Seth, Lynch was paired up with an MMA star and later a comedian briefly, Jeff Dye.

The relationship with Sanders seemed pretty legit, the two posted lots of photos together. Both Becky and Luke never gave a reason for the separation, but the two ended things quietly.

1 Seth Rollins (Leighla Schulz)

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Back in 2015, Seth was engaged to be married – oh, how things would ultimately change. Seth’s ex would put the Universal Champion on blast via Twitter, leaking out private photos of Seth and the previously mentioned Schreiber.

They would separate and so too would Seth and Zahra shortly after.

Sources – TMZ, Frostsnow & YouTube

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