20 Pics Of Farrah Abraham Teen Mom Producers Don't Want Fans To See

Teen Mom is not exactly a show about wholesome individuals, and many of the women who have appeared on MTV’s popular series have had a troubled past, including multiple run-ins with the law. In comparison to some stars, like Amber Portwood or Jenelle Evans, what Farrah Abraham has done (at least in the legal sense) pales in comparison, yet she remains arguably the most controversial woman to come out of that show.

Why? Well, the decisions in Abraham's professional life have been made to distance herself from the show that made her famous, and she’s now known for her more adult endeavors. She’s also someone who people love to hate, and she has been the topic of much criticism for the way she parents, the importance she places on appearance, and so much more.

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20 Farrah Is Basically Making Her Daughter Into Her Little Mini-Me

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham only has one child, a daughter named Sophia, and in many ways, she is turning her into her little mini-me. Sophia was born in 2009, and at just 10 years old, she has already got an impressive social media following of her own, expensive taste, and now, it seems a love of beauty products.

19 She’s Got Some Questionable Taste In Friends, Including A Few ‘Geordie Shore’ Stars

Via Daily Mail

Farrah Abraham is a controversial figure, and her choice in friends has also raised a few eyebrows. When she was in filming a show in Newcastle in 2017, she was photographed out on the town with Marnie Simpson and Chloe Ferry — two people who gained fame for their antics on the show, Geordie Shore.

18 Appropriating Culture Is So Not Cool — That’s What Farrah’s Critics Have Said

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

No matter what Farrah Abraham does, she seems to get criticized for it. When she posted this photo on social media, it became the topic of much discussion as critics accused her of appropriating culture. One comment sums up many people’s thoughts: “you look ridiculous out of place and all around stupid...”

17 It’s An Odd Parenting Move To Promote Teeth Whitening With Your Young Daughter

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

No one can tell Farrah Abraham how to parent, but it is an unusual move for her to promote her love of teeth whitening, with her daughter in the photo. Abraham took to social media to thank her dentist, and mentioned how it had been “Time for a teeth cleaning.” But did she need to include Sophia in the post?!

16 Hey Farrah, Is That A See-Thru Plastic Skirt You’re Wearing?!

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

It’s not just Farrah Abraham’s professional and personal decisions that have caused controversy in the past, but also her unusual choice of fashion, or rather lack thereof. Let’s put it this way: she has no problem showing off her curves or wearing unconventional garments, for example, this see-thru plastic skirt.

15 She’s Moved On From ‘Teen Mom,’ And Onto Other More Adult Reality Shows

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Having a child when you are a teenager comes with many challenges, and Farrah Abraham’s unique set of challenges have played out on MTV’s show, Teen Mom. In more recent years, Abraham has made moves to distance herself from the show, and this includes her decision to join more adult reality shows.

14 ‘Teen Mom’ Producers Also Had A Tough Time Trying To Keep Farrah In Check

Via Daily Mail

The producers of MTV’s Teen Mom had a tough time trying to keep Farrah Abraham in check (especially in the more recent showings), and Daily Mail notes that she had a fight with a producer because she was not able to star in another show as it would conflict with Teen Mom's schedules.

13 Making Changes To Her Body Is Her Prerogative, But Her Celebration Of These Changes Have Caused Many Roll Eyes

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Some people feel as though Farrah Abraham’s appearance has changed a lot over the years, and she has made no effort to hide the fact that she places a lot of importance on looking good. She has also shared her various procedures online, almost as a celebration of her new looks.

12 People Have Called Out Farrah For Her Obsession With Appearance (Something She May Be Passing On To Sophia)

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Since breaking away from Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham has been in many photo shoots, and there is no denying that she is proud of the way she looks. But, keeping the previous point in mind, some critics are worried that she may be placing too much importance on appearance, which could be passed on to Sophia.

11 Let’s Just Say, She Doesn’t Have A Problem Showing Off Her Curves

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Everyone is entitled to wear what they want to wear, and whether we agree with those choices or not is our opinion. Farrah Abraham is outspoken and proud of who she is, which is great, but she also has an interesting wardrobe, with a lot of barely-there pieces. It’s clear she has no problem showing off her curves (and sometimes more).

10 And When She’s Not Annoying People With Her Lack Of Clothes, Farrah Is Wearing Fur

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Some people feel that Farrah Abraham’s choice of clothing is not always appropriate for a woman of her age, but when she does cover up, that doesn’t necessarily get a better reaction. Abraham posted this photo on social media, and she received backlash for her decision to wear fur, with people calling her “ignorant,” and adding this decision is “another reason to hate her.”

9 Many ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Have Had A Troubled Past, And Miss Abraham Is No Exception

Via Daily Mail

Many of the people who have been the subject of MTV’s Teen Mom have had a troubled past. In fact, in comparison to some of the women, what Farrah Abraham has done pales in comparison. But she did find herself in trouble in 2013, after being arrested on a DUI charge, TMZ notes.

8 Relationships With Family Are Complicated, But Farrah And Her Mom, Debra, Are Always Arguing

Via Daily Mail

Farrah Abraham has an incredibly complicated relationship with her mother, Debra Danielsen, and many people have criticized her for the way she treats the woman who brought her into this world. But Debra is not blameless, and their relationship has been the subject of many articles. CheatSheet has documented some of their issues, including Debra suggesting that her daughter needs psychological intervention.

7 Sometimes A Picture Really Does Say More Than Words...

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham’s social media is a wonderful place to get an insight into her life, and she regularly posts photos of her latest collaborations, events she has attended, or procedures she’s interested in. We have no idea what’s happening in this picture, so we will just leave it here for you...

6 Not That ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Are Wholesome, But Farrah Is Definitely Not What People Think Of When They Imagine A Mom

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

We get that Farrah Abraham didn’t want to be on Teen Mom forever, after all, she had been on the show since she was a teenager, and MTV had no issue portraying her as a villain. But the decisions she has made since, including the professional direction she chose to go in, doesn’t seem like something the average mom would do.

5 She’s Called Herself A Bad Mom… Actually, She Boasted About It


Moms, in general, have a tough time, and they certainly do not need people judging their parenting decisions. But, Farrah Abraham once embraced the title of “bad mom” when she made a post on social media thanking a friend for a drink and mentioning how “being a bad mom is so hot right now” — she’d been inspired by the 2016 film of the same name.

4 Social Media Is A Wonderful Place For Marketing Products, And She’s Done That (With A Few Seriously Weird Things)

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Many reality TV stars use social media as a means to supplement their income, and they do this by promoting products. The brands pay them to share their love of these items with their audience, and Farrah Abraham has definitely cashed in on this, but often, with some of the weirdest products.

3 She Rose To Fame As A Teen Mom, But Now She's Encouraging Smarter Choices (‘Teen Mom’ Wouldn’t Exist If It Were Not For Unplanned Pregnancy)

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham rose to fame as a Teen Mom, and unlike many of the other Teen Mom stars, she is only a mother to Sophia (not multiple children). She has since chosen to raise awareness for birth control and teens making smarter choices.

Teen Mom does not advocate teenage pregnancy, and have tried to raise awareness, but they also wouldn’t have had a show at all if it were not for it.

2 She Went On Another TV Show To Speak About Her Family Problems (As If Fans Didn't See Enough Of It On 'Teen Mom')

Via Us Weekly

Farrah Abraham’s volatile relationship with her mom, Debra Danielsen, has played out on Teen Mom, and fans of the show are familiar with their issues. But Us Weekly notes how she also made the decision to move to another reality show, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition, to share even more detail about their relationship.

1 Apparently Mommy Makeovers Are A Thing, And Farrah's In Favor Of It

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham places a lot of importance in her appearance, which is why she is eager to promote products that have something to do with it, and one of her promotional posts was dedicated to her love of mink lashes. When commenting on the lashes, she also decided to use “mommy makeover” as a hashtag, and it seems this is something Abraham is all for.

Sources: Daily Mail, Farrah Abraham Instagram, TMZ, CheatSheet, Us Weekly.

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