20 Pics Fuller House Producers Don't Want Us To See Of Jodie Sweetin

Being a child actor isn’t easy. Growing up in the spotlight and working a demanding a job, in addition to completing an education, is challenging. Many people don’t know what they want to do with their lives when they’re 25, let alone five. Decisions are made by popularity, agents, and parents. This is why many child actors have grown up to disallow their own children to scratch the acting itch until they’re older.

Jodie Sweetin began working on the hit TGIF show Full House when she was just five years old. When it was finally cancelled in 1995, even though it remained a top 25 show based on ratings, she had her whole life ahead of her, she was just 13. In the years that have gone on since, Sweetin has both struggled and thrived. Living a complex life, Sweetin isn’t afraid to show what she’s been through, hoping that it will help others. As the launch of the final season of Fuller House approaches, let’s look at some of the less than family-friendly photos of Jodie Sweetin that the Producers of Full and Fuller House don’t want us to see.

20 Dancing With The Stars

A long-time fan of the show Dancing With The Stars, Jodie Sweetin finally had her dreams come true. Sweetin had begged producers to let her participate in the show as early as 2008, but had to wait until 2016 when she was finally cast. Eager to do well the star trained hard and was happy to wear dancing attire that showed more skin than most people were used to seeing.

19 Not So Happily Ever After

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When Full House ended Sweetin felt completely lost. When she was reunited with cast members who were essentially family she lost control. She wrote in her memoir unSweetined of her behaviour at Candace Cameron’s wedding saying, “I probably had two bottles of wine, and I was only 14. That first drink gave me the self-confidence I had been searching for my whole life. But that set the pattern of the kind of drinking that I would do."

18 Sultry Sweetin

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It’s no wonder people enjoy looking at a grown-up Sweetin, she’s absolutely stunning. In her memoir she mentions that people have speculated that a scar she has on her chest was from surgery when, unfortunately, it was related to her previous use of illicit substances. During a talk at Slippery Rock University Sweetin joked about what she does and doesn’t have saying, "I don't get tattoos, I get husbands." Thankfully Fuller House has allowed her to show case a sneak peak at adults Steph Tanner.

17 An Awkward Encounter With Other Cast Members

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Sweetin fully admits that she was not in a good space when she attended a movie premiere for the Olsen twins. She showed up under the influence and it really shows thanks to her Jokeresque smile in the photo here. More recently, Sweetin told Access Online she’s coping well with the end of the reboot series Fuller House.

Sweetin said, “I think it’s a little easier this time. The first time, it was like ‘am I going to see [these people] again?’ … Now, we’re here for each other through thick and thin. It makes it a little easier in that I know I won’t be saying goodbye to them. It’s just [missing] working with them every day.”

16 An Injury On Dancing With The Stars

Both Sweetin and her dancing partner Keo Motsepe ended up suffering several injuries during their stint on Dancing With The Stars. This photo shows Sweetin seemingly in pain. Thankfully the two were able to keep calm and carry on and even managed a perfect dance score, just before their elimination from the show.

15 The Opposite Of Life As A Tanner

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Sweetin’s life didn’t start out like a TV Fairy-tale. She was adopted and raised by her aunt and uncle because her parents were not fit to raise her and handed her over when she was only nine months old. Her mother was an addict and her father was a convicted felon who was killed in prison.

14 An Emotional IG Post

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As an adult Jodie Sweetin doesn’t mince her words. She stands up for what she believes in, even if it means posting emotional and sometimes triggering content on IG. Some of the language surrounding these posts would have Danny Tanner washing her mouth out with soap, but I’m sure she doesn’t mind. She’s able to use her fanbase to speak out about addiction, parenthood, and abuse.

13 When You've Got The Moves...

Jodie Sweetin wanted to showcase her hard work and great legs on Dancing With The Stars. After she and her partner were eliminated from the show there were no sour grapes. The star said, "We worked so hard every week. We set goals for ourselves and we met them…I came to the show and I didn't realize the amazing experience that I would have. Walking away from it I just feel really blessed and grateful to have done it."

12 Cyberbullied By Miley Cyrus

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Women in Hollywood need to support each other, not tear one another down. Apparently Miley Cyrus still had some growing up to do when she posted an old photo of Sweetin during her hard partying days sitting on the lap of a photoshopped photo of Dave Coulier as a joke. As someone who has fallen a victim to haters online, you’d think Cyrus would know better.

11 Not So Hollywood Darlings

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It can feel a bit trippy to see former child stars all grown up and dressed like they’re going out on the town. Here is Sweetin starring in Hollywood Darlings with other family friendly program alumni talking about an exaggerated version of what it’s like to be a former child star. The cast includes Christine Lamkin (Step by Step, 1991) and Beverley Mitchell (7th Heaven, 1996), and Sweetin breaking free from their formerly sugary sweet TV personas.

10 The Unfiltered Parenting Podcast

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This summer Sweetin launched a parenting podcast called Never Thought I’d Say This with her best friend Celia Behar (who also happens to be a therapist and life coach). Here we’ll get to know the real Sweetin each week, without any censorship. The pair say, “Our podcast aims to normalize the real mom/parenting experience with listeners who might feel isolated, compartmentalized and like perhaps they are doing this whole parenting thing wrong,”

9 Injured & Scared

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With intense training in any physical field can come injury. Sweetin has had her share of injuries on Dancing With The Stars and real life as a mom. While training it was frustrating for the star who wanted to compete at peak level. Thankfully she can appreciate the small moments of any injury and recovery. Following a broken ankle after hopping a fence to retrieve a toy for her daughter she posted about her recovery saying, “Ok you guys... may seem silly, but big news!! I have matching shoes on!! Woo hoo! I don't have to wear the giant boot anymore! I'm not very fast, and still going to physical therapy, but this is a big deal! Haha! Yay!!”

8 Getting Real About Advocacy

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Working hard has never been an issue for Sweetin. Since she became sober the star has dedicated her life to helping others, whether it’s a former co-star like John Stamos who needs help with his sobriety, offering up real advice as a parent of two daughters, or speaking at universities as a keynote.

7 The Tell All Book

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Jodie laid it all out on the line with her tell-all memoire, something that if it wasn’t well received could have stopped a chance at the Fuller House reboot. Her honesty and vulnerability had people relating to Sweetin more than ever. She has said of the time post Full House, "It was a huge shift in my life. Everything I had known from the time I was five years old suddenly ended and it was like saying goodbye to a family I had loved very, very much. At such a young age it really was a huge loss for me [and] I didn't know how to grieve."

6 Dance Off Pants Off

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In line with her love of dance, for a while Jodie Sweetin hosted the wacky game show Dance off Pants Off, where contestants danced for the cameras sans pants. Not exactly something a Tanner would do.

5 Jodie Goes Goth

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While Stephanie Tanner is the most likely of the three daughters to ‘go goth’ this photo is still entertaining. Apparently, it was taken by a blogger at a party with a Goth Theme. The host asked for everyone in the shot to look morose, hence the look on Sweetin’s face.

4 Custody Battle Drama

Sweetin has been married numerous times and had a series of tumultuous relationships in the time between. Things heated up when an ex began to stalk her, started rumours that she’d relapsed (she hadn’t) and even threatened her. During a brutal custody battle, Jodie was honest, "Breakups are hard and certain people don't make them easier. People get weird and stalkerish... You never really know someone until you break up with them." During the custody battle Jodie fired back about her fitness to parent saying, “I take my sobriety very seriously and would not do anything to jeopardize my commitment to sobriety."

3 Questioning Her Relationship With Stamos

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Jodie Sweetin maintains a solid relationship with all her former TV dads. Since the reboot and John Stamos having some issues with his own sobriety, Sweetin has stepped up to be a friend and provide a shoulder to cry on. It didn’t take long for internet trolls and skeptics to suggest that something romantic was going on between the two. Jodie has taken anyone who has suggested anything inappropriate that has happened between them to task, publicly, online.

2 Feeling Rough

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When the paparazzi are following you constantly, they’re bound to get some less than flattering moments. As a hands-on mother Sweetin isn’t going to look red carpet ready 24-7. Sometimes everyone needs some time for quiet reflection or even a good cry. Unfortunately for celebs some of that happens in front of a camera. I guess that’s why they earn the big bucks.

1 Taking It One Day At A Time

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One thing that has become apparent in Sweetin’s career is her resilience through adversity. You may even want to compare her success story with that of other former children who moved past addiction into meaningful adult careers. Much like Drew Barrymore, Jodie continues to surprise and impress people who felt like she was the annoying kid who said “How Rude!”, and would fade away into oblivion. Sweetin has said about the success of Fuller House and the new life she’s built for herself, “To come back full circle and to have walked away from something that I thought that' this is it, this is done at age 13,' and then have it be coming back and be sharing it with my daughters, and my parents come to every taping—it's just a really neat, full circle moment for me. It's not necessarily the big stuff, but it's those little moments that I really hold on to."

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