20 Pics Of What A-Listers Would Look Like If They Weren't Famous

Celebs look fantastic. One of the many reasons they are famous, talent aside, is that they have great genetics and a face and body that the camera loves. Sometimes the general public unfairly compares themselves to famous folk. Being realistic as to why celebs look so great, they attempt to keep up appearances that would not be possible without gobs of cash and being naturally, conventionally attractive. Keeping their best face and figure forward also helps them avoid those not so flattering photos paparazzi earn big bucks for taking.

In order to maintain their appearances, celebrities employ a slew of staff to help keep them relevant, fit, stylish, and attractive. It is their full-time job to look fantastic whether it’s on a red carpet or for a part. Having a personal trainer or chef who can make leafy greens taste divine, a hair stylist, make-up artist, and wardrobe consultant to tailor fashion just for them – it’s no wonder they always look so amazing. But what if they weren’t famous? What if they didn’t have money, fame, or 50 hours a week to spend on their appearance? Here are 20 photos of what A-list celebrities would look like if they weren’t rich and famous.

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20 The Olsen Twins

via Viral Novelty

Had the Olsen twins not been famous since they were knee high to a grasshopper, perhaps they would spend less time becoming runway thin and more time being regular kids and teens.

This photo, that looks like it could be a prom photo, shows the young ladies in traditional prom dresses. Both have a little more meat on their bones and have embraced their individuality by colouring their hair with some drug store quality dye.

19 Miley Cyrus

via Viral Novelty

This Glamor Shots photo shows what southern country girl Miley Cyrus would really look like if she was going to a Nashville party. Big hair, bold prints, and no stylist in view, the country music turned pop princess would still be cute as a button, but a little louder.

Here she is a little more self conscious and wearing more make up and jewelry than we’d ever see her with in real life.

18 Paris Hilton

via Fizzy Mag

Whether she was a famous heiress or not, everyone knows that Paris Hilton loves animals, dogs in particular. It just makes sense that Hilton would pursue a career as a vet, vet tech, or even a groomer. In scrubs instead of designer digs, her blonde hair doesn’t have quite the same sheen, although in this make-believe photo Paris looks a little happier.

17 Gwyneth Paltrow

via Art Fido

This version of Gwyneth might still be doling out unsolicited advice about health, but it’s unlikely that she’d have millions of followers. Here she looks like the bossy aunt or gossipy co-worker and a lot older than she does today. Maybe there is something to be said about her clean living and fitness regime.

16 Leo Dicaprio

via Be Me This

A security guard job has Leo looking a little older and rounder. Without his access to money, vegetarianism, and fitness regime, we have a less attractive version of a Hollywood Heart Throb. Leo still has kind eyes and a warm smile, so we’re assuming he’d still do okay with the ladies, but he wouldn’t be dating as many 25-year-old models as he is now.

15 The West/Kardashians

via Just Something

There’s still drama for this family, but in a smaller scale here. They’ve posed for a family photo showcasing their big, bold personalities, only without trainers and fame, their bodies are a little different to match their larger than life personas.

This Sears portrait photo would hang on a wall or a mantle in their country chic home, instead of one of their many high cost mansions.

14 Sarah Jessica Parker

via Viral Novelty

You never realize how much of Sarah Jessica Parker’s looks is her well maintained luscious locks, that is until you see a photo like this one. Parker looks like she would fit in at an equestrian atmosphere, maybe as a trainer, or teacher. We wonder how Matthew Broderick would feel about living on a ranch somewhere with his not so famous wife.

13 Madonna

via Art Fido

Even without fame Madge would age well. Some of her hard-earned dancer’s body and trademark arms of steel would be softened for the regular body of a woman approaching retirement age. She would naturally be the cool grandmother, as her love for kids wouldn’t change, even without fame and fortune.

12 Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

via Be Me This

What would happen if Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were high school sweethearts? They’d marry right out of high school, get some blue-collar jobs, and probably even have a couple of kids by now. Selena would still care about how she looks, selecting bold lipstick and eyelash extensions, but more time would be spent working, childrearing and growing up. Maybe this wouldn’t have been such a bad thing for the Biebs.

11 Beyonce

via Fizzy Mag

There is no denying the strength and ambition of Beyoncé, whether she was a famous singer or not. Still in front of of an audience and gaining the attention of the room, we see her here at the head of a lecture. Perhaps she’s a university professor or a subject matter expert giving a TED talk. Either way, she still commands a crowd.

10 Jennifer Aniston

via Just Something

It’s clear that Jennifer Aniston would still care about how she looks with regular, pretty makeup, and hair that she continues to colour despite being old enough to have significant grey. Despite being dewy and fresh looking, a plumper version of Aniston would not have been a moisturizer spokesperson, and probably never would have crossed paths with Brad Pitt or Justin Theroux.

9 Nicki Minaj

via Be Me This

A lack of fame and fortune wouldn’t stifle Nicki Minaj. This photo shows a confidence that shines even without coaching and managing. Perhaps this non-famous version of Minaj would be a burlesque dancer or entertainer of some sort, making people smile, even if it didn’t mean making millions of dollars.

8 Britney Spears

via Be Me This

Before she was famous Brit didn’t come from a family with money. Without her signing career or residence in Vegas, we suspect that Britney would be a regular mom, shuttling her kids to soccer practice, and making amazing treats for all the school fundraisers.

We’re guessing this wouldn’t be the best photo of her - perhaps this is one from her Costco Membership card.

7 JLo

via Be Me This

Something about this photo of JLo screams office administrator or bookkeeper! In a sensible sweater, with a no-nonsense wash and go haircut, this is someone you can rely on to get all her reporting done on time! Instead of spending time with ARod on evenings and weekends, Jenny from the block would be sure to appreciate the ‘little’ she has!

6 Zooey Deschanel

via Art Fido

Zooey would still be quirky without her fame. Perhaps she even knit the sweater she’s wearing for this photo, herself. She still has her trademark bangs but doesn’t have a stylist to make them iconic. Perhaps, much like her New Girl TV character Jess, Zooey would be a schoolteacher, looking after kids and making them smile with her sense of fun.

5 Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

via Be Me This

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson met at the salon where she works. Their attraction to each other was instant. She still works hard to maintain her youthful looks and gets her French tips done every Friday after Zumba class. She bugs hubby Robert about his high cholesterol, stress from his work in finance, and eating healthier.

4 Scarlett Johansson

via Art Fido

You can take away the make-up and hair and fancy clothes, but there’s no denying how pretty ScarJo remains! She looks a bit like Kate McKinnon pretending to be a scientist for a Saturday Night Live skit, but she still looks like another celebrity pretending to be a regular person.

The bangs aren’t the best choice for Scarlett, but that’s nothing a little time wouldn’t fix.

3  John Hamm

via Imgur

This imagining of John Hamm looks very similar to his portrayal of The Reverend in the Netflix series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This almost looks like it could be on his business card promoting his work as a Real Estate Agent. This version of Hamm looks like a father of three kids, who decided to grow a goatee to reconnect with his youth when his youngest child entered high school.

2 Sharon Osbourne

via Buzzfeed

Without Ozzy, rock and roll, and a whole lot of surgery, Sharon Osbourne is nearly unrecognizable. Gone is the dark makeup, goth chic hair, but you can still see the attitude in the smile. This mom of three grown children isn’t afraid to say what she means, even without a talk show audience.

1 Rihanna

via Buzzfeed

This stripped down, make-up free version of Rihanna is arguably more attractive than the Hollywood version we see on stage and in the tabloids, but both look great. There is no taking away her raw beauty, even with photoshop. Maybe if she sees this photo, she’ll consider forgoing some of the make-up because she looks great!

Sources: Buzzfeed, Be Me This, Fizzy Mag, Just Something

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