20 Pics Of Ariel Winter Proving She Grew Up Too Fast

21-year-old actress Ariel Winter has been on the radar since she was just a kid. She is most popular thanks to the enormous success of the smash TV sitcom Modern Family, a series that has exceeded all expectations and has entertained the masses. Winter went from an adorable girl to a gorgeous grown woman in a flash, making fans wonder where the time went. In the blink of an eye, she went from baby-faced to beautiful.

These 20 attractive photos of the Hollywood star show how she has transformed from child star to a lovely young lady. She takes fashion risks and rocks red carpets.

Winter’s TV family must be as amazed as we are at how much she has changed in such a short span of time. Maybe the biz made her grow up at warp speed. Then again, she is 21, after all.

20 Babe In A Black Dress

Via: people.com

The “little black dress” is a woman’s wardrobe staple, and Winter wears hers well. This one seems to be velvet, and the shape and silhouette suit her figure just fine. Paired with her sky-high, ankle-strap stilettos and her long dark hair, this look may be “mini”, but it’s mature.

19 Daisy Dukes

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Winter took the idea of cut-off jeans to a whole new level with these impossibly short shorts. She apparently loves to show off lots of leg, and on a hot summer day, she must be much more comfortable. As a kid, we’d never see her in this look, but now that she’s a young woman, Winter wears what she wants.

18 The Cold Shoulder

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

Winter is on-trend in her one-sleeve dress. The style is chic and classy, and the actress seems confident and comfortable wearing it. She is embracing her figure and looks fabulous doing so. Her stylish bag and long gold earrings are the perfect accessories to complete the look.

17 Lounging Around

Via: hollywoodcraze.com

When there’s not much to do, Winter spends time relaxing with her back on the floor and her feet in the air. She’s unwinding while she gets her pic snapped, and her cozy sweater looks super cute. While the photo is innocent enough, there is that element of maturity that wouldn’t go over well even a few years back.

16 Lady In Leather

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

Winter is rocking the leather look and she pulls it off without a hitch. This form-fitting mini dress isn’t for the faint of heart, but Winter has the “wow” factor to show off some skin and her curvy shape. With her hair pulled back to show off her face, this overall look is a winner.

15 Sky-High Slit

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The Emmys are a big deal, and Winter must have been beside herself to be there. She’s posing for the paparazzi in a pretty gown with a slit that shows off her shapely leg. She’s bringing the “bling” and giving her fans an incredible moment to share with her as she stuns on the red carpet.

14 Awesome Abs

Via: reddit.com

Winter is showing off her toned abs in her black long-sleeved crop top and skinny jeans. Her knee-high boots are quite fashionable, and this everyday look is simple, yet stands out. Winter wants to show off her self-confidence when it comes to her body, and baring her belly is one way to do it.

13 Red Hot

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Red is a bold color, and Winter is daring to dress the part. She looks amazing in this bright shade, showing off her fit figure in a skintight number. Her hair is kept simple and her accessories are minimal. The dress is the star of the show, aside from the star who’s wearing it.

12 Cute Crop Top

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

Winter seems to adore her crop tops, and this red one is another choice that’s bold and bright. She’s doing some errands or just running around town, so she doesn’t need to get all dolled up to do so. Still, she wants to show off her sense of style, so she opts for a crop top to make the most of her midsection.

11 Different ‘Do

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We are used to seeing Winter with her brunette dark ‘do, so when she dyed it red, fans must have been surprised. While her natural shade seems to suit her style, this color is cute too. It gives the actress a different vibe that she must enjoy exploring. If she doesn’t feel like this is her best option, dying it back is no big deal.

10 Cut-Off Clothing

Via: pinterest.com

Perhaps Winter isn’t a big fan of clothing altogether. By the look of things, she tends to slip into some super skimpy selections, such as these barely-there “Daisy Dukes” and cropped T-shirts. Sure, the look is popular with the people in her age group, but even she’d admit the clothing hardly covers her up.

9 Holy Halloween!

Via: maxim.com

Halloween is a fun time of year when people love to dress up in daring costumes for parties and other events. Here we see Winter dressed as a “sexy” skeleton, and her look is quite the “treat.” From her face makeup to her fishnets, this gal got glammed up and ghoulish.

8 Gone Glam

Via: businessinsider.com

Winter looks like a true Hollywood star as she poses for her picture. Her makeup is done well and her hair is smooth and shiny. Her intricate dress is beaded and bedazzled, and the halter top design shows off her shoulders. Others on the red carpet must have marveled at Winter’s head-to-toe style.

7 Fashion Forward

Via: hollywoodreporter.com

This fashionable outfit is modern and makes Winter’s body look amazing. The jeans are ripped in just the right way, and the animal print pattern always makes a statement. Naturally, Winter is showing off a sliver of her middle, and her pose proves she knows she looks hot.

6 Hugs Every Curve

Via: usmagazine.com

This cream-colored dress is quite daring, especially since it is skintight. Winter has no worries about a “wardrobe malfunction,” even though one false move could bust a seam. Her makeup and simple hairstyle compliment her cute dress, and as she poses, she has never looked prettier.

5 Red Carpet Collection

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

This outfit is amazing, and Winter is looking like a million bucks. The shade is so flattering, and the design is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Winter looks back over her shoulder to pose for her pic, and those who were watching were surely impressed with the way the actress “worked it.”

4 Fun With Friends

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Winter and a couple of gal pals are having a blast as a trio, and each gal is adorable in her own way. While the friends are dressed casually, Winter took things up a notch in a crop top and matching skirt, both clinging to every curve.

3 Bold Boots

Via: pulsespikes.com

Clear boots are not the norm, but when fashion comes calling, Winter is more than ready to answer. She looks great in her stunning sophisticated outfit, embellished delicately and deliberately. Her boots are a blast, with a funky edge that adds some surprise to the whole style.

2 So Sophisticated

Via: hawtcelebs.com

This close-up shot of Winter shows just how beautiful she truly is. Her features are flawless, and even her light freckles are fabulous. She is a natural beauty with a glow that comes from within. It’s no wonder fans adore her – not only for her looks, but her talent too.

1 Lovely Lace-Up

Via: celebcrunch.net

This black lace-up front mini dress is something that shows off Winter’s shape quite fantastically. There is no room for error when a dress is so form-fitting. She shows off her lean legs and caps off the look with simple strappy stiletto shoes. Her confidence beams as she looks beautiful.

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